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Monday, February 19, 2018

War criminals corruption

Mr. President, have you heard the news? The Colonel was not nine billion, and more than thirty. It’s, you know, ten zeros:

30 000 000 000. Don’t know about you, but this news is very happy. So happy famous astronomer who predicted the planet Pluto. He didn’t see her, but he noticed that the planet Neptune is flying correctly, so it’s frustrate. So he guessed that there, far from the Sun, in the dark flying something big and heavy. And what could it be? Of course, the planet. He have it figured out! And I rejoiced when it was confirmed.

So we are happy. In a previous letter to you “Colonels also steal” (12 September 2016), we wrote: “Suppose that Zakharchenko found everything. All that was in the closet. Because he, and others, of course, found not all. In addition to boxes of shoes, probably still somewhere there in the cellar, in a Bank cell, in the offshore company”. And so it was. And in many foreign banks, and offshore company available.

But most importantly: we have proved that the money in the country. And lots of it. And those senior to you of the Lord, which say, they say, no money, but you hold on, you’re wrong, not taught the multiplication table.

During your struggle with corruption it is multiplied incredibly. I remember in dashing 90-e the adviser of President Yeltsin, Mr. Stankevich was caught on a sum of ten thousand dollars, and fled from Russia, received in Poland for political asylum. Political! Although the regime did not fight, quite the contrary. Now such a tiny amount no one would notice.

Nothing grew in Russia as bribes, kickbacks, plunder. We many times wrote to you about this and you were silent. It was a sign of consent. Years the Russian press reported about the incredible theft, and the government was silent in agreement.

Mr. President, after these Russian arguments allow two specific questions.

1. What party was the multi-billionaire-Colonel? Is “Apple” or, God forbid, “Parnassus”? The most probable supposition, that he was a member of “United Russia” — it is where all. Then this scandal — best election campaign: citizens! join the party, whose members are governors, mayors, generals and the rich in General so as not dreamed of the one who is not a member.

2. What about his bosses? They have an amazingly honest eye, it’s professional. And what cars they drive? Where and how do you relax? In any brothels and casinos seen? Where they have villas and how many floors? Who is responsible for what our record was moving up the corporate ladder to head the fight against corruption (the level of the Deputy Minister of internal Affairs)?

Colonel Zakharchenko could buy all the best violins in the world, all the best cello. But he was keeping the money in Moscow apartment for something else. Not for music.

photo: Sergei Ivanov
Indexed pension.

Oh, our law enforcement officers!.. Every year you perform them on the boards assign a high rank awarded. You annually perform in front of other officials. You years encourage them to fight corruption. And we just stubbornly and with the same success we ask: is it possible (at least theoretically) to persuade the spirochete to fight syphilis?

We believe it is not. Admire your tenacity, but it seems that over the years the calls for this fight, you didn’t call anyone, equal Boldyrev.

Yuri Boldyrev (co-founder of “Apple”) is famous for the absolute obstinacy, the principles in the fight against corruption in the higher echelons of power. What do you think, Mr. President, who won? As the names of those who threw it to nowhere?

Remember, Mr. President, you ordered from St. Petersburg a special investigator is just for business “Three whales” (the smuggling of furniture), because they realized the inability of the forces of the capital’s security forces to curb the Union store with customs.

The security forces constantly fail, pardon the pun. They do not surrender before the invaders, not to terrorists, but only before the money.

And the government is constantly improving their salaries. They say, we will increase the salaries of law-enforcement organs — they will cease to take bribes. It’s like giving a prostitute more money to she became an innocent girl. Girls are such miracles happen (through plastic surgery), and with the officers there. If a bribe more than a paycheck for a few years…

…The arrests of the governors and generals of the interior Ministry forgot, it seems that he was the chief jailer of Russia. In his hands the bracelets (which are supposed to guard criminals) turned into Golden loaves…

Why do they need so much money — no one knows, even they themselves do not know. (If I ate the loot — would have long since burst.) But they can’t stop. They have long degenerated to your presidency. It has been seen. It was obvious. In 1994, we published in the “MK” article “the Present generation will live under banditry”. It said, throwing out on the street with honest cops, honest commandos (and then broke up and “alpha” and “Vympel”), the state sends them straight up criminal networks, criminal business; these guys are in wipers will not go. The government itself has poured into crime the smartest and coolest. And you did nothing to pour them back in.

photo: Gennady Cherkasov
The increased salary.

In 2004, we published a letter to you called “Field of dreams” (30 July 2004). And there again, said: “the Money is! A lot! Enough for everyone!” Explains basic: “Bad vodka, bad drugs also theft, and murder. Sometimes slow, sometimes fast”.

Let’s not in connection with the arrested billionaires (governors, generals, a Colonel Zakharchenko) to talk about the theft. Theft — the case of the secret. Secretly to steal 30 billion is impossible. So, this is a robbery. In front of everyone in broad daylight.

But if as a result of the robbery someone dies (even not from a bullet, but only from a lack of medication), then it’s murder. Banditry.

Power (including you personally) constantly speaks of the need of control over costs, revenues…… But control is impossible in an immoral society. Because immoral of the controller there is no hope. At the immoral of the investigator there is no hope. Immoral in principle, there can be no hope. They are traitors. In uniform, whether in parliamentary or gubernatorial seats — still traitors. Destroying the country, they act in the interests of the enemy, although do not think about. Think only about their own interests.

Wells and mines for the extraction of money known. The budget (without roads). Bribes (the briber raises the prices of all goods are being compensated out of our pocket). Drugs, prostitution, arms trade and raw materials… We always count the damage in billions of dollars, in percent inflation. But the main damage — corrupting influence of powerful thieves in all of society, all young people. People, especially the young, do not go to the polls because they do not believe. Anyone. Neither the politicians from the government and the opposition.

It is impossible to drain the swamp not drained the Lake. It’s not about the lake, but rather about the Baikal. In Russia, operating a CPU — Group Capture of Money.

How to look like roads of Russia, Russian cities, forests, rivers, schools, provincial hospitals, abandoned fields and villages?.. But should look like the earth? How to look like a town after a RAID of the Horde? Loot taken away. What remains is burned. Books are burning or lying in the mud, because the robbers we don’t need books, once read. And especially no desire to read the moralists.

How is it that all great writers — moralists? Shakespeare, Cervantes, Pushkin, Tolstoy, Faulkner, Dostoevsky, Montaigne, Derzhavin, Aeschylus, Gogol…

That would be planet earth in a long list of great rulers-moralists. Not only on Mars — all the planets of the Solar system would be a rich happy life.


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