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Saturday, March 17, 2018

Ukraine may stop Russian elections only by force

Sent by Kiev to address an ultimatum to Russia not to hold elections to the state Duma in Ukraine is not only absurd, but meaningless. The procedure of voting will be held on site, which is legally Russian Embassy and consulates – for example, in Kiev and Odessa. However, Ukraine can still prevent it. The consequences can be extremely dangerous.

The Western sponsors of the Kiev” needs to influence the situation around the state Duma elections in Ukraine, demanded on Monday evening a member of the CEC of Russia Vasily Likhachev. In his opinion, Ukraine not only violates the principles of international law, including the principle of equality, but also encroaches on the sovereignty of Russia.

“The vast majority residing in the territory of Russia, the Ukrainians will probably vote in opposition to the Kiev regime party”

“The failure of Ukraine from the universally recognized obligations to assist in the implementation of General rules of international law in the field of human rights, the human rights enshrined in the universal Declaration of human rights, in the Covenant on human rights, the European Convention on human rights and many other documents,” protested a member of the CEC, adding that the behavior of Kiev against and “bilateral treaties of Russia and Ukraine”.

“Under this pretext, to cordon off the whole area,”

We will remind, on Monday morning, Moscow received from Kyiv official note about the impossibility of holding in Ukraine the elections to the state Duma. Two days earlier, on such a ban warned the press service of the President of Petro Poroshenko, and later the Ukrainian foreign Ministry.

Press Secretary of the Ukrainian foreign Ministry Marian Betz on Saturday issued an ultimatum: Russia must cancel the elections in Crimea and to exclude from the Federal list of candidates nominated by parties, regional groups which cover the Peninsula. Otherwise, quoting Betz TASS, the vote would be “impossible, even in the premises of diplomatic and consular services of the Russian Federation”.

Betz did not specify how the ban will be implemented, because the premises of embassies and consulates, are known as extraterritorial area. However, local political analysts immediately suggested that the Ukrainian police which guard diplomatic missions, it will be enough on Sunday to simply withdraw, and then the dirty work for them will make the kind of radical “Right sector*”.

“Embassies and consulates can materialize some kind of right-wing forces, some radicals that will block people on the approaches to stations, and possibly attack them – suggested the same day in an interview “Strenia” Director of the Kiev Institute of policy analysis and management Ruslan Bortnik. Or come up with some sort of history with a mining of buildings, that under this pretext to seal off the whole area, not allowing people to vote. In any case there is really a conflict situation. If anyone dies, this can have serious consequences.”

After that Vasily Likhachev assumed that now will be able to vote only the Russian diplomats, as inside the buildings of the Russian mission “no ban” vote.

In response, the CEC Chairman, Ella Pamfilova has already threatened: “I Hope that Ukrainian authorities will change their position because the situation could backfire and Ukraine itself in the most unexpected manner,” Recalling that polling stations have already been established in the Embassy in Kiev and consulates in Odessa, Lviv and Kharkiv, and added: “In any case, we have also organised polling stations in the bordering countries of Ukraine, with their consent.”

Monday afternoon and the Kremlin said the ultimatum of Kiev. “The Russian side is not willing to accept any requirements, – said the press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov. – With regard to these theses, then, of course, they cannot be considered under any circumstances. Russia, of course, does not intend to discuss the electoral process in its territory to any country”.

It is expected that in elections will take part and 80 thousand Russian citizens currently in Ukraine. For the first time since 2003, like other Russians, they could not vote only according to party lists and single-mandate constituencies. So, Kiev could choose candidates together with the Sverdlovsk region the Embassy as a polling station enrolled in Kamensk-Ural’skiy single-seat electoral district and the voters of Kharkov – in the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous district, Odessa – in Sverdlovsk oblast, Nizhny Tagil district.

To refrain from symmetrical response

The head of the Fund “Ukrainian politics Konstantin Bondarenko can not imagine how one state without violating international law, could prevent the holding of elections at embassies and consulates of the other state. He also did not rule out that aggressive crowd simply will not let any of the visitors on September 18 to the Embassy or Consulate.

“These companies, according to the Vienna Convention have extraterritorial status. They are not subject to the jurisdiction of the country in whose territory they are located. Of course, around these buildings on Sunday can be put up pickets, but in this case, Kiev will collide with international law,” warned the analyst

However, according to Bondarenko, Moscow in the future should refrain from the mirror answer concerning the living in Russia of Ukrainians – for example, during the next parliamentary or presidential elections. “First, it is also contrary to international law, and secondly, the vast majority living in the territory of Russia, the Ukrainians will probably vote in opposition to the Kiev regime of the party”, – he explained the newspaper VIEW.

It is not excluded that Kiev politicians realize that living in Russia compatriots in the majority opposed to them, and therefore, Russia is simply trying to provoke mirroring actions in case of early elections to the Verkhovna Rada.

A former member of CEC, Chairman of the Board of the Russian public Institute of electoral law and a member of the HRC Igor Borisov offers not to be taken literally the threat of Ella Pamfilova about the “boomerang”. “Most likely, it points to the fact that the Ukrainians, seeing the systematic violation of domestic and international law on his own authority, sooner or later I will make about this government appropriate conclusions and take the right decision,” he suggested.

Kiev came out of the international legal field

“The statement by Kiev is contrary to international obligations of the course, the organization and conduct of electoral processes. Realization of electoral rights of foreign citizens is an important part of the rights and freedoms of man, the fundamental value which are outlined in the very Constitution of Ukraine”, – said the expert newspaper VIEW.

Attempts to set Russia an ultimatum ridiculous, added later in the foreign Ministry. However, Saturday’s statement, the Mariana Betsy on Smolensk square was regarded as a security threat not only to the visitors of the embassies, but also by Russian diplomats in Ukraine.

The Russian foreign Ministry, as in CEC, called on Western partners of Kiev to intervene in the situation. “The Ukrainian authorities need more time to explain what they are directly responsible for the safety of diplomatic and consular missions of foreign States, ‘” said on Smolensk square. Moscow also urges the Special monitoring mission (SMM) of the OSCE in Ukraine to place its observers to the Russian diplomatic missions abroad on September 18.

“In accordance with its international commitments, including the Vienna Convention, the Kiev authorities must ensure the safety of persons on the territory of Ukraine, diplomatic and consular establishments of Russia, and constantly, and not only on election day. Recently, however, there were numerous provocations against the Russian missions, often with the connivance of law enforcement bodies of Ukraine”, – has reminded on Smolensk square.

“I would also like to remind the Ukrainian authorities that their current powers they have acquired as a result of special presidential (2014) and parliamentary (2015) elections that were held including on the territory of Russia, where the security of the vote was secured in all the requested areas by the Ukrainian side, despite all problems in relations between our countries”, – reminded the Kiev colleagues in the Department.

* Organization in respect of which the court accepted entered into legal force decision on liquidation or ban the activities on the grounds stipulated by the Federal law “On countering extremist activity”

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