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Monday, March 19, 2018

Putin will close the exit of unscrupulous bankers

President Vladimir Putin will instruct the government and law enforcement agencies to limit the travel abroad of heads of banks with signs of withdrawal of assets. To such decision the President came after a meeting with the Chairman of the Bank of Russia Elvira Nabiullina. The head of the Central Bank said that there are many cases when the bankers go abroad, which previously brought the assets. However, according to the regulator over the past three years, domestic banks have become much less serve criminal sphere. Whether the President’s Directive to curb unscrupulous bankers, “MK” asked the experts.

photo: Mikhail Kovalev

“The banking system in these three years, according to our estimates, was much less to serve the criminal sphere. I have data. In 2013, for example, operations with signs of withdrawal of funds abroad was about 1.7 trillion roubles, in 2014 — is 800 billion rubles, in 2015 500 billion rubles in the first half of 2016 — about 110 billion rubles. Of course, we would like to see the banking system to zero brought the money,” — said the President the head of the Central Bank Elvira Nabiullina.

According to her, is now “cashing” do only 10 credit institutions. Over the past three years the number of banks that carried out such operations, reduced by 15 times.

But these figures do not give the regulator a chance to relax.

As noted by the head of the Central Bank, is now “a lot of cases where the bankers go abroad, where the withdrawn assets, and these assets need to return. However, as also bankers.

However, the President in this matter went beyond his former assistant (Nabiullina held a post of the assistant to the President from 22 may 2012 to 24 June 2013).

According to Vladimir Putin, these bankers “it is better not to release outside of Russia.

“Maybe legally to consider this subject, because citizens who do not pay for utilities or traffic police can not release abroad. And when we have bankers with such huge amounts of debt leave quietly. It is clear that for two days, it is impossible to obtain a court order, but will need to think of this system”, — said Nabiullina.

Recall that under Russian law, to travel abroad can not the citizens who have debt more than 10 thousand rubles on Bank loans, payment for utility services, taxes, fines and child support.

“We need to be very careful, of course, not to restrict people’s freedom, but you must ensure that the state and society, and depositors of the banks from any wrongdoing, that’s for sure. I the corresponding assignment will also give the government and law enforcement agencies, and together with you we will think”, — said in his turn, Putin.

Andrey lyushin, Deputy Chairman of the Board Loko-Bank:

“Now the Central Bank is actively working to increase the transparency of the banking system. But, unfortunately, this is not always enough, as fraudulent schemes are constantly updated to develop new ways of withdrawal of the asset is abroad and so on. A temporary ban on leaving the bankers, who are under suspicion and may be an effective measure. For its implementation it is necessary to establish effective interdepartmental cooperation. In case of occurrence of suspicions in the withdrawal of assets of the Central Bank may transmit information about the bankers, customs officers to further clarify the situation.”

Alexei Antonov, an analyst at ALOR Broker:

“The initiative is very radical, and calculated to raise the authority of the government, to emphasize that the government stood on the rails further enhance the fairness in this unfair and mired the last time the banking business. Again, this is another step of consolidation of the banking industry in Russia and a show of force in the fight against money laundering schemes. On the other hand it is important to understand that it is not always the real owners of the banks, which then go abroad, are their direct supervisors, usually their Bank officials act as salaried managers and act in accordance with the Bank’s strategy. In any case, the measure to limit the travel abroad of such persons may be regarded as a dubious attempt to overcome this illness. As a rule, persons laundering the income through dark schemes, leaving the country’s borders, where they soon will be looking in advance. In other words, we discuss the mechanism will require careful consideration and responsibility should affect not only officials but also of all shareholders and affiliated entities. meanwhile, to introduce a total ban on travel abroad for managers, shareholders and owners of credit institutions only on suspicion of illegal schemes will mean a violation of the Constitution, guaranteeing freedom of movement”.


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