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Tuesday, March 20, 2018

All in search of internal enemies

Prophet part-time work do not want, and to ignore the obvious does not work. Every day now more and more clearly becomes a new spiritual brace that we already prepare for the elections in 2018.

First — think about the old, military-territorial. I will not discover America if I say that plans for a confrontation with Ukraine, have been implemented not at the beginning of 2014, and later. Then the effect of the annexation of Crimea and the triumph of “miners and tractor drivers” in the Donbas not have the time now to go out and support the authorities would have been much stronger. But the Maidan was unexpected for the Kremlin wise men, the plans I had to hurry to repaginate in such a manner, and finally today, just in time for the Duma elections, we have instead of victorious TV hungry humming refrigerator.

Such a mistake to repeat the authorities are unlikely to want, but what if the “Ukrainian card” has already played and even the most loyal viewers began to suspect that the price increase had something to do with geopolitics?

The answer is simple: mobilization of the card a bit, get another.

But what — let us think together. Seriously consider that another reason for enterprises around the government will be associated with a new war, I would not. Neither Belarus, nor Kazakhstan, nor other post-Soviet republics the role of the “junta” are not suitable due to various reasons, the main of which — is not secondary, and tretinoi similar experience. After Georgia and Ukraine, people are unlikely to want to go back to the same bloody water, and threatened new sanctions Russia simply can’t afford a new “assistance to compatriots”.

With geopolitics, we are on the next few years, generally tied: Syria — its last attempt, and attempt, obviously, ending in failure, as neither one of the goals where we never reached. Who is there and who is bombed, the Russians are not too interested to change the course of the local war of all against all, we can not, therefore, it remains sluggish by the rumbling guns beyond the horizon, saying that we are there. To the mobilization of the idea, a reason to raise the national spirit, it does no good.

So, to the fortuneteller do not walk, to raise the spirit of power will be at the expense of internal reserves, i.e. internal enemies. For their persecution of the “foreign partners” of course reprimanded, but much less than for the neighboring country. So let’s look for who we have now suited to the role of the internal enemy. Who would beat and safely, and loudly, to look for it in the yards and porches, to publicly judge and be punished ruthlessly. That the enemy was dangerous, cunning, resourceful, but also fictional. Nobody is seriously going to fight terrorism: this requires effort and experience that has long been replaced by 9 billion rubles in the attic.

I don’t know who would be the role of the internal enemy has offered you, and I have long to see the obvious trend. So let’s ngers.

The case of Pussy Riot: perhaps the first high-profile political case in modern Russia. Swamp the prisoners were then, first the girls song in the Church. Immediately after that, there was an article about “insulting the feelings of believers.”

Article exotic, rarely used, but recently surfaced again in “the catcher pokemon”, Yekaterinburg blogger Ruslan Sokolovsky.

So, do yourself a nick: the authority scheduled a conflict between secular society and the Church, and the sympathy of the government on the side of the latter. It is clear that the very criminal article illegal: not in the law understood the “hurt feelings”, there is no special group of “believers”. But once it is clear who this article should be judged.

Go ahead. Look at recent events. Two appointments: the Minister of education is a historian of the Church, and she standing very close to the Church circles. The power it brought the “Confessor of Putin” Tikhon (Shevkunov).

While no action from the Minister to be seen, but attempts to ban to deprive a scientific degree over plagiarism: the MoE introduced a proposal that a deprivation of degrees was only on the court, and there should turn the text of which was stolen. The requirement is not feasible, but it shows that the new Ministerial Kingdom it’s not good.

Another notch, go ahead.

New children’s Ombudsman, the wife of a priest, deeply churched people. She believes in the memory of the womb or not, doesn’t matter. The important thing is that your post is bound to be a servant to two masters: civil society and the Church — and a more faithful servant, apparently, will be the last. Hence the emphasis on patriotism and distrust of modern medicine in the form of ultrasound and vaccinations. All this, remember, do not approve of and official Church circles.

The third notch.

Go ahead. Package Spring: in addition to the actual destruction of the Telecom industry it is also banned in Russia for missionary work. The first victims of this package were representatives of the Christian churches unrelated to the ROC, and so on.

The following item: the well-known debate about female circumcision and the no less famous Archpriest Chaplin with his innovations of mass murder, which is quite acceptable, in his opinion, God.

Well, the icing on the cake: recently the state Duma adopted and the President signed a law banning in Russia of cultivation of GMOs: they say, potatoes, which does not eat Colorado potato beetle, incredibly dangerous, one has only to digest, and you Colorado potato beetle is also will not be.

All these signs of the times develop into a quite clear picture. Of course, it is still not enough ink, need to finish some details, but the object of popular anger is already known. Here they are — atheists, non-traditional believers and scientists.

With the area still smells of burning meat? Recently in Donetsk was standing unharmed airport.

Of course, the future does not exist yet, and all these trends may not emerge in public policy, and stay separate incidents. But to internal enemies to declare these here highbrow clever who pray incorrectly, and then don’t pray at all and at this ungodly grow GMOs, and at night exposed our children satanic ultrasound — for this much time is not required. The police centre “e” easily switch from opposition to secretly Pausa in apartments wiring, and for the reminder that under Stalin, the Church was cut at the root, will be put in prison, because the Minister of education said that under Stalin, the Church was revived. Just to remind you that recently in Russia was convicted of the falsification of history: a citizen of a crime claimed that the USSR and Germany collaborated in the beginning of the Second world war. And no links to tutorials did not save him.

So what you do not have an internal enemy? A minority, far from the people, the eggheads in the hat, intellectuals: in any decent dictatorship they first nail. And somewhere very, very on the edge of the presidential Desk is already a memo “About the restoration of the monarchy in Russia.” I’m not kidding: this topic is regularly absurdas in a circle of strategists, has always been an extreme backup option.


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