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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Renounce Russian citizenship Masha Gaidar compared with Snowden

The refusal of the Russian citizenship of the daughter of politician and economist Yegor Gaidar, and granddaughter of the writer Arkady Gaidar excited the public. The girl explained his action by the fact that he does not want to live and work in Russia. “MK” has analyzed the Hobbies of Maria Gaidar on publications in social networks and, according to her former colleagues and opponents. (vocabulary, spelling and reasoning of bloggers saved in quotes).

photo: youtube.com

– You know, Mary has never been in full sense a citizen of Russia, – said the politician Kirov region (where in recent years the team of the now arrested Governor Nikita Belykh worked Masha) Sergey Mamaev. – She was born and raised in Africa, what we all talked a lot. Then I studied in America. In General, Russia and her never were close.

-It is, confirms the former ally of political party Sergei. – She is a cosmopolitan. Offended by her stupid, we do not take offense at Snowden because he did not want to stay in Russia. Russia can love the man who was born here.

Still, Facebook says that early in his political career, Mary is actively interested in Russian folk art, has published a photo of the dolls and all sorts of crafts.

– It is in Russian costumes walked, now walking in the Ukrainian embroidered shirts – continues Mamaev. – I remember she wore them on holiday. One of them was in honor of istobenskiy cucumber. Masha respected Russian bathhouse, and once almost burned her. She knew the old Russian traditions, such as jumping over the fire. Somehow, I’ll be the drunk began to jump through it and almost cooked (there still hung a huge cauldron of boiling soup). She at that time said that he loves Russia.

“I am happy to be a part of Ukraine… I came here a year ago,” is one of the last entries in social networks, made by Mary. And yet why she suddenly refused Russian citizenship? Only to pursue a political career in Ukraine?

– Certainly, – said Sergey. – Look: the Kirov stage, we cannot delete from life of Masha — she proved herself as a politician in fact, only in Kirov. For her, her job and then everything else was just a project. And in the projects she is able to engage, that is, in the present. But the project was unsuccessful: not enough money, the whole environment of the prison or is condemned already. In reality, few remained at large in addition to Masha. And then it’s time to remember that in Russia, something her and her father, to put it mildly, do not like. This is a plus for Ukraine.

And friends talk about Mary’s hobby. She loved coming to visit for tea and to pick up an interesting book, which then did not return. But the books she really read and not just collected. Another passion is foreign languages. Once Mary said that she would teach Hebrew (at that time already knew perfectly four languages), and learned it for a year.

“Now I’m learning Ukrainian,” – writes in Facebook Maria.

– The ease with which she parted with Russian citizenship, she breaks up with me and Ukrainian, when they realize that this project is not promising, say colleagues.

  • The refusal of Maria Gaidar from the Russian citizenship was preceded by a photo shoot in embroidery

    Maria Gaidar appealed to the Ministry of foreign Affairs of Russia with the petition for renunciation of citizenship of the Russian Federation. Gaidar went to the Ukraine last year and became an adviser to the head of the Odessa regional administration of Mikheil Saakashvili. She then briefly worked at the post of his Deputy for social Affairs and resigned, and now is the Deputy of the Odessa regional Council. In social networks Maria Gaidar published his photos from Odessa – mostly embroidered

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    published: 12.09.2016


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