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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Moscow said goodbye to the poet Novella Matveeva

September 13 Moscow said goodbye to a wonderful poet, “shestidesyatniki” Novella Matveeva. The funeral service was held in Church of saints Cosmas and Damian on Stoleshnikov lane, where it came to friends, colleagues and admirers of the Novella Nikolaevna. Civil funeral has passed in the CDL. “Well, who does not know Mary, desperate Mary, in all the taverns drinking for Mary toast… let us all Sing to the memory of Mary, the brave, the bold, Mary…” was a song performed by Novella Matveeva on the whole hall and then in the Small hall TSDL, where loved ones remembered her. Her child’s voice has become so important and necessary for several generations of readers and listeners.

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

He remembered how the story began. She lived in the suburbs, the station Chkalovskaya, in a boarding school, where she worked her mother. As of November 1, 1959 out of people. It was opened by poet David Kugultinov. However, in Moscow he could not publish her poems, but tried to do it in Kalmykia.

The participants recalled that in the last month of life she was terribly hard and expressed the hope that her memory will be perpetuated in the name of the street — in Moscow or in Leningrad region, where she was born.

Your kind words about the Novella Nikolaevna told her colleagues.

Says Yuli KIM, poet, playwright, bard:

— When thinking about the Novel and her poetry, I have next to it another name — Alexander green. Note sounding in his prose, sounds only in her poetry, and nowhere else. This word of Russian romanticism. These notes received a response from our generation of the 50s. Songs Stories stand out in the power of the angelic spirit of her poetry. We’ve had a written conversation with a pen on a piece of paper is not fundamentally through the Internet. In her letters, not once I met the name “Running on waves” green, which she called the best piece in the literature of the XX century.

Veronika DOLINA, the singer:

photo: Gennady Cherkasov
Veronika Dolina.

— At the age of 14 there are a series of inflorescences States — and I finished music school, I felt raskrepostitsya — I heard the songs and the voice, which belonged to the Novella Matveeva. The voice acted as a catalyst, brought my internal mechanisms into action. I asked for a large vinyl record from its neighbors remained shocked by this childish voice, the harmonies, stunning, ultramicrotomy poems. So novel to me and I remember us five, is remembered for the first time seen the monument to Pushkin on Pushkin square. Her works were not published in large print runs, catch her in the TV show there was and remains unrealistic. The status of cultural curiosities Novella Nikolaevna and carried, became the object of interest booksellers and antiquarians, those who hunt for curiosities. It was a natural dissident and space voice. It was formed during Ultrapops. This was a natural dissident, is an aesthetic dissent, which very few people dared. It was just natural. And the man never made over itself effort to sing properly. And sang his alien childish voice. My children still managed to learn her songs. But the children’s children, I’m afraid do not know. Sad to say that this is all part of the addictions of our generation. It is the voice of the little Prince, if he were a little girl. But I think all will be well: the circulation and printing. It is clear that now the heavy, lead, pragmatic era. All different, but here a child’s voice can absolutely especially to sound. And I think you will hear more.

In Moscow said goodbye to the poet Novella Matveeva (19 photos)


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