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Saturday, February 17, 2018

Half of voters elections are not interesting

The last election campaign to the state Duma in the Russian regions can be called one of the most calm and even “sluggish”. Battles of political ideas and opinions is typical for the mid 90’s, now almost you will not meet. And the result is obvious. As shown by a nationwide survey of “Levada-center” held in late August in 137 localities of the 48 subjects of the Russian Federation, only 46% of voters interested in the upcoming elections to the main legislative body of the country. 49% of respondents, this event is not interesting at all.

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

These polls are confirmed by the picture. Regional newspaper “MK” in such difficult regions as Novosibirsk and Krasnodar region, Stavropol, Sverdlovsk and Nizhny Novgorod region, Tatarstan, Altai Republic, Buryatia and Mari El Republic, noted another feature: even outdoor advertising is noticeably less than in former times. Not to mention some massive events and concerts with a call to vote for one or another political force. Money now decided to save and not throw them in PR order. The only way interested in learning about the parties and the candidates from television appearances or social networks. Some candidates went back to a tried and tested scheme — house-to-crawl. Or for a meeting with voters in some DK. But in the current environment it is not always possible to voluntarily entice people to communicate with the candidate. Not surprisingly, according to the same poll “Levada-the centre” the Russian voters more or less informed only about the five major parties running in the elections. Most (92%) know about the EP, the liberal democratic party (88%), the Communist party (81%), “Fair Russia” 65% “the Apple” (55%). That such party PARNAS, aware 25% of the respondents, on the party “Civic platform” known to only 18%. So it is clear that the balance of power in the upcoming Duma did not change much.

But this situation occurs only with the elections to the Federal legislature. On 18 September in many regions pass elections in local legislative Assembly. And here a local political force attract all the familiar methods of struggle: the removal of opponents from the election, the black PR, bunco with the “doubles” of candidates. For example, in the Nizhny Novgorod region on elections to the legislative Assembly of the region was put forward by five Kuznetsov and two Smotrakov. There is a full namesake of the Deputy of the state Duma Denis Boronenkov. Most clones, however, was removed by the court. A similar situation exists in many regions. Interesting moments sometimes occur in the majority of districts, where elections are fighting people, not the party. For example, with the battle around the nomination of watching the whole Rutskoi in the Kursk region.

Generally, political analysts say that in many regions a feeling of fatigue from the same parties and entities. Therefore, in some areas, such as Sverdlovsk, there is a strong “sagging” of the ruling party. Against this background, if people still decide to go on election day to the polls, there can be surprises.


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