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Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Tactics are the tangible Affairs

The election campaign comes to an end, and September 18 every Muscovite will have to make a choice. Attention citizens sought candidates from many parties. However, if all they are really known to those who will go to the polls? If they can interest Muscovites their programs and to put confidence in every that will be able to solve his problem? No doubt, much in the election campaign depends on the material resources at the disposal of one or another party. However, the chosen strategy of the campaign sometimes does not depend on money. Walk feet up to their constituents to meet with them and talk, get to know each other better and to understand the problems each candidate. That is the tactic selected “United Russia”.

Different parties chose different paths to the hearts and minds of their constituents — used allotted by law, the time on television and social networks, pickets, banner Federal program.

In Moscow metro stations were the banners of candidates from completely different parties. Some were just slogans, some contain quite detailed description of the program. Near it was always possible to detect several Muscovites enthusiastically getting acquainted with the text and even something to discuss. So to incriminate the residents of the capital indifference is not worth it, nor what kind of social apathy can’t be considered.

— The main bet that made MGRO and the whole party in the country as a whole, is communication with voters, personal contact, — said the head of the Executive Committee MGRO of party “United Russia” Oleg Smolkin at a press conference devoted to summarizing of the election campaign. In this part we have a powerful army agitators — about 7 thousand people who daily meet with voters over the past few months. According to conservative estimates, they talked with residents about 1.5 million apartments. We ask them to go to people and talk to people in the community. I think that this figure is even higher. On the other hand, we try to be very active campaign in the meetings. Sometimes a day is necessary to hold 5-6 meetings. It includes not only meetings in labor collectives, and meetings in the courts, but it is not the easiest thing. According to preliminary estimates, I think at least 20-25 thousand such meetings, our candidates and Trustees are held with the residents. In addition, we intensively, especially in the last half of the month street campaign and pickets, and non-standard pickets on bicycles, roller skates. So handing out leaflets, Newspapers. About 30 thousand of these pickets were held last month. Each volunteer spoke with voters and handed out a large number of materials. I think that the policy of direct communication with the voters we have tried to endure in the course of the campaign. We have a tremendous number of billboards at every intersection they do not hang. The bet is placed on communication with people.

The result of communication with the public in preparation for the primaries of the party was that of the “United Russia” has been receiving quite specific signals about the problems of the residents of the capital to solve these problems.

Participants of preliminary voting was initiated by such high-profile projects as the return of the full amount of benefits for housing and communal services for persons with disabilities, a 50 percent discount to pay contributions for the overhaul for Muscovites over the age of 70 and a full exemption from assessments for residents over the age of 80 years. Heard a cry for help from Moscow parents, and just a month managed to prepare and then implement the most complicated in the execution of the project “Moscow change”, in which the school city camps were able to rest more than 50 thousand Moscow students.

— Parents are asked to be the format of the summer holidays we ran out this year. Tweet Sergey Sobyanin today I saw the response to our appeal. He wrote that the program will continue in 2017 — said the Director of comprehensive school “Naslednik” Love Dukhanina.

Thanks to the candidates from “United Russia” managed to eliminate the illegal dump in printers and achieve protection status for Golubinskaja forest. A former military facility that is part of the forest and designed multi-storey building, were cleaned and given to the residents. Now there will be a Park. At the end of August this year, the Moscow United Russia” has initiated another major project — the Green belt of Moscow”. Together with the residents of Metropolitan districts and experts-ecologists will form the so-called “green shield” of the capital territory, specially protected by the law.

The question about the necessity to ensure that people with disabilities first and second groups with persistent disorders of musculoskeletal specialized apartments was discussed at the Moscow urban forum “For equal rights and equal opportunities” conducted by “United Russia”.

— Before the premises were handed down only five years on the contract of uncompensated use, and people who live with disabilities, of course, to leave their apartments incomprehensible guarantees and prospects for continued stay is not wanted. Thus, the situation when the city built a specialized housing for persons with disabilities, but it is very poorly filled — said the Chairman of regional public organisation of invalids “Strategy”, Deputy of the state Duma from “United Russia” Vladimir Krupennikov. — Currently accounting for housing in Moscow consists of about 200 wheelchair users. While owned by the city has enough vacant apartments to fully meet their needs for specialized housing.

The participants of the forum For equal rights and equal opportunities” sent to the mayor’s appeal. The result was the decree of the government of Moscow “About the organisation of granting of separate categories of citizens of premises of housing stock of the city of Moscow”. For 2016 wheelchair users will provide specialized apartments, adapted for comfortable stay. Housing they’ll receive under contracts of social hiring.

This was done using administrative resources the ruling party does not hide. But the main purpose of this work was to show that the voice of Muscovites are ready to listen to what problems they want and will decide.

So, from 24th July in Moscow was cancelled, the advance payment for evacuation of cars. Initiative to review the current legislation relating to the procedure for the return of evacuated cars to their owners, also belongs to EP. In addition, those motorists who pay for evacuation immediately got a 25% discount.

“ER” has achieved renewal of resident Parking permits.

— We conducted surveys and asked Muscovites: “what time you want to extend the validity of resident Parking permits? For 1 year, 2, 3, 5?” It turned out that the majority intended to change the car in 4 years. Therefore, the permit will be issued for 3 years — says the Secretary of MGRO of party “United Russia” Nikolai Gonchar. — The election campaign is over, but it is far from over. We will conduct our work in strict compliance with current legislation until the last moment. Now, from my point of view, there is activation of efforts of the participants in this process. We started preparing for this election campaign 4 years ago. This particular principle ended one election, and immediately began to work on the other. We as a party organization, our members, know the situation in the city and know it firsthand. We worked all this time directly in the constituencies, that is, on site. In the State Duma there is a term — “it works like a single-seat districts”. So we tried to do so, not knowing what will be restored to single-member districts, and we tried to work so that each of us knew the situation, knew what to do to problems facing our residents, to decide. At the final stage of the campaign we had prepared a number of programs that we have completed, what can be said with pride. We come to the election with a specific results.

— “United Russia” in this election campaign was close to the people, says political scientist Oleg Matveychev. — Public advisers went almost to every house and every apartment. The candidates themselves-“United Russia” also very much met people. The election campaign of other parties, in my opinion, suffered from a certain monotony. In public places standing pickets and transfer case, Cuba, was banners but this is a work in crowded places. All was the same. To hallways and apartments of the other parties just don’t get it, in my opinion. “United Russia” in this regard comprehensively approached the campaign. Other parties still present in the Internet, but the EP was also the first.

Basically as candidates exposed people widely known to the people. Onishchenko is the same, for example. And they, for all its popularity, was performed at least 5 meetings a day. Plus, these people were already known at the primaries. It was a grueling marathon, of course, but it justifies itself.

“United Russia” managed to establish a dialogue with the authorities, and with different social groups. We see that in addition to the territorial loci taken certain environments: for example, persons with disabilities, motorists separately, separately, retirees, students — for each environment, for each target audience, the “United Russia” did something. This tactics is supposed to show itself in the election.


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