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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

In the Russian Orthodox Church has accused the doctors of wanting to kill countrymen with abortion

Archpriest Dmitry Smirnov, head of the Patriarchal Commission on family matters, protection of motherhood and childhood, has proposed fining the doctors for their current abortion.

photo: Natalia Gubernatorova

According to Smirnov, the money they receive only for the preservation of a child’s life.

The priest, according to the Agency “Moscow” said that in 37 years of work, none of the women who came to him with “tear-stained square eyes” because of fears of doctors with regards to the health of the fetus, not confirmed negative diagnosis.

Thus, concluded Smirnov, physicians “have a strong desire to kill his countryman, the cause of which, in his opinion, lies in how they teach future doctors.

Smirnov reminded that “we have the commandment “thou shalt not kill”, and all supporters of abortion pile “crazy.”

Rnee another Archpriest, Vsevolod Chaplin, commenting on the old Testament commandment. The radio station “Echo of Moscow” he said that “out of it, of course, there are exceptions: “This commandment has a very limited range of action. It is the innocent people who in the old Testament relate to his own people”. Then Chaplin has called for the mass murder, and humanism called Satanism.

Add that the new children’s Ombudsman Anna Kuznetsova also actively opposes abortion. In particular, in 2009, in an interview, she reported that, according to the theory of telegony, the uterus with the help of “information-wave memory stores information about the death of the fetus, resulting in new children are born with different disorders. Later, Kuznetsov said he did not remember his interview, though the journalist who took it, and claims that literally quoted Kuznetsov.


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