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Sunday, March 18, 2018

For the first time brought the ageless monster naked mole rats from Africa

The first Russian colony ageless the naked mole rat appeared in the Moscow state University. The University, and more precisely, in the Institute of Physico-chemical biology. A. N. Belozersky MSU. A large family of African rodents of 26 species in the composition: the Queen, her two husbands and 23 servants was first brought from Somalia to Berlin zoo, then German colleagues shared their animals with the Russian.

photo: ru.wikipedia.org

As reported by “MK” in the Institute FHB them. Belozersky, where on Thursday held a presentation of the family, scientists in many laboratories in the world exploring the secret of “eternal youth” naked mole rats, which, if they die, it’s only from injuries sustained in the process of obtaining food, or in battles with enemies. Monitoring continues. Naked mole rats are the biggest interest for scientists dealing with the problems of aging. The specialists of Moscow state University there is an assumption that these animals, too, was getting old, but gradually, their body just hacked the software of decay. It happened due to the lack of the need to develop, rodents attained perfection and ceased to evolve (as we know the aging process of accelerated evolution). Now the Metropolitan, scientists were able to observe them and capture records of their longevity. Follow the life of African rodents will be using a specially created website. In Sri FHB hope that they will be able to copy the mechanism of the hacking program aging diggers and play it in the future, first on animals and then on humans using pharmacological methods.

September 15, the family moved to the Depository of the living systems at MSU. In the laboratory, where they are now, for animals created the most comfortable conditions of stay: the temperature is below 30 degrees, humidity, red light (because the diggers underground animals and do not respond well to daylight). University staff also built for newly arrived mazes for housing of Plexiglas, the rodents are accustomed to live with the space for the bedroom, dining room and other outbuildings. Feed the new settlers of the Depositary root vegetables — potatoes, carrots…..

Help “MK”. In nature naked mole rats build their homes-the mazes in the solid ground of the Savannah, gnawing passages with their powerful teeth. Documented cases of gnawing them even concrete slabs! It turned out that maintaining the super-rodent jaws have a third (!) the muscles of his small body.

Interesting way of life to the diggers. The right to reproduce them only have the Queen and two or three of her husbands, the others have to build a home, to forage, to babysit kids. The army of servants one Queen in nature can reach up to 200 individuals.


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