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Thursday, April 19, 2018

Spain was weakened to a state of half-life

The decision of the President of Catalonia with a complex name Carlos Potsdamand-and-Casamojo to break away from Spain in the next year was supported by nearly a million people, with feet out of the street. But the main news is that countermeasures from Madrid was not followed – the Central government is too weak. So Europe suddenly came close to the emergence of the new state.

Spain has eight months to live without a government is deadly boring to the voters of the party can not divide the portfolios and offices. The economy, meanwhile, bends under the yoke of the social problems of the population already does not believe in elections, nor in marches or demonstrations. However, the Sunday photos of Barcelona, Tarragona, Lleida speak for themselves: the ancient squares and boulevards jammed with people – and they all demand independence for Catalonia. Above the crowds waving yellow-red-blue flags of the Republic made for the feast in commercial quantities.

“Foreign journalists, not to worry, called the policy “Pokemon”

Many believed that the fifth Day of mass marches in support of Catalonia will gather less participants than the previous “Days of independence”. However, according to the organizers, the rally was attended by more than a million Catalans. Authorities in Madrid counted 370 thousand participants. More realistic police estimates give a figure of about 800 thousand, which is pretty impressive for a region with a population of 7.5 million people. The political chaos into which Spain is immersed, only gave optimism and energy of the Catalan separatists.

In 2014, when the government in Madrid banned the Catalans to hold a referendum on independence, and the referendum in Scotland was held for supporters of independence ignominiously, many thought that the theme of “free Catalonia” stall itself and, as before, will be the lot of the political fringe. However, the economic and political problems Spain was growing at such a pace that the desire of the Catalans to secede from caught in the crisis of the state broke out with renewed vigor.

“Stop feeding Madrid” – so, in a nutshell, it is possible to formulate the claims of Catalonia to Spain. The most economically developed region of the country has long been little existing autonomy and official status of the Catalan language. The main demand of Catalans to leave all their taxes in the regional budget, and not to redirect to the center to support the dying in the eyes of the Spanish economy, with its huge budget deficit and 21 percent of unemployed among able-bodied citizens.

In the last year the popularity of separatist ideas grew more noticeable, the more weakened the Central government in Madrid. The crisis of the two-party system in which the state had existed since the end of Franco’s dictatorship, has led to a marked strengthening of the Catalan parties such as “Together for “Yes” and “the Candidacy of national unity”. And while politicians in Madrid had unsuccessfully tried to establish a parliamentary coalition in the Cortes, in order to form a government, the separatists won the local elections and got a majority in Generalitati – the Parliament of Catalonia. But immediately after the victory, voted for a resolution on the separation of the Autonomous region of Catalonia from Spain and ruled until the end of 2016 to hold a referendum on independence. From Madrid came the ban on the holding of a plebiscite, but it seems that this time to ban it is simply no one – since in the capital and failed to form a government.

In January, while the acting Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy was still trying to form a coalition under his leadership, Generalitat chose their leader Carlos Lucdemanche (his name is pronounced a little differently, but how exactly, no one knows except the Catalans; foreign journalists, not to worry, called the policy “Pokemon”). A 54-year-old Pokdemon no higher education, but all his life he was a successful journalist, then a successful mayor of Girona, a hundred thousand cities in the East of Catalonia. He even managed to ensure that Girona has directed several episodes of “Game of thrones,” and grateful for the flow of tourists, the townspeople, the former mayor of this a long time will not forget. But the main thing – Pujdeme his whole life was devoted to struggle for the secession of Catalonia, and long head of the Catalan Association of municipalities for independence. Today he is close to realizing her dream than ever.

European media call Pokdemon Prime Minister, but officially his office – the President of Catalonia. In Madrid the Catalan election of the President was infuriated. “I will not allow anyone to take over absolute power, outside the framework of law and democracy, – said the acting Prime Minister, Mariano Rajoy. – I will defend democracy throughout Spain. And going to defend Spanish sovereignty on behalf of the people of the whole country”. But no one in Barcelona on these threats even did not pay attention, and in may the President of Catalonia was presented for the consideration of the draft Constitution of the Republic of Catalonia.

In Royal Madrid, meanwhile, continued to seek compromise right and left of the party. After six months passed in a vain attempt to form a Cabinet of Ministers, that king Philip VI was forced to call new elections to the Cortes. Left-wing parties are unable to present a United front, their Association, almost guaranteeing a victory, resisted, in particular, the European Union. As a result, they took second or third place, and won the right popular party of the same Mariano Rajoy. The stalemate remained. Conservative Rajoy cannot unite with the Communists, who blamed his “frankist”. The leaders of the left parties almost fighting with each other live. The question of secession of Catalonia is a further split, and no coalition is in such conditions is impossible. Spain threatens to spend another six months without an approved government and possibly new elections.

Specific international situation last time also played into the hands of katalogseiten. The European Union failed to resolved the crisis of migrants, the United States and Russia fought for their interests in Ukraine and Syria, China has focused on the Spratly Islands. No, actually, not noticed – “what have the Catalans”. Meanwhile, in Barcelona in just six months, proclaimed a Republic, chosen by the President and written a draft of the Constitution. The region is already completely ready to go “out” – and in Madrid he couldn’t stop.

Who led mass protests on Sunday, the President Putteman has announced that it plans to hold a referendum on independence before the end of the year. If persuading staying in crisis Madrid and it does not succeed, in 2017, the President will announce local elections. They, he said, will be a plebiscite, in which the Catalans can decide on the issue of secession. And the result of such plebiscite, there is almost no doubt: at the largest sociological survey of the Catalans, covering 2.25 million people for secession from Spain showed over 80% of respondents.


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