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Sunday, April 15, 2018

The Ukrainian authorities did not understand the jokes about Poroshenko

Real persecution – so you can describe what is happening now with the Ukrainian comedian Vladimir Zelensky, joked about Poroshenko and his own country. Local politicians now call him a bastard, and the budget refuses to support. Interestingly, Zelensky himself while showing himself a Ukrainian patriot notebook and transferred the money to the fighters of the so-called ATO.

On Tuesday, the famous Ukrainian actor and showman Vladimir Zelensky has announced that his Studio “Kvartal 95” withdrew the application for funding for their projects through the state budget. Speaking on the so-called pitching presentations to potential investors – Zelensky explained that he made this decision after the statement of the Chairman of the national Council on television and radio broadcasting Olha Herasymiuk, who called the Studio “a beggar”. The day before she wrote in her blog: “a Beggar asks of the country beggars? Plot. A comic song”.

“Studio Kvartal 95″ is traditionally perceived in Ukraine as the state clowns, at their concerts was attended by the representatives of the authorities, as under Yanukovych, and Yushchenko and Poroshenko

Refusal pitching

“In connection with the situation in the media, “the district” refuses to pitching. The fact that the Deputy head of the national Council Olga Gerasimyuk said we called the country a beggar, and are involved in begging. I never thought that pitching is begging, I still think that it is the support of the national cinema”, – said the actor.

The Studio was counting on UAH 50 million (about 120 million rubles), 35 million of which was planned to spend on the film “the Return of Gulliver”, and another 15 million – the “Servant of the people.” According to Zelensky, both projects will still be completed. “Whatever we were, we are the leaders in domestic box office, the leaders at the box office, and audiences of Ukraine will definitely see our projects”, – said the actor.

In the last few days Zelensky was subjected to harassment by officials, the press and blogosphere for his recent speech at the comic festival in Jurmala. In one of the rooms Zelensky parodied President Petro Poroshenko, portraying him as a beggar and comparing Ukraine with the “actress of German films for adults.” According to him, the Square “is ready to take any number from either side”.

The reaction was immediate. Poroshenko’s adviser Yuri Biryukov called Zelensky scum. “Swallowed our Olympians in the gums kissing rakintsev? Nate, now swallow clowns”, – he wrote in social networks.

“Degenerate without family and tribe.”

The leader of Radical party Oleg Lyashko demanded to ban Zelensky to speak in Ukraine and send him to beg in a foreign trash. “Degenerate without kith or kin! Be told about your wife and mother!” – Lyashko declared, urging the Ukrainian company to terminate all advertising contracts with the comedian.

Press Secretary of former President of Ukraine Victor Yushchenko Irina Vannikova also called members of the “Quarter 95” “scum” who “not a joke, and bullying and political orders with performance below a plinth”. “Money is the guys fought off the remnants of conscience and a sense of proportion,” she wrote in her blog. – The shame and humiliation that gave Zelensky in Jurmala, deserves a boycott of “95 quarter” from Ukrainian viewers. And at least a warning from the national Council”.

Insults were full of not only the blogosphere, but also print. In particular, the “Journalistic truth” called Zelensky “Nazi clown” who wanted to “curry favor with Russia.” “Our sense of humor is well aware that his country is sliding into the abyss that soon the impoverishment of the people reaches such an extent that his trash-shapito will be very few people can afford, and that Poroshenko can fearlessly kicking as “lame duck”. This, of course, symptomatic: Zelensky acted as a great indicator of imminent sinking of the ship like the proverbial rat,” – said in an editorial column.

On Monday the address of the actor sounded already and physical threats. They were placed in social networks on behalf of the Ukrainian oligarch Igor Kolomoisky, who owns the channel “1+1″ (it is out of the show by kartalev”). The message contained a request to dismiss the authors of a controversial monologue, otherwise the channel will cease cooperation with the Studio. “And for those who justify such statements, I assure you, in the West politicians are of demarcation between Ukraine, the Ukrainian people and the interim thieving power. The last really poor, thieves and crooks”, – stated in the message. However, the press service of the “Quarter” portal “Vesti assured that this is a false message.

“It’s a joke in the actions of our rulers”

Himself Zelensky, commenting on the resonance around their jokes, he confessed his love to Ukraine and called the fellow “a proud people, and not beggars”. “Joke, which caused a heated discussion, has two or three meanings. The point is simple this Reprise: it is enough to take out loans, responsibility to our children, grandchildren and those who will live after us and be responsible for all the nasty things that we create… It’s a joke in the actions of our rulers, our government, and not in others or not in our country,” said Zelensky.

Later, “95 Quarter” came to the conclusion that the team is not spontaneous, and “registered information” campaign. “So, someone is profitable. So, someone needs to keep us quiet. But we our the audience. And no Internet bots and spin-doctoring will not force us to be silent. Because we speak the truth,” said the team, stressing: “We are talking about what I think millions of people in our country.”

“Shutov is not executed even in the Middle ages”

Another famous Ukrainian showman and TV presenter Vladimir Petrov is confident that the Studio “Kvartal 95” notwithstanding the current persecution will not repeat the fate of “inter”.

“We in Kiev is not so frostbitten people who can attack the office of “95 Quarter” like the recent attack on the “inter” and personally Vladimir Zelensky, knowing with whom to cooperate Vladimir and Studio. This is a commercial project of the channel “1+1″, and is unlikely to find someone who wants to be in conflict with his leadership. Everyone understands, than it can end” Petrov said the newspaper VIEW. As for persecution, in his opinion, it will only play Zelensky at hand – it will make her exclusively the pros.

As for the validity of such harassment, Petrov notes that the entire cast of “95 Quarter” is traditionally perceived in Ukraine as a state act. At their concerts was attended by high – ranking officials- as under Yanukovych, and Yushchenko and Poroshenko – and all laughed at the most critical of their jokes.

The fool is traditionally considered a kind of double of the king. It should say what can’t tell others. Even in the middle Ages the execution of a jester was considered not only bad manners, but also stupidity. Such cases were few,” – he said.

In Donetsk have laughed at Zelensky

If in Ukraine the number shown Zelenskaya, in Jurmala, caused a wave of anger, proclaimed DNR, on the contrary, took it with a smile. “Looked “95 quarter”. Well done boys, prostibulo Ukrainushku. Just up and in front of the gate poured on the head of a bucket of slops” – wrote on his page in Facebook the Donetsk blogger, sociologist Denis Seleznev. Seleznev did not rule out that the Studio will suffer the fate of “inter”, alluding to the recent massacre of the editorial staff of the channel.

Add that Zelensky is not protected from persecution, even the reputation of a fervent supporter of anti-terrorist operation – he was regularly listed part of the fees on the military and made accusations against Russia.

In March, deputies of the state Duma Mikhail Degtyarev and Alexander Kurdyumov has sent a request to the Chairman of the RCDS Alexander Bastrykin with a request to determine the degree of participation Zelensky in financing punitive operations in the Donbass and to check the performances of the actor in Ukraine in 2014, which, according to the parliamentarians, are calling for unleashing aggressive war.

Besides, the Deputy of the state Duma from the Communist party Sergei Obukhov sent requests to the media houses and film companies to desist from the rental in the Russian film “8 best dates” with Zelensky in the title role. However, the Ministry of culture spoke against the ban of the film. However Zelensky decided not to come to the premiere.


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