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Thursday, August 24, 2017

Russian scientists have studied the origin of the pain from the burn

The mechanism of the reaction of our body at a high temperature or burning sensation caused by chilli, studied in detail by Russian scientists from the Institute of Bioorganic chemistry of the Russian Academy of Sciences. Using computer simulations they have studied “inclusion” in nerve cells TRPV1 protein, one of the sensitive sensors of the body that signal us with pain of exceeding the thermal threshold.

photo: Natalia Gubernatorova

As reported by “MK” in the laboratory of biomolecular modeling, Institute of protein TRPV1 studied before, and empirically it has been shown that Pora protein (“hole” through which can pass ions of sodium, potassium and calcium) opens, in response to temperatures in excess of +43 degrees or capsaicin (component of hot peppers). Just a few years ago abroad, was also able to obtain the spatial structure of the two States of this protein open and closed. However, the dynamics of this process is activation of protein — was unknown.

Researchers at the Institute of Bioorganic chemistry studied receptor is not experimentally and by computer simulation. The effect, according to one of the authors of the works of Anton Chugunov, turned out such as if the scientists used the microscope infinite increase. The process of opening pores in the protein TRPV1, according to him, was similar to the iris opening in the camera, only harder.

The researchers believe that in the future the knowledge of the mechanism of this component cells will help to control the nervous alarm, and to create new painkillers. Analgesics, developed on the basis of the received data will have a different mechanism of analgesia in contrast to existing (if morphine binds to opioid receptors in the brain, then new drugs will act directly on sensory neurons). In addition, the concentration of such drugs can be reduced thousands of times, and this is the solution to the problem of addiction.


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