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Monday, March 19, 2018

Dmitry Medvedev met 51st birthday “in production mode”

His 51st birthday is the head of government and leader of the “United Russia” meets “in working order” – on the eve of the Duma elections, characterized by high competitiveness, and in the midst of the Cabinet crisis. According to experts, Medvedev, the governing team of the government for four years, have the courage to take the risk. At a young age for a politician to support is considerable state experience.

On Wednesday, Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev turned 51 years old. “Wednesday will be a meeting of the government, is a normal working day,” said TASS press-Secretary, Natalya Timakova. Although, of course, Medvedev will congratulate colleagues, friends, family, Timakova added.

“Medvedev represents a new generation of Russian politicians. He is relatively young, in his generational segment, the biggest players are not many, and he was on hand playing experience of being in the presidential chair”

Current birthday of the Prime Minister and the leader of “United Russia” came at a very crucial moment – only four days before the elections to the state Duma. As notes TASS, in recent months, the President had almost no weekends and holidays – it happened in the midst of an election campaign, and preparation of the state budget. We will add that in June the head of the government, ten years ago with the rank of first Deputy Prime Minister who oversaw the projects, and headed the Presidium of the presidential Council for strategic development and priority projects.

Obviously, his 51st birthday, the head of government meets in a difficult environment. The party ends the campaign – only for the last three months Medvedev as the leader of “United Russia” met with voters in 16 regions.

His government is only starting the economy out of crisis. “Of course, I can’t say that we can all be happy with how the economy works. The situation is complicated, is not very stable. Still, the economy begins to recover,” – said Medvedev, in an interview to the program “Vesti on Saturday with Sergei Brilev”.

“An important indicator of critical resistance”

The political scientist, member of the expert Council of the Institute of socio-economic and political studies Alexei Zudin recalls that Medvedev as head of the government has been in office longer than any other its predecessor, being a kind of champion for this indicator. “You must accept the fact that, despite a barrage of criticism in the address of the current Cabinet of Ministers to increase the period of activity of the government is quite an important indicator of critical stability”,- said the expert newspaper VIEW.

In addition, according to Zudina, you need to have a high enough human qualities to Putin is in fact entrusted you with the presidency, and then appointed head of the government.

The expert believes that in the current electoral cycle, before Medvedev as the head of the “United Russia”, the aim is to provide the same efficient, with a high degree the critical stability of the Parliament. “The last time with this challenge Vladimir Putin, now working Parliament will be re-created with the active participation of Dmitry Medvedev,” – he explained.

“It shows great courage”

According to the analyst, President of Center of strategic communications Dmitry Abzalov, the reason that active criticism which fell upon Dmitry Medvedev in the last six months is not so much its activities, or some not quite successful statements, the responsibility for which is shared by him also by his press service, but in the fact that Medvedev has headed the Federal list “United Russia”. If the Federal list of the party of power led, for example, Elizaveta Glinka, the whole thread is active then the critics would have collapsed on her. Now, in fact, all 13 parties involved, in addition to the “United Russia” in the Federal election campaign, all members of both systemic and non-systemic opposition, competing in his criticism of the ruling party and its leader,” – said the expert newspaper VIEW.

In addition to this, reminds Abzalov, Medvedev has the courage to be head of government, taking on all the risks of socio-economic development amid a difficult economic environment. “The Cabinet of Ministers cannot be blamed for the drop in energy prices, the strengthening of the external pressure, sanctions component of the Russian economy. Now any mistakes of officials, even at the municipal level, blames Mr President, since he represents simultaneously the current Cabinet, which traditionally takes over the entire film, and the party of power,” – said the expert.

Abzalov emphasizes that by itself the agreement of Medvedev to the occupation of these posts speaks about his courage.

In addition, Abzalov indicates that 51 is quite small age for members of the Russian political establishment. “Medvedev is a representative of the new generation of Russian politicians. He is relatively young, in his generational segment, the biggest players are not many, and he was on hand playing experience of being in the presidential chair. In fact, he is one of two major Russian politicians, which has such extensive experience in government management,” he said.

“The margin we have”

The economic situation is still complicated, but she’s starting to recover, said Dmitry Medvedev in interview to the program “Vesti on Saturday with Sergei Brilev”.

Answering the question of where on the background of the crisis, the government will take the money for the promised indexation of pensions, increase of salaries to teachers, doctors, maternity capital, Medvedev said: “the Margin of safety we have. What is it based on, the margin of safety? It is based on this macroeconomic stability, stability, which is sometimes criticized, but nevertheless it is an essential condition of life.”

The head of government emphasized: this large margin will solve all socio-economic tasks set in the party program.

United Russia” for his work over the past almost 10-12 years presented and their achievements, and were probably some mistakes that any political force in their work permits”, – Medvedev admitted, but noted that United Russia party not to enter into a hard sparring with other political forces.

He noted that it gives a chance to return to the rules of indexation of pensions that had operated previously. We are talking about indexation next year in pensions inflation this year. “Moreover, this decision is taken, it is declared, and, naturally, we’re sticking to it”, – he said.

The Prime Minister noted that the lump sum in 5 thousand roubles for the majority of Russian pensioners will be comparable with the indexation of pensions. He recalled that the money in January, will receive both employees and retired employees. The Prime Minister reminded that this position was supported by President Vladimir Putin.

United Russia” goes on elections with the understanding of our responsibility to our constituents, the people of the Russian Federation and, of course, is to continue stable development of our country. Here it is this – sustainable development is the essence of our election program,” – said the leader of the party.

“We are ready to continue important social programs, including the maternity capital to pay benefits, to improve the pension system. This was part of the program “United Russia”. There is entered our proposals for improving the economy, development of agriculture”, – Medvedev recalled.
“We were able to develop agriculture to a level that we feed ourselves. And not only feed, but we also supply grain and a variety of other products for export. Why do I say this – probably not all know and remember, but the Soviet Union has purchased grain in large quantities. We are sometimes our political opponents say that’s what was agriculture in the Soviet period! Yes, what was agriculture?! – rhetorically asked Medvedev. – The food was not”.

Russians is growing

The Prime Minister said, “over the past two years, we became the absolute increase in population, although more recently it was fashionable to say that our country is gradually dying.” Medvedev stressed that growth is achieved “not by workers, but due to the additional number of births.

Population growth and the increase in life expectancy of Russians is one of the main achievements in the implementation of the may decrees of the President 2012.

Most important in this regard, the Prime Minister said increasing to 71 years in average life expectancy. “Of course, it’s not like in Japan or in some highly developed countries of Europe. But that’s ten years longer than the average male life expectancy just 10 years ago” – quoted Medvedev, TASS reported.

“Last year, this advantage amounted to 30 thousand new citizens of our country. I emphasize that without the movement of people from other territories or other States. A major result of our work on the presidential decrees because they are aimed at the improvement of health on a number of specific tasks. Therefore, even in such difficult conditions, if we concentrate forces, energy and money, of course, in certain directions, it is possible to achieve quite significant results”, – concluded the Prime Minister.

Medvedev is confident that Russia is able to fulfill the may decrees even in these very unpleasant economic environment.” “This, of course, the most important, fundamental for the country things. They must perform just to make our country developed, people felt better, and the economy was showing the correct results. To do this, but we are trying to do,” he said.

In this regard, he recalled that in 2012, oil prices were at $ 110 per barrel. “And who would not say that, I think, there is not one financial analyst in our country who would imagine such a rapid decline in oil prices. Yes, they fell in the 1970-ies and 1980-e and 1990-e. But that would be an almost three-fold drop in oil prices in such a short period, was not expecting anyone. Nevertheless, Russia lives and develops,” – said the head of government.


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