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Sunday, February 18, 2018

Let’s go check the power on…

Go to vote? Many people were convinced that not going.

Why they didn’t want to go? And most importantly — why they changed their minds?

Changed my mind a lot. In this past week suddenly in the eyes flashed excitement. More precisely, someone- the excitement, and someone — panic. The Kremlin does not sleep, Ostankino tower all day and night not close our eyes. (Will meet in theatre a senior official — he smiles nervously, looks around, and if nobody sees, wants to be friends.)

It seemed that everything is under control, the election result is a foregone conclusion, no accidents. But they’re nervous — it means you know something. And I’m afraid.

Well, let’s go to vote, check on the power of honesty. (This phrase had become a headline. But the space on the newspaper page a little, so the words “vote” and “honesty” we have reduced; because everything is clear.)

I will say that the panic seems to be no. And why are they rushing? Arrests of generals and governors look like the typical pre-election gift to the people. Supposedly, the government is cleansed of corruption.

But can the old method? Whether all is valid cheap? Perhaps someone in the head the question arises: why are these corrupt years kept upstairs? 30 billion, the Colonel could not save per week. Secretly save such a sum is impossible. So, some big bosses knew, but said nothing. “Not to frighten”?

For example, arrested, for example, found trillion. But to announce it three days before the election? To announce the dispersal of the Investigative Committee… Who decided that voting on this is going to work for the benefit of the ruling party?

Before the election, nothing happens by chance. Removed the infamous Astakhov, but should have done it long ago (it never should have) and drove before the election. Replaced the Minister of education. Replaced both assigned to several strange ladies. Do they sincerely believe is unknown. But they are struggling to demonstrate faith, selflessness, compassion, advocating chastity. Great, all excited.

But why is our hard hand suddenly need tender hands? Softly lay, Yes rigidly to sleep. This folk wisdom was once turned into a wonderful “Letters to the Roman friend”:

What in the capital? Soft trail? Sleep is not tough?
How’s Caesar? What is he doing? All the intrigue?
All the intrigue, probably Yes gluttony.

Horrible questions. Impossible to read without laughing…

Surprisingly, the Roman Empire is still an example for us. Someone to follow (the splendor, the divine Emperor). Someone for thought. Well, it was gone, trampled by the savages. First, they swept the streets, and laid tile for a bowl of food, and then suddenly the Roman Empire was gone. How it happened that the best organization in the world, a brilliant army, effective managers, consuls, governors, elephants — everything collapsed. Historically instantly.


Dismissals in the interior Ministry; the controversial dismissal of the Investigative Committee; allegations that the head of the Investigative Committee is likely to be dismissed immediately after the election; the abolition of governmental circulars on dismissal of the family in cultural institutions…

The sudden creation of the National guard (essentially the personal army of the President) is at least a serious step. But there are steps funny, baby. Here the President and the Prime Minister then congratulations, here they have a joint selfie, that’s wonderful fishing the first two parties… Right resuscitation of a tandem (or rather, pointless exhumation through the ear, the rating is not transmitted).

The sudden creation of an “opposition” Party of Growth, which immediately dubbed the prostate…

All these various facts would seem to have nothing in common. Except for one thing: all this before the election.

Times used such efforts, so, upstairs, there is no certainty that the people will vote correctly. And “properly considered” a little afraid, remembering how indignant people rushed to Sakharov at the Swamp. Of course, laws (apparently unconstitutional) against demonstrations, against the protesters, dozens were arrested and hundreds fined. But did intimidate — no one knows.


A huge part of people lost interest in the elections. It is clear why. People are used to that they are cheated. Lost the trust.

The habit of deceive, the normal state of some States. Power deceives people. And the people? Do they feel an obligation to speak truth to power? No. Rather I feel fear. Because the government is wildly touchy and wildly vindictive. Tell her something in a Straight line with the President, and then you get fired; sometimes, it seems, and the case was filed, such as for libel. (Khodorkovsky once told the President about corruption. 10 years served and it was an accident. Would we have the Olympics not in 2014, and in 2024-m, he would have 20 years served.)

What they may fear, if two years are encouraging, though 86%. When this love why, it would seem, the national guard? But these 86 — “official data”. How correct they are. And, importantly, it is not for the party and for the President. His 86% under any weather will not get the party.

And how many it will get? Depends where. In Chechnya, the ruling party United Russia gets 99% and Moscow 33%. Or is it a miracle or is it rather the party of Chechnya, than the party of the Russian capital.

…The one who used to cheat, that he does not believe anyone. If cheating on television, he does not believe the TV.

As real things, are now completely impossible to know. The true attitude of the people in power can be found for absolutely fair elections in a country where the people fully confident in an honest count, and that for the sincere response will not be punished; but the ruling elite fully confident that with the change of power will not be persecuted, will not be in prison.

In countries where no such certainty, where an honest count count is impossible, — the true attitude of the people in power manifests itself only in the moment of sudden change of power.

The people — the eternal headache in States that represent democracy. The German Hans Magnus Enzensberger wrote this famous poem:

Paradise on earth, universal brotherhood
All this was achievable,
if not for the people.
People only interfere:
always want something.
They’re a nuisance.
On the eve of the Golden age
they wash the nappies, cook the soup
Could they build a powerful state?
Everything is falling apart!
Ordinary people, walking past,
assemblage of miserable mediocrity,
deprived of thoughts!
How to be with them?
Because it is impossible to destroy them all!
It is impossible to persuade them all day!
If not for them, if not for the people
what has come to life!

…Confess, too, was sure not going. But seeing how torn “elite”, seeing how she suddenly lost confidence… it is Necessary to show that it is no wonder rushes. It is necessary to confirm her fears. Go. There is one decent party. Agitate and will not be called, but there is simply no other decent. Not the prostate to massage through a crack in the urn.


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