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Friday, March 16, 2018

Elections to the state Duma: let’s learn the truth

The main question the last few weeks before the elections: to participate or not? Go on Sunday to the polling station or well it on figs?

It is difficult to advise. All of our circumstances.

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

The part of Russians support the regime and wants everything to remain as it is. The second part supports, but not in all. The third part is strictly not supported and wants the regime has changed. And the fourth lives by itself and not steamed from the fact that in General there is some mode. You don’t feel the connection between him and themselves.

The first part is not necessary to persuade to vote. She was so happy to go to the polls. Besides Sunday, at the polling station will be music, buffet. Our little holiday.

The second and third part in thought. They don’t trust. Don’t believe in elections.

Well, I’ll vote. Still the results tampered with, and none of my voice will not hear. Candidates who would protect my interests in the Duma will not pass. And if they do, they will be so small that they’re not affected. So why should I participate in this farce?

The fourth part do not care at all. She’ll vote for jokes or if it is something for that will. Money, vodka, a herring, whatever.

This part of the citizens I have nothing to say. As well as those who support the regime in all its manifestations.

The other two I want to say, “I understand you. But let’s still try”.

Yet the results of a single vote, but only heard individual voices, the regime does not see how it is realistic about society. He says there is always unhappy, but how many monkeys? We believe that a bunch. Little. We will not take them into account.

But if the regime sees that opposition forces received support appreciable percentage of the population, he will not be able to call this percentage a bunch. Even if the official election results will be tampered with.

For himself he learns the truth.

Elections 18 September — that’s about it. That let’s find out the truth.

If we don’t all know it at least mode. Power. Let it be know.

Of course, she may behave differently after learning the truth. To ignore frustration or to listen, to begin to rebuild. To finish his epic battle with America and focus on domestic issues — primarily on the economy, depressing wages and pensions, the theft and corruption of officials is total injustice of our total life of the device.

We don’t know now what will be the truth. Don’t know how the mode will behave in getting to know her. Where he chatnets. But in any case it will be some movement. Shift rocks. The situation is slightly shifted.

Will open new cracks-Windows, and you can find new solutions and to take new steps — depending on where she moves. For the worse or the better — new opportunities appear all the same.

Action. It is so wonderful to feel it. Not one that is top-down, and one that is initiated at the bottom, including your powers.

To stick his nose out of the swamp and feel the breeze of change.

It is worth to go to the polling station. True, it is.


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