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Friday, March 16, 2018

ISIS found a way to use feminists for the terror

In the international media grows in popularity, the term “jihadist feminism” – a new trend in the terror, in which a woman no longer silent “living bomb”, and self-sufficient “soldier of Allah”. This trend is a living symbol – a former punk-rocker Sally Jones, who became the most wanted terrorist in the world. And this is a brand new threat which is not yet equipped to handle.

At the end of last week in France were arrested three women on suspicion of preparing a terrorist attack on a Paris Gare de Lyon. They had all sworn allegiance to ISIL*, it is assumed that this is one of the first purely female terrorist cells in Europe. But hardly the last. Such “dormant” mini-gangs can exist in London and new York, Berlin and Brussels, not drawing attention to himself. And will come into effect only when we receive the orders from the centre.

“A month ago, the child appeared in video as the executioner – he is smiling, shoots the tied-up prisoner. Parents Sally Jones recognized the executioner of his grandson.”

Scientists have explained the phenomenon of the new women’s terrorism. From old-fashioned practice of using suicide bombers it has a high level of emancipation and independence involved. Women themselves must organize, plan the operation and to carry it, although previously relied on men-commanders. Author of “Radicalization” the sociologist Farhad Khosrowpour calls this phenomenon “jihadist feminism”: “Women demonstrate that they too can go through that cruelty is not the monopoly of men.”

This detached tone in talking about the horrific terrorist attacks and a major threat to Europe today revealing. “Jihadist feminism” – a popular theme of newspaper articles and talk shows, for example, in Britain. It is seen from different angles and gradually gaining popularity – about the same as it happens with the new trends in music or fashion. The “face” of this trend today is Sally Jones, from which the media gradually made a real “star” of global terrorism.

Two days ago, the source the British newspaper the Daily Telegraph reported on what is currently the most wanted terrorist in the world, that is Jones. A former punk-rock guitarist is in Syria, where ISIS is recruiting English-speaking women from around the world. Through social network, it either invites neofitos to Syria, or, if they do not have the capacity to do so, offers to make attacks directly at the place of residence.

Past Sally Jones shrouded in fog. She was born in Britain in 1969, and in the early 1990s was a guitarist in a girl punk-rock band Crunch, speaking mainly in the South-East of England. The remaining photos (extremely small) captured bleached blonde in a short leather skirt – such a lot and in the West and in Russia, nothing unusual. The group was not too successful and soon broke up, and Sally Jones gave birth to two sons from different fathers, was not married and lived in social housing in the town of Chatham to benefit single mothers. Tried to earn some money, sold on the Internet hand-painted mugs and t-shirts. Sitting on the forums on black magic. Sally has a brother Patrick, he has his own business related to road construction and my very expensive house, but, apparently, the sister he did not help.

The goal of the creators of the “Islamic state”the Fate of the punk rocker has changed dramatically in 2013. A common version States that on one of the forums a 45-year-old Sally met a geek (according to another version of a hacker) from the Birmingham 19-year-old Junaida Hussein. Word for word, love. Hussein was a devout jihadist, he called Sally to Syria and married. A year later, taking her younger son, nine-year-old Joe, she went to the fan in Syria. The eldest son remained in Britain.

Then, Sally Jones woke up famous. If earlier nobody was interested in, but now the British media followed her every step. Her tweets in which she cursed as “enemies of Allah” and promised to “cut off the heads of Christians with a blunt knife” was reprinted in the most popular Newspapers in Britain. Her old photos millions of copies around the world: here Sally nurses the baby, and here she is posing in the image of a nun with a gun, and now she was in a burqa and with a gun. Especially in this sense, distinguished The Daily Mail and the already mentioned The Daily Telegraph refers to certain anonymous informants, critical-minded against ISIS, but residents in raqqa – the “capital” of the self-called “Caliphate”. It is hard to imagine the brave souls who will share information with the British newspaper, being right in the den of the jihadists. However, the conscience is these anonymous information about the little that we know about today Sally Jones.

After moving to Syria, she really had married Junaid Hussain and took the name Sakina Hussain. After a few months, her husband took a second wife, a twenty-three year old Muslim woman, and all three were living in a luxurious mansion in raqqa. Hussein carried out some “hacker attack”. Sally agitated women all over the world to join ISIS. In August of 2015 American drone killed her husband, and in December, Sally gave her 11-year-old son to training camp, organized by the terrorists specifically for children. A month ago Joe appeared in video as the executioner – he is smiling, shoots the tied-up prisoner. Parents Sally Jones recognized the executioner of his grandson.

Interestingly, sitting on Internet forums, even in peaceful period of his life, Sally Jones always used pseudonyms. She did not leave this habit and in Syria – the social media accounts she was something like “Umm Hussain al-britani”, then as “Mrs. Terror”. As an illustration, she used photographs of myself, both old and new – in a burqa and with weapons in their hands. In fact, nothing proves that this woman with the covered face – do Sally Jones. It is quite possible that the real Sally writes his tweets in a safe house in London or even killed long ago. Perhaps that mysterious informants do not write out of Raqqa, and from editions of The Daily Mail and The Daily Telegraph. But whoever this “Sally Jones”, she is a definite (albeit virtual) star of radical Islam, and the British tabloids – her loyal media sponsors.

In 2014, The Daily Telegraph has pleased readers with news that Sally Jones urges women to “sex-Jihad”. Is such practice, when young girls travel to Syria or Iraq and there offer themselves to fighters as a reward for a “Holy war”. The news instantly was reprinted in all editions of Britain. In may 2016 The Daily Mirror, The Sun and The Daily Mail tweets disseminated by Sally Jones about the upcoming terrorist attacks in Central London and in the London underground. In September of 2016 anonymous informants from Raqqa told The Daily Telegraph that “Mrs. Terror” aiming to recruit women for terrorist attacks in major cities. And again the news spread in all Newspapers of the country.

Not to say that British Newspapers praise a crazy Islamist. But is her serious. Terrorist organizations today are largely exactly mediatorami, their leaders evolve in exactly the same ways as novice entertainers. While in the home of Sally Jones’s attitude to Islamic terrorism, so to speak, ambiguous. At least large and influential group of citizens almost openly support Islamic radicals, avoiding criticism even against the current owners of Raqqa. More than a year of the raging scandal around the President of the Student Union UK Malia Beattie, refused to adopt a resolution condemning ISIS. Influential lady motivated his refusal by the fact that the condemnation of Islamic terrorists is also a manifestation of Islamophobia.

Another example: the London-based human rights organisation CAGE has actively supported one of the leaders of “al Qaeda” Anwar al-Awlaki, arranged an interview with him and video conferencing. Leaders of the CAGE Moazzam Bagga and Asim Qureshi also accused the informational support of the Taliban and other terrorist organizations. The most famous executioner of the ISIS – Jihadi John – Qureshi in a recent interview certified as a “beautiful young man, incredibly kind, noble, courteous.” And that “fine young man” cut the heads of his compatriots, the head CAGE was blamed on “spoil” his collaboration with the secret services. By the way, the British branch of Amnesty International is in close contact with the CAGE, fighting Islamophobia with fans of Jihadi John.

You need to understand that Islamic terrorist organizations information support required is not less than the supply of arms. And its abundant provide of British human rights activists and British media. Person “Sally Jones”, promoted it with press, as it sends a signal to those who have problems with implementation, and with the mentality: get on the front pages of Newspapers can, by siding with the terrorists – so the flow of recruits to Syria and Libya to join new streams. And the average citizen “Sally Jones” terrifying, forcing us to sit quietly and not to rebel against authorities. Otherwise Jones will come, will put things in order.

* Organization in respect of which the court accepted entered into legal force decision on liquidation or ban the activities on the grounds stipulated by the Federal law “On countering extremist activity”


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