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Sunday, March 18, 2018

The guys from our yard

Sunday, 18 September, Russia held elections to the State Duma of the seventh convocation. According to experts, this campaign is different from past elections to the Duma not only a return to a mixed system, but a lack of scandals. However, the degree of competition in some districts and sometimes rolls over, making the result on the eve of the single voting day remains unpredictable.

photo: Dmitry Katerinov


Their candidates on elections in the state Duma, in particular, on the list, put 14 parties. Most effectively, from the point of view of experts, conducted campaigns those parliamentary parties who have shifted the vector of agitation with a conditional “banners” in a very concrete courtyards and local agenda. Most seriously, in this sense, people were able to work the “United Russia”. The party started before the competition. Problems of municipal economy, education, medicine and other members of United Russia were discussed with experts and community members at industry forums in the region — thus was born the party program. And future candidates of the state Duma mandate from the “EP” were selected by the voters themselves. From the beginning, the party held a preliminary vote. It is, in fact, became a “sieve” for selection of candidates. Anyone who has passed through this mountain, came to the party lists, and someone after the primaries came to the fore in the constituency. Along with time-tested personnel of the Duma there are new names of representatives of professional communities, and civil society activists. “From the point of view of the approach to HR, “ER” setting an example for everyone else,” — said the head of “Political expert group” Konstantin Kalachev.

This election race with 9 newcomers. However, the fact of participation in the campaign — not a guarantee of success. Experts identify only three small parties, for which something may change after 18 September. This is “Apple”, “Rodina” and “Russian party of pensioners for justice”. Last, because of the “speaking” names, shows the growth of people’s likes and rodintsy and Apple stubbornly remind myself its nuclear electorate. The intrigue lies in whether these three parties to overcome the three-percent barrier, the passage of which they warrant state funding.

The contest for votes

The new rules on which election items returned single-member districts, increase the degree of competition. In some regions turned serious passion, say the scientists. According to their estimates, the result of the election is difficult to predict about 20% of districts out of 225. Up until game day (18 September) remains intriguing in Nizhny Novgorod constituency (129), where the same chances of winning are the deputies of the city Duma SR Alexander Bochkarev and Vladimir Panov from the “United Russia” and the Deputy of the state Duma from the Communist Denis Boronenkov. All three candidates are recognized and active, but have different financial resources, which undoubtedly affects the ways of promotion. Associates Bochkareva, for example, help him, and distributed at preferential prices, and Boronenkov appealed for help to his wife, Opera singer. The winner of the preliminary voting, “United Russia pans have relied on their meetings with voters, addressing their problems and answers to questions on housing, medicine, education. The severity of the campaign also adds to the recent decision of the candidate, Yabloko Askhat Kayumov to withdraw his candidacy in favor of the representatives of the Parnassus Anna Stepanova.

And in Saint-Petersburg a real battle in South-East single member constituency (217) is between an experienced Deputy, a representative of the “Party of growth” Oksana Dmitrieva and young, ambitious United Russia Mikhail Romanov, as well as in the North-West single-member constituency (215) between SR Oleg nilavum and the candidate of “ER” Vladimir Kamenevym.

Among the unpredictable hit and Astrakhan single-member constituency (74). Here is “neck and neck” going SR Oleg Shein and United Russia Leonid Ogul. “For the first time in my memory that is as clean campaign, there is no seamy side. Candidates can work in some areas, the programs are similar, both promise to return oil revenues. But Ogul in this area went out early and pumped her harder, especially the meeting with the President of the country. On the other hand, in the case of outdoor advertising — billboards, banners, on vehicles, is Shein, this is more noticeable,” — said the head of the Astrakhan press club” Igor Belyakov.

Refuse to forecasts and in the Sverdlovsk region, where the Nizhny Tagil district (171) are the leader of regional branch “Fair Russia” Alexander Burkov and put forward the “United Russia” trade Union activist “Uralvagonzavod” Alexey Balyberdin. “Burke is a very experienced politician, looks back on more than a dozen campaigns to his leadership from the “Fair Russia” in the region good results in 2011, and now. But Balyberdin has a good chance. First, — said the Director of the research center Analyst Andrei Mozolin, he’s local, “own”. And secondly, for him the whole “Uralvagonzavod”.

Technology deception is not a trend

Despite a tough election fight on the ground, the campaign is civilized, experts say. President Vladimir Putin has set the task to spend it as legitimate and openly. And the party seem to be this listened. Major infractions that cast doubt on the legitimacy of the elections was observed. No problem, of course, is not complete. One set of candidates-doubles, others sell sugar and vegetables at reduced prices, and still others call for help of talented family members. However, experts say, it’s still isolated cases. According to the Vice-President of the Russian Association on public relations Yevgeny Minchenko, in the modern Russian reality is black PR using legal methods. Competitors are now increasingly appeal to the court and the electoral Commission, rather than pour paint posters to each other. “The key technologies of the struggle of the candidates today is a legal technology. They are preferable to the proliferation of negativity,” says Minchenko.

In this sense, according to the Director of the Center for political analysis Pavel Danilin, “the current campaign may seem dull and even boring, but these are the features of a developed political system when a candidate runs on a personal electoral bonuses, and are not fond of spanking the competition.”


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