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Sunday, March 18, 2018

SBU found a vulnerability in the social structure of the DNI

MGB DNR announced the disclosure of a secret network of intelligence agencies and curb the activities of subversive groups, consisting mainly of a minor. Using adolescents to terrorist attacks, SBU has crossed an important moral line, but no illusions about her long gone. Now it is important to eradicate something that such a thing was possible.

In may 2015 a member of the Ukrainian security services Ihor Ricco (call sign “Diamond”), working under the legend of a soldier of the military unit” Ukraine, offered 17-year-old resident of the city of Yasinovataya Bogdan Kovalchuk new group of friends to knock out the debts of the merchants. Ricco noticed Kovalchuk on one of the loading smuggled goods in the city of Skotovataya – he worked unloading trucks. “Subsequently, Ricco, threatening Kovalchuk criminal liability for involvement in the smuggling of goods across the line of demarcation, persuaded the minor to cooperate with the Ukrainian side”, – noted in the Ministry of state security of DND.

“They don’t recruit boys with the unfortunate fate of running the Ukrainian government mines, and “Katsap”, “jackets”, “cattle”. So they call them – and those who believe”

With the aim of knocking out the debt, a group of Kovalchuk, which, in addition to himself, included four minors, had to blow up the car of one of the businessman “as a deterrent”. For this Ricko gave Kovalchuk components of an improvised explosive device and instructions. And after the teenagers blew up two vehicles of the citizens of the DNI, the Ukrainian agent was blackmailing teenagers and threaten violence over them and their families. In the end, they were forced to commit acts of sabotage on military installations.

Later the group were involved and two other people. From may 2015 to June 2016 Kovalchuk and Co. blew up including military communication vehicle, MTLB (multipurpose Transporter light armored service car yasinovatskiy municipal Department of internal Affairs.

The recruitment of children – it’s forbidden. Earlier, the Ukrainian side used mainly for teenagers working in the front line: a juvenile was wandering back and forth across the front line on the principle of “little red riding hood” – and excuse about my grandmother and the pies worked, because in seven cases out of ten it really was a normal teen, to visiting relatives, cut off the front line. Even the unification of the border crossing points they are not particularly affected, since few of the soldiers, especially the local militia, will seriously watch the boy from the neighboring farm, or from the neighborhood. In fact, it and search is not necessary – it does not carry any secret information. But he remembered where the checkpoint and included it in my pocket the phone remember the coordinates of the position – set of 18 numbers, which is induced by artillery.

But the use of marginal punks to commit terrorist acts is a fundamentally new step. Before the war in Donetsk theatres was more than in Odessa (and now they are not closed, and in cultural life is still there), but one city, even a major – not the whole agglomeration. What to say about the poor miner or railroad towns that in Soviet times, good living due to the significant salary of the miners and railwaymen, and Ukrainian has turned to South Africa. A hard life, sometimes almost miserable existence, “kopanka” (Amateur mini-mines, which, because of the size and climb something could only children) – all this does not reduce the number of adolescents that differed from homeless 20-ies and 30-ies is that the existence of formal registration. Even in relatively stable times in the relatively rich cities remained Plast “difficult children”, including fatherlessness (affected by high mortality in the mines, occupational diseases and other social factors). The author of these lines in the child handed out the neighbor’s kid brought from Moscow shirts and t-shirts to their mothers, who worked, for example, at the bakery in DPR, not enough money even on clothing. Amvrosiivka is a city of one cement plant (among the largest in Europe), the city constantly hung could, many children were born with abnormalities.

The outlying punks – the perfect place to recruit. And it is noteworthy that the Ukrainian side has begun with the criminal alternatives: gangster romance still plays a negative role in the educational process. Recall that the boys were caught not on a criminal business, and on accompanying him. They were not dealing drugs, not “played in Escobar” as some in Moscow, not transported weapons, not resold humanitarian aid, not have engaged in racketeering and robbery. They unloaded the wagons. The fact that the wagons and their cargo is not entirely legal, they must have known. To switch them on shootouts, promising gangster romance, easy money and “privileged role” of the killers – is not required. For all the appeal of modern Donetsk in many villages live in style, which Russia overcame a back in the 90s. Here is the series “Brigada”.

Yeah, a lot of that style already knocked out of the war. Gangster theme left on the margins of life, especially if the groups formed on this basis, eliminated and organized crime destroyed physically. But the outlying punks – the social phenomenon that have to be treated for a long time. The guys in his own mind, they became a weapon of the people cynical, cruel, and antisocial. Representatives of the DPR and especially Russia just do not come to mind to form on the Ukrainian side of the team of terrorists from teenagers, blackmailing them, and knowingly giving the firing order. It is a question of moral choice. On a brutal war it is not always straightforward, but still simple for those who consider themselves right-wing in historical perspective.

Often street kids (except older) in the context of such a war becomes just a mainstay of national resistance. Another thing is how the fates of these guys later. For example, in South Ossetia in 1993, it ended a string of conflicts between the leaders of the groups that were headed by these “street boys” and the emerging government. The guys had charisma, physical strength and courage, but lacked the education and restraint. But the government lacked the moral authority to structure the freemen. In result many people died, a whole generation was beheaded due to inappropriate behavior of two–three characters who considered themselves the “kings of the streets”. And it’s a very bitter lesson to keep in mind.

What is now revealed in Yasinovataya, – not only the tragedy of individual boys. It is a social phenomenon that Donetsk will have to deal with by other methods than in South Ossetia, where he preferred the gun.

The work of the operatives will continue to seek to identify a variety of subversive organizations formed the Ukrainian side, but we can already identify several behavioral groups, which relies SBU. First and foremost are those who have relatives (mostly elderly) in a controlled APU territory. Secondly, it is a smuggling system receiving profit on trading across the front line. Thirdly, it is vulnerable, especially young people from poor outlying villages.

Now forget about the moral side of conduct of the SBU, this is not a reason for discussion. The reason is that the leadership of the counterintelligence of DNR need to pay special attention to these groups if we are to eradicate homelessness and trafficking is for the moment impossible. Over time, social problems will be solved, but now it is a threat to national security, which, unfortunately, it is impossible to eliminate only the methods of counterintelligence. Tomorrow another guy is “General Humanities” will fall into the trap of “easy career killer”. He will be pleased to consider himself, Sasha White, blowing up someone’s car and not even realizing what he is doing in reality.

The Ukrainian side does not consider them as human beings. “Heroes”, “patriots” and “white bone” from Kiev not recruit boys with the unfortunate fate of running the Ukrainian government mines, and “Katsap”, “jackets”, “cattle”. So they call them – and such I believe. “They will sit in basements” – no one has forgotten the statement “President of peace” Poroshenko.

At the same time, in Donetsk, Lugansk, and understand that it is primarily the running guys from the outskirts of ruined cities that have much of a choice, sometimes not. But with your head you need to think at a young age. In Gorlovka, all the boys rose to the defense of the city, including the usual rabble of running the mining districts around heaps.


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