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Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Expert: U.S. has no leverage over the Syrian opposition

Russia and the United States on the tenth of September, it was agreed that Syria declared a truce. In accordance with the agreement, the Syrian army “does not touch” the opposition and weakens the blockade of the areas where she is. In turn, the United States promised that the opposition stops attacking Syrian troops and “keeping his distance” from being prohibited in Russia, ISIL and Jabhat al-Nusra. The fire promised to stop until seven days. “MK” asked a military expert how tenacious such agreements, as the US will be to distinguish “moderate” from the “immoderate” and whether States have real leverages of influence on their “wards”.

photo: morguefile.com

Agreement between Russia and the U.S. on the ceasefire in Syria, believe big diplomatic breakthrough. On paper, of course everything went smoothly. The parties promise to influence the warring forces, and subsequently together to strike is prohibited in the Russian Federation “Islamic state”. Syrian troops, under pressure from Russia perform the agreement, that is not true about the “moderate” opposition, the US controlled. According to the objective control of the defense Ministry, the shelling of neighborhoods in Aleppo did not stop there, killing civilians. However the fact that their response did not arrive, “moderate” actively shelled positions of the Syrian army.

Russian centre for reconciliation in Syria held talks with our American partners in Washington and Geneva, telling them about the need for early implementation of the American party of its obligations. Deputy chief of the main operational Directorate of the Russian General staff Viktor Posenichi States that the cessation of hostilities from the US-controlled opposition fails.

Military expert Viktor murakhovski did not exclude that from-for actions of the United States who are not able to separate the moderate opposition groups from Jabhat al-Nusra, a truce may be disrupted in Syria will start a new round of confrontation.

“The main problem is that those who were supplied and supported by the Americans, often repainted. That is, until the coming supply of weapons they are for US, and after receiving preferences, they become radical Islamists,” – said murakhovski.

According to experts, the problem of Americans is that they do not possess the operational situation, don’t know about what is happening “on the ground”. “In addition, Americans direct influence on the groupings do not have, they do not command them. They can’t in their chain of command to pull command, “halt, cease fire”. To such processes to manage, need directly is where this happens, and the US command groups from their centres in Jordan, Iraq and Turkey,” – said murakhovski.

It is clear dissatisfaction with Russia in these processes. Because our advisors spend every day of videoconference about the situation with the cease-fire. Literally in the beginning of the week, during one of those conferences, which went live, the Russian and Syrian military came under fire from “moderate” opposition. Fortunately no one was hurt, but the questions for US became even greater.

“We Syrians are in control not only through Damascus, but on the ground we employ advisors. We can get the Syrian army the conditions and States while engaged in political PR,” – said murakhovski


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