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Tuesday, March 20, 2018

London continues to lie about the operation to overthrow Gaddafi

In Britain, once again criticized the decision to participate in the operation to overthrow Gaddafi’s government in Libya. Official London is justified, not shrinking at the same distortion and outright falsehoods. The situation in Libya today is such that to set the country’s peace is possible only with the help of Russia.

In the UK on Wednesday there was a scandal in connection with the publication of the report of the special parliamentary Committee criticized the military operation in Libya. The main responsibility for the war lies with the then Prime Minister of the country David Cameron. The document says that the British policy in Libya before and after the intervention in March 2011 was based on false assumptions and incomplete understanding of the country and the situation in it.”

“When the country is, in fact, is in a state of war of all against all, to bring peace in Libya can only be Russia”

Cameron, according to the report, played a decisive role in the decision to participate in the operation, the results of which “effect so far”. Among the most dangerous consequences of the operation, the authors of the report distinguish the migration crisis in Europe, the internal armed conflict and massive violations of human rights in Libya, as well as the formation and development of LIH*.

The report laid the responsibility on the leadership of France. The Republic was then headed by President Nicolas Sarkozy, who was one of the initiators of the intervention. The document States that French intelligence had overestimated the danger posed to civilians civil war in the country.

However, the foreign office immediately defended the operation five years ago. “Muammar Gaddafi was unpredictable, he had the means and determination to implement all their threats. His actions could not be ignored, the need was determined and collective response. Throughout the campaign, we acted within a UN mandate, protecting civilians,” – said the representative of the British foreign office.

False five years later

In the approval of the Ministry of foreign Affairs and the representative of the government it is hard to believe for anyone who remembers what really happened in the spring of 2011. The UN security Council really has issued a mandate that mention British officials, and the representative of Russia also voted in favour. But the mandate was issued solely on the introduction of a no-fly zone over Libya, there is a ban for the air force of the Libyan army to rise into the air. The purpose of the security Council was really to protect the civilian population of Eastern Libya that has already passed into the hands of the rebels, from the bombing of government aircraft. Recall that in the same way “no-fly zone” for many years acted on the decision of the United Nations and in Northern Iraq.

However, NATO used the mandate as a pretext for full-scale air war. In the end, air strikes have been in all military units of the army of Muammar Gaddafi. Destroyed the garrisons, barracks, depots, artillery positions – up army trucks. NATO not only did not hide these facts, but also publish videos aimed hits. All this, however, was justified by the need to maintain a no-fly zone. Eventually, after a few months the army was defeated, and the rebel troops came and besieged capital Tripoli. As reported later by the British newspaper “the guardian”, the storming of Tripoli in August 2011 led by the British ground forces. London officially this information is never confirmed. However, it is so obvious that the West is simply held while in Libya the regime change.

Recall that in the spring President Barack Obama called the biggest foreign policy mistake “intervention in Libya to the international coalition”, not exactly the attack itself, and the lack of action plan for the postwar period. “Perhaps it is a failure in preparing the plan the day after the invasion of Libya. At the time I thought it (the invasion) is a good step,” admitted Obama.

By the way, in July in the UK was published and the official investigation into another intervention in Iraq. The Commission came to the unequivocal conclusion – the invasion, too, was a mistake of Tony Blair’s government. Blair himself acknowledged that he was wrong, and expressed even a willingness to suffer punishment.

And in Libya began a new round of war

On Wednesday in Libya itself, the situation worsened again to the limit – perhaps for the first time since 2011. The Prime Minister supported the UN national consensus government (NTC) of Libya Faiz Sarraj, convened on Wednesday an emergency meeting after opposition forces captured the oil terminal of the country, informs Agency France Presse. “I call on all parties to stop provocative actions and to immediately sit down at the negotiating table to discuss the mechanism that will allow us to emerge from the crisis and to put an end to the conflict”, – quotes Agency Caraga.

Yesterday evening it became known that the troops of General Khalifa Haftorah, which are not subject to the government, seized all the oil ports of the country, which threatens to leave Tripoli without income. General enjoys the support of several countries, including Russia. According to experts, to defuse the situation, which is getting out of control, able only diplomatic intervention of Moscow.

The Haftarot troops had seized the fourth – the last – the oil port of Marsa El-Brega. Previously, they had seized the ports of RAS lanuf, es-Cider and Zuwaytinah. Now Haftar holds control of all vital facilities in the oil Crescent called the Gulf of Sirte, where are the oil ports.

The General’s grip

When the army of the Haftarot were in Marsa El Brega, even met no resistance, reports RIA “Novosti” with reference to the channel Al Jazeera. “We took control of the port of Marsa El Brega without any fighting,” – said the officer from his army, headed by the port security.

“We call on all military forces that have gone in the “oil Crescent”, to immediately withdraw without any preconditions,” he demanded on the eve of the USA, UK, Germany, France, Spain and Italy.

The situation with concern and the UN, whose special envoy for Libya Martin Kobler to the security Council meeting, warned that the seizure may deprive the country of its only income.

We will remind, General Haftar in charge of the army loyal to the elected at the 2014 election to Parliament, and still does not recognize established in Tripoli with the support of the UN, the government of national consent. Haftar stated that the oil ports were seized by rebels and infrastructure need to release and surrender to the “legitimate authorities”.

In December, the warring sides signed an agreement on forming a national unity government. In the early years of the new government headed by Prime Minister Fayeza al-Sarraj started to work. Certain areas of Libya still captured by militants associated with ISIS.

According to foreign press, the Haftarot for several decades collaborated with the CIA. But now, as observers, the Haftarot supports not only Egypt, but also in part France and Russia. At the end of June, he came to Moscow to enlist diplomatic support, and was received by the Minister of foreign Affairs Sergey Lavrov and security Council Secretary Nikolai Patrushev. A year ago to Moscow there came the emissaries of the Haftarot and signed agreements for the supply of arms, ammunition and agreed to cooperate in the intelligence area.

Russia did not

“The fact is that though formally a government of national unity was established in December of 2015 and initially there was consensus that the Haftarot had originally stated that it is the new government does not recognize. Fuel to the fire adds the presence of a third force, firmly entrenched in Sirte supporters of the “Islamic state”, – said the newspaper VIEW Director of the Centre for partnership of civilizations, the coordinator of the group “Russia – Islamic world”, the former Russian Ambassador to Libya Veniamin Popov.

According to the expert, what is happening now in Libya is the result of the NATO operations in 2011, partly already recognized in the West, said Popov, Recalling the report of the Commission of the British Parliament, and that Barack Obama has previously acknowledged Libya for its “mistake.”

According to experts, the only force that can return to Libya, the world becomes Moscow. He recalled that Moscow hosted the official representatives of the government of national unity and Khalifa the Haftarot. “Right now, only Russia will be able to bring the parties to the negotiating table to come to a compromise, by joining forces against ISIS. However, it is typical not only for Libya but for the entire Middle East, not Russia in any way”, – the expert believes.

Meanwhile, in the East based national oil company” (in the West there is another with the same name – “national oil company”, controlled by the government in Tripoli) has promised to resume oil exports through busy troops of the Haftarot ports and to the end of the year to triple oil production.

* Organization in respect of which the court accepted entered into legal force decision on liquidation or ban the activities on the grounds stipulated by the Federal law “On countering extremist activity”


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