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Sunday, March 18, 2018

The government of Ukraine has decided to impose a ban on Russian literature

The Ukrainian government has issued another bill. This is undoubtedly a very important document. Because even the Deputy Prime Minister in charge of Ukrainian culture, places great hopes on him. Maybe we are talking about increasing pensions and salaries to teachers and doctors? Or on support of small and medium-sized businesses? My God, what are you. Except in the last two years the Ukrainian authorities were interested in such “trivia”? The only thing vigilantly think local lawmakers to protect the Square from the evil Russian influence. And what else forbid, that the “Russian spirit” here and does not smell. This time decided to ban books.

Russian TV on Ukraine has “eliminated” the movies and TV shows too. The singers were divided into trustworthy and not banning recent performances in the Square. The newspaper was closed. Left book. But with this blunder, and resolved now to fight. Originally planned to prohibit the importation from Russia of any printing products. But there’s Ukrainian booksellers, the owners of Internet-shops and book fairs pleaded: do not kill the industry. What would you sell in the County, if the Ukrainian publishers have no funds and opportunities to publish classic and contemporary world literature? Commercials people to read to unlearn. Therefore, it was decided to focus on the books “anti-Ukrainian content.” “It is the position of the Ukrainian government to protect humanitarian space,” — said Deputy Prime Minister Vyacheslav Kirilenko, expressing hope that in January 2017 the Russian book “propaganda” in Ukraine will put a barrier.

Check out books on “anti-Ukrainian” will be a special public Commission, which is authorized to issue publication permits and license, or, conversely, to make make a slip in “black lists”. The composition of the Commission and its population is not yet defined. In the expert Commission on distribution and screening of films at Goskino of Ukraine, which deals with the filtering of Russian films, for example, included about 20 people. But given that in Russia every day are published in hundreds of books, even hard to imagine the number and work schedule of these censors. On the other hand, Ukraine is now 2 million unemployed, maybe they will settle down.

But somehow it seems that the number of fighters against Russian propaganda will not even remaining unemployed booksellers. But there will surely be those who are considered to become the main “antiukraintsev” Gogol and Bulgakov. It’s Nikolai V. Taras Bulba Zaporizhian Sich called the Russian land. A separatist. And from Kiev in Bulgakov’s “White guard” defenders of Ukrainian independence, depicts the brutal scum. Pure anti-Ukrainian propaganda. No wonder that already there were proposals to ban their books in Ukraine. Can be banned and historical works Klyuchevskaya on Pereyaslavskaya Parliament and Bogdan Khmelnitsky. Because “distorted”. About the modern Russian writers generally keep quiet. The Ukrainian Vice-Prime Minister Kyrylenko admitted that the importation may be prohibited for up to 60% of the Russian book publishing products. Because even a simple, not chermoshnoe, display of Russian reality — for the Ukrainian government propaganda. Sadly, when the fate of thinking people solve ideological fanatics. How to deal with Russian books already imported to Ukraine, is still unknown. Possible to burn, as in the famous novel by ray Bradbury “451 degrees Fahrenheit”.

In the Russian literary environment to another Ukrainian innovation reacted with bitter irony. The head of Rospechat Michael Seslavinsky considers that the situation with the initiation of this bill is a great illustration to Lermontov’s “all this would be funny if it were not so sad.” “The Russian-Ukrainian portrait of the humanitarian context has evolved all these years, and the introduction of censorship and restrictions in respect of Russian books is very unfortunate. The situation was similar in our relations with Georgia a few years ago, but, thankfully, this conflict has remained in the past. I think that Ukrainian readers deserve more respect from the authorities and is able to understand truth and fiction in the content of the books they take in hand,” he said.

Writer Sergei Shargunov considers that any suppression of books is savagery. “About 400 Russian films and TV serials were banned in Ukraine. The interpretation of the “anti-Ukrainian content” is such that immediately recall the Ukrainian writers who demanded to ban the film “Days of Turbin” on the play by Mikhail Bulgakov or play “Bath” by Vladimir Mayakovsky, because one of the characters speaks with a Ukrainian accent. This zeal continues. Recently released my book-a biography of Valentin Kataev. It is unflattering remarks about the Ukrainian nationalists, whom he knew and saw during the Civil war in the new Russia. For example, when a ride on the train “Russia” mowed petlurites. Ukraine has already declared me “zlocina” (criminal) and the gate. And according to the logic of the current authorities in Kiev, and this book should be banned, and thus to deprive the reader of historical works. At the time, I enjoy taking part in book fairs on the territory of Ukraine. Now the access is closed not only to me but also a huge number of Russian writers. It is not only agitprop rage of the Kiev authorities, but in the anti-market effects. Kiev — a Russian-speaking city. People prefer to buy books and Newspapers in Russian. What makes the Ukraine, is the path of self-isolation. Instead be open and to show civility, they act against its own citizens, against the readers,” he says.

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