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Monday, March 19, 2018

Don’t go, the teachers in the business

Don’t go, the teachers in the business.

Even if you say that “if you want to earn money, there are lots of wonderful places where you can do it faster and better.” Do not listen to such tips, don’t.

Because clearly, if you wanted to earn money, it is unlikely that would generally go to the pedagogical University. And that means “I want to earn money”? Of course, I want. And where without money? Their still has not been canceled. And probably it would be better to say that I do not want “to earn money”, and “to have decent pay for their labor.” And this will agree, a natural desire.

What? No, I certainly understand that there are in the teachers environment people not really care about the wage, who regard school as a kind of “club of interests”. But this is the rare case (for example, the husband earns more than enough), which does not change the overall picture.

However, the General attitude to paying for their labor natural: I would like more. And that’s fine. Normally for those for whom the salary is important.

But here because here’s the thing. Teachers in the vast majority of state employees. So from the authorities and depends on the level of their remuneration. So let’s see what happened there with the promises of the authorities and their real implementation. In particular, as is the case with the implementation of the relevant targets of the presidential Decree of 7 may 2012 “On measures to implement state social policy”. According to him the average salary of pedagogical workers of educational institutions of General education had to be brought to the average wage in the respective region in 2012. At the end of 2012, the average teacher’s salary has reached or exceeded the average wage in the region, only 13 of the 83 subjects of the Russian Federation. Today at the end of the first half of 2016, the picture looks significantly better: only in 15 regions of the target setting for the teachers ‘ salaries remains unfulfilled. But it has been almost four years since the designated period.

The average salary of teachers in the whole country, according to Rosstat, amounted at the end of the first half of 2016 36 828 rubles (103,1% of the total average wage). But even Rosstat forced to testify that we have a number of regions, where average teacher salaries are about 20 thousand rubles. The record, incidentally, is not from Dagestan (20 201 rubles), whose representative asked the question on the teachers ‘ salaries on a memorable meeting with the Prime Minister, and the Altai region (18 813 rubles). The figure for Moscow — 274 66 of the ruble.

In General, the average wage does not really reflect the depth of the problem. It is necessary to consider the so-called median wage (the level below and above which the level of wages is 50% of the total number of employees). So here is an attempt to calculate the median salary of teachers in the whole country at the end of the first half of 2016 gave the following result: about 28 500 rubles a month, which is significantly less than the proverbial average wage.

And still come back to average salaries. Like all averages, the corresponding figures is a crafty figure. Yes, if someone has a lot, and the other empty, the average brother may have very much even anything. However, if there is such a thing — the average salary will to use it.

To really appreciate how much or how little our teachers, we must take into account the conditions in which or, rather, the consequence of which is celebrated today, the growth of average salaries. As you know, the last time in the school environment, held a powerful reorganization of the schools were United, not only with each other but also with kindergartens and vocational education institutions (colleges) — creating educational complexes. I won’t try to analyze all the pros and cons of unifying these processes. However, the fact is that wage growth was accompanied by as a result of all these reorganizations the increased burden on teachers. Now they began to perform the work that previously the teachers were: making schedules, plans, etc. Plus write different kinds of reports. Plus the time to move between buildings, and there is not really will spend playtime in preparation for the next lesson. And you need training manuals to carry with you. And this is only a small part of what became an additional burden on teachers.

In my non-pedagogical view, the increase in teachers ‘ salaries, which we observed recently, is not adequate to the changes that took place in the field of education. Moreover, the experience of these transformations, to put it mildly, ambiguous.

And you always want to ask, and, indeed, for what?

And when after all these reorganizations is that a problem of decent remuneration of teachers remains, then, if I understand teachers ‘ advice to go into business to earn extra money for they are very sensitive.

No, don’t go, the teachers in the business. If many will follow this advice, it is to teach children to be just nobody (in many areas the shortage of teaching personnel). According to recruiting company Superjob in Moscow from the beginning of 2016 the vacancy rate in secondary education increased by 136%. Generally one gets the impression that the statistics on teacher vacancies in the country to hide. If earlier the education departments of regional administrations did the corresponding figures public, a rarity today.

From the official information was found; really, a year ago: at the beginning of the academic year (2015-2016) in Russian schools is not enough 4 thousand teachers. This was stated by the former Minister of education and science Dmitry Livanov. And according to the information from many regions, the shortage of teachers, as a rule, were measured in each of several hundred people. So, the numbers somehow did not converge. In any case, one thing is clear: the shortage of teachers there — and it’s growing. Agree that there is reason to think why this happens in terms of fixed wages and a large number of graduates of pedagogical universities.

Why? Because, to repeat: the growth of wages is not adequate for the changing economic and professional conditions.

By the way, here are the numbers from the same Superjob: at the beginning of September 2016, the number of teacher vacancies on this recruitment portal in Moscow amounted to 606 and the number of summary — 16 537. Please note how a significant number of resumes. Of course, it is normal when people want to find a job with better working conditions. But still…

There is another important factor that should be considered when deciding whether to go into business: it may disappoint many.

First, the business we have, with all due respect to many entrepreneurs still is not quite civilized. School, or whatever today’s educational systems, too, need to think, not so perfect place. But still, comparing those and others, I would give preference to an educational environment.

Second, doing business in Russia today — a risky business (for the former state — even more so).

It turns out that “go there” on business. How to go very quickly not want.

In addition, it is necessary to consider this fact: even if no arguments had no effect and causes a material nature still prompted to go into business, is that not so easy to find in this business. This is especially true of small settlements. As they say, and I would like, but does not work.

Another reason why I would not like to see a mass Exodus of teachers in the business. It is the education system still gives hope that thinking people in our country are and will be. So you have this country, our country, still has a chance to become highly developed in every state. Teachers are the future of the country, because it depends on them, what generation will enter adulthood.

Business, the economy, our welfare depends in the end from what kind of education will to our children, grandchildren, etc. Platitudes you say? And what we have.

Agree that the future can and should pay a decent wage. And not just to pay, and do everything to ensure that people working in the profession. So, dear teachers, really do not hurry to go into business or some other supposedly “great places”. We need you here. It is very necessary.


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