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Thursday, July 27, 2017

The expert estimated the chances of exclusion of Hungary from the EU on the proposal of Luxembourg

Between Luxembourg and Hungary scandal: foreign Minister of Luxembourg Jean Asselborn urged to exclude Hungary from the EU for its negative attitude towards refugees. Hungarian foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto in response Asselborn accused of levity and aiding and abetting the destruction of security in Europe.

photo: pixabay.com

It all started with the interview of the Minister of foreign Affairs of Luxembourg newspaper Die Welt Jean Asselborn has criticized Hungary in the construction of the wall “refugees”, the local authorities are willing to shoot them, violations of the country’s media freedom and judicial independence, and called for its exclusion from the EU “forever”.

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Asselborn also criticized Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban, known for his negative statements about the Muslim refugees.

The foreign Minister of Luxembourg proposed a specific mechanism of exclusion from the EU: in his opinion, the Lisbon Treaty must be changed in the part which deals with withdrawal from the EU. Asselborn explained that it is only fair that the solution to this problem would not require unanimity of all member countries of the EU.

The question of whether Hungary to take on a quota of 160 thousand EU migrants, the authorities, recall, even decided to put up for a popular referendum. However, in the case that Budapest will refuse to accept immigrants as it wants Brussels, he will have to pay a fine of hundreds of millions of euros.

Foreign Minister of Germany Frank-Walter Steinmeier has said that the words of his Luxembourg colleague are not the agreed position of the EU. But the Hungarian party reacted negatively. The Minister of foreign Affairs of Hungary Peter Szijjarto in response to the requirement about an exception called Asselborn frivolous politician, destroying the security and culture of Europe.

“Nowhere spelled out the process of exclusion from the EU – says “MK” associate Professor of the Department of integration processes, MGIMO Alexander Tevdoy-Burmuli. – It is not. There is only the option where the country itself wants to leave the Association. We see this in the example of Brexit.

As for any sanctions, with the Amsterdam Treaty (entered into force in 1999 – “MK”) is laid. If the country is an EU member state violates the fundamental rights – there is a concept – in this case, the country may be imposed certain penalties. For example, in the case of Austria, when the Austrian freedom party (headed at that time far-right politician-a populist Joerg Haider – “MK”) entered government in 2000. Then a meeting with the Austrians reduced to the technical level. They had long boycotted in the EU institutions.

Brussels may disable a particular country from some financial projects which are connected to all. Hungary including. Therefore, in the territory of Hungary may be suspended the carrying out of projects of regional policy, projects, related with the official Foundation of the EU.”

“The statement of the foreign Ministry of Luxembourg is rather declarative, – said Alexander Tevdoy-Burmuli. – I do not expect specific effects. Rather, it is a sharp warning of what may occur in the long run. On the one hand, Luxembourg is a small country. On the other hand, it is the center of Europe, so that Luxembourgers will be perceived as if it said large countries such as France and Germany. The mouth of the Luxembourg state “core” EU warned Hungary that if she misbehaves, it may come some consequences.”

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