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Thursday, February 22, 2018

Russian-Chinese exercises correctly received neighbors

Many warned that the maneuvers of the Russian and Chinese navies in the disputed Spratly archipelago will frighten neighboring countries, but nothing happened. The appearance of the Russians in Vietnam, the Philippines and Taiwan took surprisingly complacent. They understand that in fact makes the Russian Navy so far from their native shores.

On Monday began the Russian-Chinese exercises “Sea interaction – 2016”. The Deputy commander of the Navy, Vice Admiral Alexander Fedotenkov announced that the maneuvers are no different from the previous one.

“In all of these countries understand perfectly well that the real reason for Russian-Chinese exercises – increasing activity of the us Navy in this region”

“Every time we build the foundations of our interaction, control systems, ensure full clarity in the actions of commanders”, – quotes Fedotenkova RIA “Novosti”. The Deputy commander has confirmed that the maneuvers with China is not directed against anyone, they are carried out for peaceful purposes and is intended, primarily, to protect the interests of the two countries and provide security in the oceans. “It’s very good, when the two countries, powerful great powers interact,” – said Fedotenkov. “This cooperation in combating piracy and ensuring navigation” – added the Vice-Admiral.

“The exercise in as close to a combat environment aims to build capacity in the field of General security,” said his colleague, Deputy commander of Navy of people’s liberation army (PLA), the Vice-Admiral van Hai at the ceremony of Russian sailors.

Joint amphibious and air landing operations

In the waters of the South China sea the two sides will work out joint actions for the defense of ships at anchor, search, rescue and escort ships, release of captured vessels, and detection and recognition of the purposes of joint defense. During doctrines it is planned to put a joint missile and artillery strikes against sea targets. At the final stage of the planned joint amphibious and air landing operations on conventionally captured the island.

From the Russian side in the maneuvers arrived: two large anti-submarine ship “Admiral Tributs” and “Admiral Vinogradov”, landing ship “Relight”, sea tug Alatau and tanker “Pechenga”. Head a group is the commander of the Seaside flotilla of the Pacific fleet, rear Admiral Vadim to Kulit.

First Vice-President of Academy of geopolitical problems, doctor of military science, captain I rank of reserve Konstantin Sivkov recalled that the basic equipment and armament antisubmarine ships is a powerful sonar system air and self-defense. On Board of the ship can based on up to two helicopters are anti-submarine devices.

“Two anti-submarine ship form naval search and strike group. It is, for example, are able to detect and destroy an American nuclear submarine in an area covering tens of thousands square kilometers. As for ability to combat surface forces, on the ships the missile system “Mosquito”. From the traditional cruise missiles it differs in that the rocket is at the same low altitude, but at a speed more than three times greater than the speed of sound. So to ensure its defeat even the most modern air defense systems is almost impossible,” – said the newspaper VIEW Sivkov.

The expert said that China has similar missiles, who handed him Russia in 90-e years – in the export version together with the destroyers 956-year project. “Apparently, there is a development of joint actions for solving problems in the fight against submarines and repel air attacks. That is, the task of winning and maintaining excellence in the area near the sea. And the participation of Russian warships in the naval strike connection in the force covering the ships core, that is the main striking forces”, – the expert believes.

Announcing the exercises a month ago, press Secretary, the Chinese defense Ministry Yang Yujun diplomatically warned that they are “not directed against third countries”, although for the first time in the history of the Russian and Chinese combat fleet will appear in tropical latitudes in the South China sea near the Spratly archipelago (in Chinese, Nansha), which I bet almost all of China neighbours Vietnam, the Philippines, Malaysia, Brunei and Taiwan. While the Philippines and Taiwan remain close allies of Washington. And Vietnam, according to some, even placed on its portion of the Spratly Islands in the last month of the rocket of distant radius of action.

Russia and China already carried out military exercises “Sea cooperation” in 2012, but only in the other – in the Yellow sea, that is, near the common border. As wrote the newspaper VIEW, when it became known about the exercises, Russia has shown its solidarity with China. Although we do not intervene in disputes about the Spratly Islands – only emphasize that external forces should not affect the settlement of disputes between neighbors, that is, condemn the American intervention – it is clear that, in fact, Russia was sympathetic to the Chinese plans.

As for the political significance of the exercise, Sivkov is sure that a neighboring country will take them as a sign of solidarity of Moscow with claims of Beijing. “This is a clear demonstration of Russia’s determination to work together with China. This is absolutely correct. If we want to have reliable relations with allies, we must be willing to demonstrate its determination to support the Federal government in the military sphere”, – said the military expert.

Sivkov noted that the China – ally “very relative,” which, in the first place, to defend their interests. “But at this stage China is the only country that needs Russian technology, raw materials, and which also has sufficient capacity to support Russia. And the most important thing – China really confronts US,” – summed up the expert.

“Chinese sailors are well trained. From the point of view of joint exercises and counter potential enemy is a serious doctrine and forces,” – said the newspaper VIEW, former commander of the Pacific fleet, Admiral Igor Khmelnov. As for the reaction of neighboring countries claiming Islands in the South China sea, Khmelnov, unlike Sivkova, I am sure that the appearance of the Russian flotilla will be taken quietly. He recalled a recent hard attack of the President of the Philippines Rodrigo Duterte to the American colleague Barack Obama. In his view, the geopolitical balance of power in the region is changing.

The American threat is more important than local quarrels

Yes, contrary to fears, public opinion in neighboring countries – Taiwan, the Philippines and Vietnam – have reacted calmly to the joint Russian-Chinese exercises, head of the Center of Southeast Asia, Australia and Oceania Institute of Oriental studies Dmitry Mosyakov.

“In all of these countries understand perfectly well that the real reason for Russian-Chinese exercises – the increased presence of the American fleet in the region. For example, in recent years there has significantly increased the number of American submarines,” – said the orientalist VIEW newspaper.

Moscow notes that the exercise was declared long ago and the neighboring countries do not see the connection between them and territorial disputes.

* Organization in respect of which the court accepted entered into legal force decision on liquidation or ban the activities on the grounds stipulated by the Federal law “On countering extremist activity”


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