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Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Rimas Tuminas will stage “Faust” by Goethe

On 12 September, the Vakhtangov Theater opened a new season — 96-th. Tonight is the premiere performance of “the Imaginary invalid” by Moliere, directed by the Director Silviu Purcarete, and company gathering.

photo: Evgeny Semenov

Rimas Tuminas called all in the flower garden.

The New stage — two slides of the champagne flute, and then champagne with cherry, flowers and books published in the theatre and about the theatre. All designed for those who came to the collection company. Part of her had just returned from a tour of Ufa. On the screen — a video depicting the glorious deeds of the previous season: the opening of the New stage, the completion of repairs of the main building, receiving the honorary titles and awards, anniversaries and even the opening of a fitness center within the walls of the theatre. Vladimir Putin in the news, listens to the report of the Minister of culture Vladimir Medinsky about the success of the Vakhtangov theatre, the most successful and profitable and says, “Great!”

And then live, not the display Medinsky, the Minister holds a speech: “the Theatre is 95. I could not understand why the 96th season of jubilee. This will help you to double mark the 100th anniversary, and twice to receive subsidies. The Vakhtangov theatre for me as a citizen of Russia — favorite theater”. After these words the Minister congratulated Yulia Rutberg, assigning her the title “people’s artist of Russia” and said: “Starting this year “people” will be awarded no more than 4-5 times a year.”

Yulia Rutberg thanked the parents, Directors, their partners, without which no flowers would be it: “Thanks for that you make my life color”.

In the flowering gardens called all and artistic Director of the theatre Rimas Tuminas. Talking about future plans he began, “And I don’t have. Forgot in the room.” He spoke as a poet and philosopher, said as fell asleep: “I’m a man of sweet laziness, I think that everything has been completed. So sweet to realize it, not thinking about sins and failures.” And then he saw the open window, beyond which such freshness and such a magical world: “it is necessary to understand the beauty of the theater. When I woke up, my entire garden was in bloom. Nature called me to live, and I am with you again. For the eighth time before you speak. It is only necessary to repeat the phrase from the play “waiting for Godot” by Beckett: “What shall we do?”. And hear the answer: “Nothing.” And I to you declare, “Nothing.” Move. You should all wait for Godot, not me. The day will be a holiday. Waking up every morning, congratulate yourself. Love yourself. It is not harmful. Rejoice that you go to the theater. Nature and sincerity are our only deity. And beauty is truth. She is so closed! Our profession is that to get to it. Art is a great lesson in sincerity. I ask you to be open, to love each other.”

Then Rimas Tuminas still made the specifics in your thoughts about the future. At the foot of the Acropolis, the theatre will play “King Oedipus”, the premiere of which took place in Epidavros: “After the game in the open theatre will be playing on stage. Don’t really understand how it will be.”

The fact that five years, and the theater — 100, occupied the minds of many. Rimas Tuminas said this: “Either I need to run by the time, or I can make a “Pier-2″. Every time we have to wait for spring, flowers, joy. Sorry that went Minister of Medina, ” I wanted it to remember the words of Rodin, that if the society would be holding himself in court, admitted their mistakes, the earth would be Paradise. Pay no attention to praise. Yes, we are the best. But it is just a success, not a victory, it is a holiday. Maybe it’s not the holiday that we dreamed of. But we have to go on the way to the celebration of life. The flowers are for others, not for you.”

He in the new season, will stage “Faust” by Goethe. Most likely in the spring. And on the staging of “Richard III” Shakespeare, invited the chief Director of the Tbilisi Russian drama theatre im. Griboedova Avtandil Varsimashvili. Especially for Vladimir Etush selected the play “Until I die” Ptushkina.

Since the cast is constantly heard the word “success” to “sober up” the company, Rimas Tuminas was read from the sheet: “I wrote something. Pompous, mannered style is bad. The style is nice when you forget about it. This is how I read Zhvanetsky. Remember how in childhood we played.” He talked about the title “artist” and said that “we are workers”.

Vakhtangov was one of the few touring theatres. In the last season played 539 plays, including a 74 — during the tour: a 42 — in Russia and 32 abroad. Ahead — a trip into the South Korean Busan with the “Uncle Vanya” in new York, Boston, Toronto, Budapest, Romania… Foreign travel scheduled till 2018. The theater Director Kirill KROK says: “If we work intensively in the theatre, the year consists of four quarters, as all but five. We get not four prizes quarterly, and five.

On October 14 a New stage, the premiere of the play “Our class,” Tadeusz Slobodzianek staged by Natalia Kovaleva. October 23 will host an evening dedicated to the 100th anniversary from the birthday of actress Galina Konovalova. On 28 and 29 October on the stage of the First Studio of the Vakhtangov theatre — premiere of “miss Julie” by Strindberg, directed by Gulnaz Alpeisova. 21 and 22 Sep “Oedipus Rex” staged by Rimas Tuminas will go to Athens. November 13 — the day when the theater will celebrate the 95th anniversary of his first time playing in Moscow.


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