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Monday, March 19, 2018

The moon was a piece of Land

The next sensation tried to present the public with scientists at Harvard University. They stated that they were finally able to prove the origin of the earth” of the moon. According to them, the satellite of our planet is nothing more than a piece of Land and it was produced as a result of the “frontal collision” of two celestial bodies. However, the news stirred not all. Russian scientists told “MK” that astronomers have long considered this hypothesis and gradually find new evidence that could confirm it. Perhaps the advantage of Harvard scholars is that they carefully studied the rocks of the Earth and moon and found a surprising pattern.

photo: pixabay.com

Astronomer kun Wang told reporters that his team “was the first hint that the collision of proto-Earth and theis, the progenitor of the moon, mostly vaporized the planet.”

”Measurements of the isotopes, which we spent, have the maximum accuracy. We found that the proportion of elements in the matter of the Earth and moon do not vary, ” said Wang kun. — That is, the Moon is mainly composed of ancient rocks of the mantle of the Earth.”

Talk about how heavenly disaster gave birth to modern Earth and modern the moon, conducted among scientists for nearly 30 years. Disputes intrigue was only how terrible was the accident. As van says, there are two main versions of this “cosmic accident” – a head-on collision in which Theia struck the mantle of the Earth and had completely melted, knocking out a large number of species from our planet, or relatively weak collision on a tangent, which resulted in the future the Moon formed mostly from rocks of theis.

And if the earlier scholars were inclined to the second version, now experts from Harvard took on the responsibility to declare that the first scenario is much more plausible. Moreover, the Americans think that proved it obvious.

– “Proved” is the wrong word to use in this case – said “MK” head of the Department of physics and evolution of stars of Institute of astronomy Dmitry vibe. – In science there are models that can be more or less plausible, but to consider them as indisputable fact impossible due to the fact that research tools are not yet perfect. Yes, we are not guessing on a coffee thick, but do not look through the ages as the window of his apartment. Therefore hypotheses remain hypotheses. No doubt, our us colleagues have made a great job. And maybe even one inch moved towards one of the hypotheses. Which, incidentally, is gaining popularity since the beginning of this year.

We will remind, in January 2016 chemists analyzed the proportion of oxygen isotopes in samples of lunar soil with “Apollo” and found no differences with the indicators of the Earth. But as it turned out, it was still not a sensation. Then they measured the proportion of the isotopes of potassium. Note, the Earth and the moon there are two isotope of this element – potassium-39 and potassium-41. Their relationship was set during the birth of the Solar system and change it almost impossible. So, by measuring the proportion of potassium-41 and potassium-39 in seven different lunar soil samples, the experts found that potassium-41 to them by 0,04% more than in the rocks of the Earth. How there could be such a difference? As the authors of the opening, a similar picture could arise only in the case if the Moon was born as a result of the evaporation of large amounts of matter earth’s mantle into space, a molten drop theis, “drowned” in the depths of the Earth.”


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