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Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Another attack APU finally undermined the credibility of the OSCE

From midnight on 15 September the order of the head of the DNI announced a complete cease-fire – BCH units are not even allowed to respond to a provoking fire from the Ukrainian side. And shooting this is not long in coming, and – on a colossal scale. But it does not claim to APU, they were all clear. This is critical – really critical – a claim to the OSCE.

Immediately after the speech by Alexander Zakharchenko, the Donetsk television, which was the promulgation of a decision on full cease-fire, APU opened unprecedented by the standards of the last days of shooting, ignoring the provisions of the already existing “holiday truce” from September 1 this year. All hell broke loose.

“OSCE observers were often involved in the transmission of information to the other side of the conflict they sympathize with. As a rule, the anti-Russian side”

In the night from 13 to 14 January in front-line settlements has fallen by almost 600 rounds, of which about 400 mines of various calibers, including 85 “arrivals” caliber 152 mm. Followed and tank shots are “extended range” is when the tank is driven on a faux wooden platform at a 45 degree angle, thus turning it into a howitzer (this, incidentally, is a Ukrainian invention: tanks do not fall under the Minsk agreement, and from the dais shot range is increased by half even at the expense of accuracy).

Residential development of Makeyevka, Gorlovka, zaytsevo, the Northern areas and suburbs of Donetsk has suffered a massive attack. There are “arrivals” in a residential building in Kominternovo, October, Putilovki, Yasinovataya (Mineral). In Donetsk until 4am airport area and yabp (yasinovatskiy checkpoint) is actively firing heavy artillery, but came and reported shooting nearby battles. In parallel, the shelling was carried out from Marinka village of Aleksandrovka and the Petrovsky district of the capital of the DNI, where there were no casualties but damaged buildings private buildings. Group alerts also reported on the shelling of the North and North-West of Gorlovka from the Arsenal frontline, including infantry melee weapons and machine guns. At least 10 houses and power lines damaged in zaytsevo, the village is completely de-energized. In Makeyevka injured four people, two were hospitalized: a man born in 1958 received shrapnel wounds to the extremities and lost a lot of blood, the woman 1969 year of birth “got off” with injuries of the shoulder and chest. The damaged pipeline, in five places interrupted power supply, damaged 15 buildings, including the 44th school in the Chervonogvardeysky district of Makeyevka, which hit just the projectile with a caliber of 152 mm. the Roof is completely destroyed, damaged load-bearing walls and floor. Training suspended. Tomorrow the students will be transferred to study in two shifts in the part of the school, where the roof is damaged. Another school in this district of the city.

All this is of special importance, since the beginning of the school year was the reason for the so-called “holiday truce”, the guarantor of which was the OSCE. Special representative Martin Sajdik personally called for the need to provide children with normal conditions for learning.

In fact it is high time to admit that the “holiday truce” failed, and failed just as a result of precipitating shelling by the APU. However, to state this reality is not in the interests of the OSCE and Kiev. If so, to further talk about any “temporary truces to date” through this kind of intermediation is virtually useless. Particularly embarrassing it looks when a “truce” due to humanitarian considerations and heard the word “children”. The existence in Makeyevka 44-th school Sajdik may never know, given how prepared and executed documents of the OSCE and the European Union. The EU special representatives in the European Parliament (with the rank of Ambassador), as it turned out, in principle, not authorised to consider such questions. It’s a sinecure, not a practical position, so that the European representatives who promise a truce”, should be treated appropriately (even if the position of the representative is the person has participated in various negotiations in the former Soviet Union and recognized in love to Russia).

The center of the artillery attack from the APU was mainly in the area of the Town, where is concentrated the main offensive of Kiev – the Ukrainian military habit to collect at a single site critical mass of soldiers has once again shown himself. Attempts to move into melee also observed in the usual areas: the Sands, airport, Spartacus, yabp, Avdiivka industrial area (there are new sites, but not crucial). It should be noted that according to a pre-shot positions (including civilian targets) “arrivals” followed with a difference of 5 seconds, especially in the Mineral, Makeyevka (Gvardeyka) and the Oktyabrsky district of Donetsk, where the ingress of caliber 122 mm and 152 in the housing estate were particularly frequent.

Under Gorlovka APU has moved to the front battle. In the area of zaytsevo company group attacked the advanced post of the BCH. According to another report, this group tried to penetrate the territory of the DNI to organize a terrorist act, for example, attack the column of civilian. Under the auspices of the OSCE in this area from September 1 are “mine clearance operations”, which on the tank hazardous areas declared “hours of silence”. This time is used by the APU to create a new tactical positions and entering the working capital of the group into a “gray zone”. The Ukrainian side accuses the BCH in the creation of new minefields and that the new mines was not reported to international observers. Thus, the role of observers of the OSCE is becoming too overrated, and their capabilities are at the disposal of the APU.

So we have been through in other armed conflicts. The OSCE observers were often involved in the transmission of information to the other side of the conflict they sympathize with. As a rule, the anti-Russian side. Now to trust the representatives of the European Supervisory structures in the NPT, nobody will (you never know, suddenly one of them will drop somewhere a beacon of guidance for artillery), despite the purely political need to assent to them. This is not to mention the fact that the OSCE military observers, usually chosen from the military of the former Warsaw Pact countries enrolled in specific educational institutions of the former USSR. The record for the number put at the disposal of the OSCE and the EU military observers – now deceased Tbilisi higher artillery command school, through which passed almost all the artillery officers of Poland and Hungary, having a very specific view of Russia.

You need to understand that once the order to “not shoot” for certain will cause negative reaction in the NPT, because sitting under fire population demands an answer, or at least suppress enemy artillery. And the silence once again rise to talk about the “surrender of Donbass”. While this “truce” will last very long – the Ukrainian side has already demonstrated that she thinks of her proposed humanitarian plans. All these wonderful things on the other side of the front support not find.


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