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Friday, October 28, 2016

The Pentagon has again challenged the destruction of Russia Herald LIH

The Pentagon once again declared that the elimination of Syria one of the leaders of the “Islamic state (organization banned in Russia) Muhammad al-Adnani was a credit to the us military. Earlier, the defense Ministry said that the terrorist was killed by a blow of air and space forces.

photo: youtube.com

The Ministry of defense announced that the strike, which was eliminated by the press-Secretary of the terrorist group, was deposited on August 30 this year, reports Reuters.

In turn, the defense Ministry of Russia on 31 August stated that on the eve of the bombing with the Russian su-34 in the district Maratac-Umm-Haouch the province of Aleppo was destroyed 40 fighters, among whom were al-Adnani.

The Pentagon has reacted to this statement extremely painful: representatives of the Ministry said that the allegations of the Russian military are “Ashburton”.

Previously the site of the Pentagon was published a press release stating that coalition forces headed by the USA has caused around the Syrian city of al-Bab and hit in order to destroy al-Adnani. However, the report did not mention whether or not the bombs its target.

Read the material MK of who can come to ISIS to replace destroyed, the press Secretary

The war in Syria. Chronicle of events

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