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Sunday, March 18, 2018

Ammonia poisoned the relationship Saakashvili with the local oligarchs

The confrontation around one of the most valuable industrial enterprises in Ukraine – Odessa port plant – emerged on the political level. Charges of “forming a criminal group” nominated Governor of Odessa to Saakashvili, he called the accused “clinical idiots”. Passions are clear – at stake is hundreds of millions of dollars.

On Monday, the Ukrainian deputies from the “popular front” Nicholas knyazhytsky, Pavel Pynzenyk, Oleksandr Drozdyk and MP from the bloc of Petro Poroshenko (BPP) Dmitry Golubov sent the claim to the General Prosecutor’s office, which accused the Governor of Odessa Mikhail Saakashvili in the creation of an organized criminal group and the damage to the country 6.5 billion hryvnia (about $ 250 million).

“This can be the oligarchs Mykola Martynenko and Igor Kolomoisky. Let me remind you that Saakashvili foiled the first attempt of privatization of this plant

As has informed the edition “Ukrainian news” Oleksandr Drozdyk, Mikheil Saakashvili created, according to the authors, an organized criminal group with the participation of the employees of the National anticorruption Bureau of Ukraine (NABU): “Therefore, in order to avoid conflicts of interest and circular of departmental responsibility, we filed a statement about the crime in the Prosecutor General’s office”.

Previously, the deputies, according to them, addressed the first Deputy Chairman of the management Board of JSC “Odessa port plant (OPZ) Nicholas Surikov, who revealed to them the facts of crimes committed by the Governor in respect of his enterprise. Shchurikov accused Saakashnili in opposition to legitimate business activities, forgery, abuse of office, false reporting of crime, reports TASS.

This could be Kolomoisky

The Governor in his Facebook called deputies: “Clinical idiots, Ukrainian politicians hold people for idiots”. The Governor believes that in fact MPs is motivated by a desire simply to remove him from office and take control of the SCR. “Had the wrong man, we will fight, we will ensure that the plant was profitable to all the other state-owned enterprises of Ukraine worked for the state,” said he to sue the TV channel “112 Ukraine”. In his opinion, the actions of the deputies also called success NABOO in the investigation of violations by the OPP, in this case “we are making progress”. Saakashvili made threats against ex-Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk, the current government: “And I’m sure it will lead to the current government and the former Prime Minister.”

Director of the Kiev Institute of policy analysis and management Ruslan Bortnik sure that the background of the scandal lie purely economic interests. “It is a question of struggle over the privatization of Odessa portside plant. This can be the oligarchs Mykola Martynenko and Igor Kolomoisky. Let me remind you that Saakashvili foiled the first attempt of privatization of the plant. And today, I think he is trying to discredit and dismiss the impact of the privatization of the SCR, which reached its final stage,” – said Bortnik newspaper VIEW.

He recalled that several years ago the plant was estimated at $ 1 billion, and now the price is reduced significantly. “It is obvious that there is a buyer and there’s a fight three or four groups for this property. And Saakashvili is trying to clean up this process”, – he stressed.

Poroshenko is satisfied with the war between them”

Director of the Ukrainian Center of political researches and conflictology Mikhail Pogrebinsky believes the complaint “popular front” in the Prosecutor’s office of continuing strife Saakashvili and Yatsenyuk and Avakov, which is run by the mentioned faction. In his view, the rationale lies not only Economics but also politics.

The analyst believes that the authors of the initiative are unlikely to achieve the removal of Saakashvili. But such a scenario is still possible, when it will meet the needs of Poroshenko, while the “most Poroshenko is satisfied with the war between them.” “I think Poroshenko wants to outsmart everyone and win, but for him it will end badly,” – said the expert newspaper VIEW, adding that Poroshenko may be behind the scenes a play off between Saakashvili and Avakov.

Pogrebinsky recalled rumors that Avakov takes care of and partly funded “Azov” and other radical organizations and may use their services. “Apparently, the President understands it and is not ready to send Avakov to resign. What Avakov and his entourage recently took away the “inter” TV channel, is another sign for Poroshenko. They have a few small channels, and a large resource such as “inter”, no. Since next year we probably will go to early parliamentary elections, “popular front” without such a resource just no chance. The President, most likely, will not allow them to implement these plans. But they don’t really believe him. So the question is, who, while open”, – said Pogrebinsky.

As the newspaper VIEW, open big fight Saakashvili and Avakov took place in December 2015. Then the head of the MIA of Ukraine Avakov threw water in the face of Mikhail Saakashvili in the presence of the President at a formal meeting, and they exchanged oaths.

Tear each other from the hands of the pipe with liquid ammonia

We will remind, the Odessa port plant is one of the largest in Ukraine of the companies: the second largest producer of ammonia and urea and the third is nitrogen fertilizers. The company also provides congestion on the export of chemical products coming from the CIS countries. The plant is the monopolist in gorinka of spetsuslug on reception, cooling and transshipment of ammonia.

The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine under the chairmanship of Volodymyr Groysman on may 18 decided to privatize OPZ. The starting price of the enterprise was 13 billion 175 million hryvnia (about USD 520 million). Two months later completed the acceptance of applications for privatization. Despite the fact that, on assurances of the state property Fund of Ukraine, 10 companies were interested in purchasing the Odessa portside plant, including investors from the US, but in the end, no one has expressed a desire to buy the largest Ukrainian state asset.

August 11, the plant was stopped due to financial problems, as debts of the company exceeded $ 200 million. Even then, Saakashvili was accused of actively disrupting the OPP privatization, and that the Governor allegedly, he wants to seize the enterprise.

Now preparing a re-privatization auction with a starting price of $ 150 million below. But Saakashvili remains an active opponent of privatization.

“Everything is going as I predicted – the price of the SCR is reduced to a minimum, then to give away for free, to offset the artificially accumulated debt (the Ukrainian businessman Dmitry – approx. OPINION) Firtash, some local oligarch. For these purposes under a false pretext stopped the plant. In such a situation to privatize anymore. First, the Prime Minister need to bring the plant under control, to ensure the resumption of its work, to drive away from the trough of the current leadership to bring the plant into profit and then to return to the topic of privatization,” demanded the Governor on Monday.

However, in an interview with the newspaper VIEW Director of the Ukrainian Institute of society transformation Oleg Soskin previously urged not to sell the Odessa port plant “was built in the Odessa port plant, were laid the pipeline to the Togliatti – it goes on liquid ammonia. They now also want this plant to sell. Moreover, the plant liquid, it makes a big profit. It is generally impossible to privatize, it is a strategic and very dangerous object. There need a very high level of security: if the pipe burst, the cloud of ammonia, ammonia will cover a huge area and everyone will die.


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