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Monday, March 19, 2018

Swiss Bank accounts Zakharchenko could lead to new charges

According to sources, on Swiss Bank accounts of offshore companies associated with the family of chief of Department “T” Guebipk the Ministry of internal Affairs of Dmitry Zakharchenko, discovered 300 million euros. Thus, it is not just about the stolen funds, “the Note-Bank”, part of which was called earlier seizure Zakharchenko amount of 8 billion rubles. In the anti-corruption Committee think it is possible that the charge can be reclassified.

As told a source of “Rosbalt” in law enforcement bodies, at the disposal of the FSB were documents on the accounts of offshore companies which are registered on a 53-year-old Viktor Zakharchenko, the father of Dmitry Zakharchenko.

“These funds can be accumulated only in a certain system, which is called the criminal community”

“Only found six such accounts, mainly in the Rothschild Bank and the Geneva office of Dresdner Bank, each of which are sums of 45 to 47 million euros. A total of about 300 million euros, – said the source. – These are huge amounts, the origin of which is now under investigation. It is clear that we are talking not only about the means of “Nota-Bank”, as previously assumed”.

About the arrest of the FSB Deputy chief, and at that time – the actual head of the “T” of the Main Directorate of economic security and counteraction of corruption (Guebipk) Ministry of internal Affairs it became known on Friday.

In the apartment, the owners of which, according to the investigation, was his relative, and which is home to the Colonel himself, were found to be $ 120 million and EUR 2 million. On Saturday, the Presnensky court of Moscow arrested Zakharchenko until November 8.

A law enforcement source said that the confiscated Zakharchenko currency in total the equivalent of 8 billion does not belong to him, money was only placed in storage. According to the source, the withdrawn amount is part of the amount of money withdrawn fraudulently from the assets of “Nota-Bank”. Against its leadership under investigation. According to the investigation, Zakharchenko warned the defendants in the criminal case of “Nota-Bank” about the searches. The source also said that he found the documents for the offshore company to the former owner of the Bank Svyaznoy.

And on Swiss Bank accounts relating to the family of Dmitry Zakharchenko, revealed about 300 million euros.

Version of the origin of the money investigation did not disclose. However, earlier it was reported that Zakharchenko has contributed to the former head of “VimpelCom” Mikhail Slobodin to abscond a very large reward.

Meanwhile, a lawyer Zakharchenko Yury Novikov, said that his client’s case does not appear the name Mikhail Slobodin. “Information about the connection with slobodnim not true. There is an official position of the investigation set forth in the resolution on attraction it as the accused, which is featured in the episode that he warned employees of “Nota-Bank” upcoming raids” – said TASS defender.

He argues that at least one of the charges (bribery) the position of the defense quite strong, because the investigation could not prove the crime event itself. “The decision to prosecute Zakharchenko as the accused says that on December 26 he from an unidentified person in an unspecified place for pokrovitelya action received a bribe in the amount of 7 million rubles. From what person, where and why seven, the consequence does not explain,” – said Novikov.

The discovery of Swiss Bank accounts can change the whole course of the investigation. The Chairman of National anticorruption Committee Cyril Kabanov considers that in the circumstances – if the investigation will proof that we are talking about the proceeds of crime – there’s a good reason for recharacterization of the wording of the charges.

“For me, the discovery of such a large sum – a sign that if criminal activity was conducted, it could not be done by the same person, Kabanov said the newspaper VIEW. – Accordingly, operational services and investigative agencies can investigation, if there’s evidence that the revenues of criminal nature, change the article of the charge. Such funds can be accumulated only in a certain system, which is called crime, and probably for a long time.”

Now against Zakharchenko prosecuted under articles 290 (bribe reception), 385 (abuse of power) and 294 (obstruction of justice and manufacture of preliminary investigation). In the aggregate, to it threatens till 10 years of imprisonment. If he’s found guilty under article 210 (organization of criminal community or participation in it), he can go to jail for up to 20 years and possibly for life – if will be recognized as the organizer of a criminal group.

Note that the article 210 is charged to the thief in law Zechariah Kalashov (nicknamed Shakro Young). In addition, he accused of extortion. Reports of when the arrest of Zakharchenko, an investigation Shakra constantly appear in the press. The same “Rosbalt” with reference to its sources in law enforcement bodies asserts that the evidence against the police gave Fatima misikova. She turned to Shakro with a request to collect a debt from the owner of one of the capital’s restaurants, which ultimately led to the death of two people arrested crime boss, his henchmen and several high-ranking law enforcement officers. However, official confirmation of the fact that things Zakharchenko and Shakro related, still not sounded.

The suspect, apparently, is not going to make a deal with the investigation and hopes, if not to justify, lenient sentence. During the meeting of the Presnensky court on Saturday Zakharchenko said that not guilty on charges of bribery. “The fact that I took a bribe of 7 million rubles, reminds me of the humor. What is fixed? Maybe the prints on the bills? Nothing… the money, as those found in the apartment on Lomonosovsky, neither in fact nor even theoretically I don’t belong. Other money found in the car, too, not mine, and its owner. He’s a businessman,” – said Zakharchenko on the judge’s question about whether he understood the charge and whether he accepts the blame.

On Tuesday, interior Minister Vladimir Kolokoltsev has appointed office check in relation to the management of anti-corruption Central Board of the Ministry. It is assumed that employees Goosby Ministry of internal Affairs of Russia and DGCK of the MIA of Russia in the course of the inspection will be carefully examined the circumstances, causes and conditions that led to the arrest of the acting head of the “T” Guebipk of the MIA of Russia.

Meanwhile, the head of the Department of collection of the savings Bank Andrey Novikov declared that more than 8 billion rubles seized in the case Zakharchenko, will be transported for storage in this state Bank. The transportation of such a large amount, about a ton weight, he described as “a risky venture that needs to be covered with the interior Ministry”. For comparison, 8 billion rubles – twice the annual budget of the city of Smolensk or the entire budget of the Jewish Autonomous region last year.


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