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Friday, March 23, 2018

Corruption must be eradicated first and foremost among the fighters with her

Huge amount found during the search of the Colonel Dmitry Zakharchenko, one of the heads of departments, responsible to the interior Ministry for the fight against corruption, not only shocked the imagination of society, but also brought us back to the old but relevant question. Who should fight corruption among corruption fighters?

The arrest of the acting head of Department “T” of the Main Directorate of economic security and combating corruption of the interior Ministry of Russia Dmitry Zakharchenko would be far the most dramatic news in a number of other anti-corruption measures, if not the amount found during the search in the apartment of his relative – in terms of rubles more than eight billion.

The Kremlin has become increasingly engaged in cleaning the most important area of anti-corruption activities

There are several versions of the origin of the money – including the fact that it was the funds derived, that is, the stolen, founders of Nota-Bank. But then more importantly – increasingly corrupt themselves professional fighters against corruption. What we are dealing with apparent failure in the fight against corruption, that the authorities began to more closely monitor the cleanliness of their own ranks or with a fundamental inability to keep corruption fighters from degradation?

It is clear that the “regime fighters” there is only one answer. Supposedly the whole system of power in Russia is built in such a way that there is no fight against corruption is impossible, because corruption is the main element that cements the whole “Putin’s vertical of power”. It is no longer an argument, but a symbol of faith and a tool of a propaganda war with Putin. For its adherents does not matter nor the nationalization and cleaning elite, produced Putin, nor how in reality the situation at the anti-corruption front. And on it over the last few years, there has been a serious event.

Once again we will not enumerate the number of governors, mayors, their deputies and high-level officials arrested in recent years. Thousands of people cleaned out or extruded from the authorities because of suspicions of corruption. It is clear that the scale of the embezzlement was so large that the society is still not quite neither the rate nor depth of anti-corruption measures. But there is one important trend which shows that the Kremlin is becoming increasingly involved in cleaning the most important area of anti-corruption efforts – that is, the putting in order of the ranks themselves fighters against corruption.

Less than two months ago, there have been arrests of a number of high-ranking officials of the Investigative Committee – in addition to the two heads of the Department of interagency cooperation and private security SK Maximenko and Lamonova was detained first Deputy head of the Moscow management of SK, Denis Nikandrov. This is now the consequence has suspicions (by leaking information) that Zakharchenko had warned these workers of the UK that their “leads” of the FSB.

Lubyanka is really investigating the activities of Maximenko and Nikandrov. And led them the economic security Service of the FSB, one of the offices which, “M”, is responsible for the integrity of other security forces, including the interior Ministry. And just a change of leadership in the SEB, that is service, which is responsible for combating corruption, has led to a clear revitalization of the KGB cleaning “subcontractors”.

Update SEB occurred in July, but in fact the change of leadership began in the spring. Then passed the tests associated with the criminal case about contraband, which included the chief of one of departments of management “K” (counter-intelligence provision of credit and financial sphere) SEB. After the resignation of the head of Department “To” retired General Yuri Yakovlev, who led the SEB for the last eight years.

And he was replaced by Sergei Korolev, who was the head of Department of own safety (USB) the FSB, that is the structure that is recognized to expose corruption in the ranks of the security officers themselves. And not only security officers in the investigation of the Affairs of the governors of the state prizes and Gayzer also involved is CSS. But it is clear that such cases are logical to do, after all SEB.

In the end, the appointment of the Queen not only led to a strong update of the SEB, but also, apparently, has given a great boost to cases against employees of the interior Ministry and the UK. And it turned out that in corruption are suspected those who had to identify her in the ranks of these agencies.

Purity cleaners – the most difficult challenge in the fight against corruption as such. In order to fight against embezzlement has not turned to squaring of accounts of some “business entities” with others or the racket of “werewolves in uniform”, you need to be sure that people who are on duty, to fight corruption, honest and incorruptible. Otherwise, the most stringent anti-corruption laws will be useless.

How can you be sure in the purity of the fighters of corruption? Moral and service limitations, checks, internal and external control – all this is clear and known things, but they do not guarantee. Because always in the end everything depends on people – the staff really are everything.

The same Zakharchenko came in Quebec the Ministry of internal Affairs in 2014, after it was removed and arrested the leadership of the Department, generals Sugrobov and Kolesnikov. If Kolesnikov was killed by jumping from the window of the UK, the process on its head Sugrobov (and several of his subordinates) is still going. He is accused of organizing a criminal group and abuse of power. And despite the fact that this General has successfully investigated the loudest antikorruptsionnye of the early zero and was, in fact, a major in the interior Ministry on combating corruption in the country. He Drifts says that the reason was his conflict with one of the then leaders of SEB, FSB and KGB think that this is just “sugrobova” staged a provocation with a bribe against their employee.

Anyway, it is clear that the cleaning of anti-corruption structures of the security forces is gaining momentum. Interior, SC, FSB – everywhere is a major update. It is clear that the motor acts of the FSB – as the most powerful intelligence Agency, though it is not free from the degenerates. The question is how to proceed – how to create clean cleaners?

You can, of course, to keep in constant fear of all the security forces involved in anti-corruption activities – but what from them will be good? More precisely, the sense would be, if fear of punishment would be only a Supplement to the primary motivation: the desire to work conscientiously for the country, for the people. These motives cannot be imposed, people must be educated in this spirit and to maintain it over the years in the organs. We have the security forces – but not all.

You can create a single body to fight against corruption, to take back the honest – but then who will control it? To create a “Cheka” is not difficult, but it is, firstly, needs constant monitoring by the first person, from whom anything else simply won’t have time. And secondly, even in this case, there is a risk to get a monster that can get out of control and begin to grind all around, including their own employees (the effect of 37-38-years for the NKVD). Putin will not go for it.

The presence of several security agencies, a separate Department investigation, an independent Prosecutor and an independent court – the whole system of checks and balances, the idea is to provide not only the rule of law in the country as a whole, but also to help fight corruption, while holding the frames and fighters with it. But this ideal – or rather, when the whole system will be completed and filled with decent frames.

Yet it employs different people as honest and not so. They are all a product of his time, they reflected all the contradictions that exist in our society. To create in vitro “ten thousand” honest cleaners will not work. They need to be nurtured, to grow, to promote those conditions that we have.

And the main recipe here is the thrust of the personnel work of the Kremlin – and there was created almost three years ago, the office of the President on corruption issues. New HR policy in all areas: from the nomination of new people to the officials and the deputies from forming a relationship to the civil service as honest and honorable work, to stricter standards of behavior for the item. And it, of course, is that the establishment of the new management of the “elite” combined with the pursuit of Russia’s increasing of national sovereignty. One without the other is not – is not accidental corruption, I propose to equate to treason.


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