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Thursday, February 22, 2018

We will vote in spite of those who weren’t expecting us

Participation in elections may be required. This opportunity allows the head of the Central election Commission, Ella Pamfilova. According to her, this question can be put to a referendum.

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

The practice of compulsory voting is common in the world widely. In Latin America, with the results of the ballot to the citizen and put the appropriate stamp in the passport. If the man did not come to the polls and the mark in its documents, in any the next meeting with the government it will be imposed large by local standards, the fine is around $200. In socially-oriented Scandinavia went a different path. Where every citizen is owner of the voter, in which are entered information on the participation in all election campaigns. And when someone needs something from the state, and when he treats any request to the municipality — he has this book check it out. If it is not in order — do not even try about something to ask.

We visit until the elections are free. The turnout, about 20% of voters in the elections to the Moscow city Duma in 2014, becomes almost the norm. And now, when to elections remains less weeks, it seems that voters-for them especially, no one expects. I already wrote about the fact that we will not see in the hallways of our homes posters with a list of nominated candidates (by informing the state decided to save money). And I recommended to get acquainted with the list of candidates for seats in precinct election commissions (PECs). Alas, now we have to admit that do not know this information even PECs. On Monday I was called by a journalist from one of the nearby city Tatiana Commandant and said that visited several sites, aiming only to know all the candidates in its single-mandate constituency. One of the Commission said: “Everyone will see the ballot on election day”. On duty in another area appealed to the superior Commission, where he said, let him seek in the Internet.

The Internet also puts the information on a silver platter. Personally, I am of the 35 constituencies of the capital found in the Network information on only 15.

“The perception is: the government wants voters to see only one candidate, the details of which are hung everywhere, — says Tatiana Commandant. — As a result, people say: why go to the polls, if not vote for someone”. And this despite the fact that in Moscow and the Moscow region for each mandate claims a dozen candidates.

Back to the suggestion of Ella Pamfilova about the referendum for compulsory elections. If it will report as “faithfully”, the referendum simply no one will come and the CEC will be in an awkward situation.

Features of our legislation do not allow to publish in the media poll in the last campaign week. So I know what percentage of Russians, and Muscovites in particular, plans to come to the polls, but I won’t. I only hope that during the remaining 18 days of September, the mood will change and the turnout will be decent.

I’ll try to explain why I will go to the polls, without waiting for the attendance became mandatory, and possibly infect someone as an example.

Among the 12 candidates in my single member district is our local. A young man, my friend. I have to vote for it, because without my vote he will not win: he’s up against at least two “visitors” the political heavyweights.

Among the 14 parties represented in the second ballot, no, that would be fine with me. But I’ll vote anyway. I am disappointed with the work of the state Duma of the outgoing convocation, which with unprecedented unanimity took the controversial, and sometimes downright cannibalistic laws. I want to Express it in their attitude, so vote for any party other than those that took place in the last Parliament.

I don’t want my vote stolen. Yes, I myself have repeatedly written about the fact that gone are the days when in the evening after the polls closed of the Commission were closed and voted for do not come. But I assure you that if we stop going to the polls, those days will return.

I do not often get to see living close childhood friends. The hike to the polling station gives you the opportunity to meet and chat with them.

I want to vote with their feet against those who wish I stayed home. I want to show them that I have the right to vote.

Here are the five arguments I would have stopped, not to catch up with pathos on civic duty and involvement in the fate of the country. Although that is also important.

However, this is only my thoughts which always want to compare, like a tuning fork, with the opinion of a recognized scholar. I called the writer Yuri Polyakov, who, as you know, always go to the polls, to see why he does it.

— I think that once we for the sake of democracy destroyed the Soviet Union, then at least vote you need to go. I myself in the late nineties, ran for Parliament as a candidate and faced with a monstrous fraud and abuse, which the victim fell. To fraud the election was not, they need to go, because every voter is still and the observer. Now the technology of counting of votes and became pure, deputies will be the ones voted for by the people. I believe that in the last Duma had represented the interests of the Russian people as the state, its drawback was that there was no serious liberal opposition. And we need to work on that, and it means that everyone’s voice is very much solves. The experience of recent campaigns suggests that some of the necessary Parliament candidates became deputies, gleaning just a few hundred or even dozen votes. Here to avoid this happening, you need to come up with that voice. Of course, I was somewhat confused vegetarian level campaign this year. We have a lot of critical problems: the monstrous corruption, the vast gap in the income of a tiny minority and majority — would be candidates to go for the gusto to pursue these matters. Well, we are free to choose those who, becoming a member will begin to raise these issues.


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