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Thursday, March 15, 2018

It became known the name of a possible “mate” Clinton in the election of the President of the United States

As soon as the Democratic party’s candidate for the presidency, Hillary Clinton, her personal physician Dr. Lisa Mess was diagnosed with “pneumonia”, the attention of politicians and the media instantly focused on the candidate for Vice-President, the Senator from Virginia Tim Kane. When Clinton picked up his Deputy, she stressed that the ultimate criterion for the applicant for this position must be his willingness to become President, if she, as she put it, “something will happen”.

photo: ru.wikipedia.org

Tim Kane

After her choice was to Kane, Hillary Clinton has announced that he survived the appointed trial.

So, Senator Kane was in the crossing of the flood lights to the public. When he was interviewed by reporters cable news channel, his answers were transmitted live. A rare honor for a candidate for Vice-President!

Disease Clinton (remember her recent swoon) reminded everyone about the constitutional requirement that Kane is not just slipshod sang, but also the possible President of the United States. As stated by the historian of the presidency of the United States, Douglas Brinkley, Clinton disease “means that Tim Cain needs to raise the bar of their game. Brinkley pointed out that at the moment Kane — “unknown value for the American people, and he if anything should be not only President, but also Supreme commander of its armed forces.”

History shows: 9 Vice-presidents became presidents during their presidential terms. 8 because the President was dead, and 1 in connection with the resignation of his boss (Vice-President Ford is President Nixon). In four of the eight above-mentioned cases the presidents were killed. Four others died of natural causes. So, President Franklin Delano Roosevelt died in 1945 from a cerebral hemorrhage and Vice President Harry Truman became President instead of him.

Who is Kane? A lawyer by training, he worked as a mayor of the city of Richmond in Virginia, then Vice-Governor of the same state, and finally Governor. In the Senate he was elected in 2012. His resume is quite satisfied with Hillary Clinton.

However, Kane is a little-known figure nationally even after seven weeks after he became Deputy Clinton. According to the poll conducted by CNN, 19% of respondents had never heard about Mr. Cain, while 21% said they do not have it on any opinion. Expert Institute Vice-presidency Professor Joel Goldstein says: “Until now, it was a presidential race, much to unprecedented size focused on the presidential candidates”. Remembering how he suffered from pneumonia, Professor Goldstein warns, “the fact that someone is sick with the disease, does not mean that it must change. But what happened with Mrs. Clinton attracted a lot of attention to the issue of fitness Tim Cain as President.” This should remind people about the importance of both presidential candidates and how they are wealthy as a replacement for the President at his experience, character and views.

Tim Kane is doing something jumps from one state to another and more like a travelling salesman than a representative of the democratic electoral ticket of Clinton and Kane. In his speeches he mostly focuses on the negative evaluations of Donald trump and in this connection speaks of positive terms, Hillary Clinton. Sometimes, he expresses his “shock surprise” the fact that he is now part of the democratic ticket, and that he learned from anonymous the swamp, and before him a promising future. “I felt like Pinocchio turned into a real boy,” said he, speaking in Virginia on 9 September. It turns out that that was his reaction when Ms. Clinton asked him if he’d agree to be her Deputy? “I was shocked. What? What? You want me? Are you kidding?”

The most sensitive test for Cain will be his debate with the candidate in Vice-presidents from the Republican party Governor of Indiana Mike Pence, which will take place on 4 October.

But that said a Professor of history and social Sciences at Princeton University Julian Zelizer: “Nobody wants to once again face the situation of Sarah Palin, when voters strongly doubted about her as the second person in the Republican ticket.” And further: “This is especially true when questions are raised about the age and health of candidates.”

Tim Kane is 58 years old. He differs from a politician that wants to replace Vice President Joe Biden. First, he is a recent member of the Senate and is not, as they say, “wise statesman”. But Mr. Kane focused on foreign policy and spent time in the Senate as a member of the committees on armed services and the Committee on foreign Affairs. Speaking to reporters on 11 September, after it became known about the disease, Hillary Clinton, Mr. Kane stated that he does not think that the disease, Ms. Clinton can put him under extra pressure to prove to voters their willingness to be President.

But even before the latest incident with Hillary Clinton Senator Kane defended Ms. Clinton from questions about her health. And criticized trump, who accused Clinton is that she hasn’t the courage to tell the truth on this matter.

Two weeks ago Mr. Cain ridiculed the letter Dr. Donald trump, stating that the Republican candidate will be “the healthiest person who ever was elected President.” The other day Senator Kane again touched on the health issue of Mrs. Clinton. “I participate in the presidential campaign from July 22,” he said. — Hillary Clinton involved in this campaign 18 months. Her energy is amazing to me. I, in truth, it’s just hard to compete with her.”

Supporters of the Democratic party have to hope that this is not just fawning.

Watch the video on “video Appeared faint Clinton at the ceremony of remembrance of the victims of 9/11”



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