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Friday, February 23, 2018

In Russia may ban sale of apartments in new buildings without finishing

In the coming years Russia may ban sale of apartments in new buildings without finishing. As stated by the Director of the Department of housing policy of the Ministry of construction, in the nearest plans – development of criteria, according to which the minimum trim may become a mandatory attribute of the new housing. And then concrete boxes thing of the past.

photo: Roman Orlov

Now I can’t remember at what point this important phase of the construction was almost completely out, but one thing is clear: people are not ready to buy prefabricated a lot of money. About his desire to buy a house, ready to move in, say, two-thirds of potential buyers of inexpensive real estate. In two years the number of projects finishing in all segments of the capital market has doubled from 11 in 2014 to 23 in 2016. However, in the primary market of Moscow and New Moscow the share of the residential complex that offers apartments with finishing, still small – only 12% in the Moscow region – 16%.

Apartment “turnkey” assume complete finishing of floors, ceilings and walls throughout, wiring electrical and install plumbing. Unlike Soviet times, when the happy residents settled in the apartment, decorated as a blueprint, developers are developing for finished housing 3-4 style solutions. Some buyers love a bright environment, others minimalism, others tend to the classical elements. The styles combines the simplicity and possibility of modifications. In addition, future residents can choose a finish depending on the amount they are willing to spend. The basic version is ideal for customers operating with minimal budgets or wanting to subsequently rent an apartment to rent, comfort and business purchase for a long comfortable life. For example, in one of the suburban buildings of the future residents were able to participate in the creation of your interior. They could choose one of five finishes, combining any combination of the 9 options of color for walls, 5 types of floor coverings and interior doors, and 5 options of tile for bathrooms.

The cost of finishing from the Builder in the suburban residential complexes starting from 5 thousand rubles per square meter for the cheapest repair option (Wallpaper on the walls, linoleum on the floor), but the average cost of a quality repair is 10-25 thousand rubles. the Difference in cost occurs mainly because of greater or lesser durability of materials of a higher class, as well as the area of their coverage. For example, in the bathroom with the base trim ceramic tile is used only in the perimeter of wet areas bathrooms, and the business variant over the entire area of the walls and floor.

In most new buildings comfort class with housing ready “standard package” includes installation of entrance metal doors, glazing Windows, radiators, interior doors, water meters, wiring electrics with sockets and switches. To cover the floors in the living room used laminate in the kitchen, bathroom and hallway tiled, the walls are finished with Wallpaper – plain or painted. Ceilings throughout the apartment can be traditional – plastered and painted – or suspended. Bathroom and toilet installed plumbing: bathroom or shower, toilet, sink, faucet, shower and heated towel rail and walls fully or partially tiled. In some buildings, buyers are given the opportunity to replace laminate on the parquet Board, add the package of warm floors, air conditioners, exhaust fans, filters for water and security system. To newcomers is to buy furniture, hang lamps, curtains and decorating the apartment interior.

The economic advantage of the repair from the developer now I understand all buyers, regardless of budget, so the finished homes choose people of different incomes , – said General Director of the IKON Development Yevgeny Akimov. – To compete successfully in the market today, we are ready to relieve customers from worries and offer best-in-class option for less money. For example, in the first half in one of the largest residential complexes were sold the same number of squares as for the entire 2015.

– The demand for housing greatly exceeds supply, ” says managing partner of “Metrium Groups” Maria Litinetskaya. – There is a clear trend to increase the share of apartments, ready to move in. For example, in each of the fourth regional project, which appeared on the market in the first half of this year, there is a proposal to finish. In addition, housing repair from the developer appeared in seven existing projects. The presence of such proposals allows developers to 20-30% increase in the rate of sales, and customers to save time and money on repairs. Therefore, in the coming years, the share of finished housing will continue to increase. But if the duty of the developers to take the apartment “turnkey” is enshrined in law, a “concrete box” is finally a thing of the past – as in the European markets, where housing without trim not for sale.

There is another reason why prefabricated a thing of the past. In the current economic conditions not all customers are the mass market can afford the repair of the apartment on their own. Even the most low-cost finish, small “odnushki” costs to customers of approximately 1 million rubles. For many, this amount is critical. And even finding the money to purchase the bare “square meters”, people are forced to abandon the purchase – can’t live in cave conditions. And when the repair offers the developer amount is reduced by about a third. Simply put, developers are directly interested to sell “packaged” apartment.

However, the apartment renovated and became popular in expensive Metropolitan buildings. According to experts, the finish from the developer in the premium segment began Dating in 1,8 times more often. “Of course, the question of savings on the repair before provided by buyers is not as dire as in the mass segment, says Maria Litinetskaya. – Pretentious individual design projects gradually fading. Today is not to brag gilded mouldings, and to the fore a pragmatic approach in the design of housing.


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