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Thursday, March 15, 2018

Oppozicioneri allowed to win the election in Belarus

The next parliamentary elections in Belarus ended with a sensation. In the house of representatives of the National Assembly already got two members of the opposition parties. Of course, this pair of in the legislature, whose number is 110 people — a drop in the ocean. But for the first time in 12 years such a thing was possible. Because many analysts believe that the metered representation of the opposition in Parliament, was authorized by the presidential administration. Now Dad can show his Western partners opposition MPs.

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

Long-term “blockade” managed to break through two women — Anna Konopacky from the United civil party and Elena Anisim from the Society of the Belarusian language. If the philologist Elena Anisim won election in the stolbtsovsky district, Minsk region undoubtedly won the majority of votes (though the Pro-government candidate before the elections he withdrew his candidacy), then to Anne of Konopatkoj the situation is different. In most of the UCP I believe that this question is delicate: the turnout in the October district of Minsk, according to observers, was below 50%, but the government pulled it up to required. Therefore, the real victorious, won the majority of votes of the voters of the district, konopacka itself can not be considered. In this connection she, as well as the political Council of the party, has not yet made a decision — whether to take the mandate of the Deputy. However, even a rival for the elections in this County — the former presidential candidate Tatsyana Karatkevich — tells Anna to go to the deputies. “I can already see that the charges went in the Parliament controlled by the opposition. So I want to appeal personally to the Anne of Konopacki. Anya, take this mandate and to work for peaceful change in Belarus. If you want, I’m ready to help you, because the County is one,” — said on this occasion Karatkevich.

Anna konopacka is the UCP for more than 20 years. But for the first time appeared in the title role. First she forces acted as a Trustee of the other candidates. But now is her time — Anna has a law degree, with her own business. During his campaign speeches, it rests on the fact that he knows how to make money and will do anything to have appeared in the country, small and medium business. With its passage in Parliament of the UCP will finally get the hope that their program “Million of new jobs”, developed almost five years ago, will fall at least in the eyes of the government.

Elena Anisim is a more experienced politician, she’s behind the election campaign for the presidency in 2015. However, at the last stage of the election she withdrew his candidacy, but the experience of butting with the Central election Commission of Belarus and debates she has. Elena is a philologist, concerned about improper development of the Belarusian language in the country. In Soviet times she was an active member of the underground community Mistron”. Since 1991 works at the Institute of linguistics of the National Academy of Sciences, on the ONT TV channel in its time has hosted a weekly program “Belaruskaya mova”. And in the National Assembly intends to promote the law on state support of the Belarusian language.

The victory of opposition candidates “MK” commented the Deputy Chairman of the United civil party Lev Margolin:

To say that the elections this time were more democratic, more honest and transparent than usual, we, unfortunately, can’t. I have great respect for Anna Konopacky, she is a successful business lady and a good person. But, unfortunately, our fellow associates, as well as opponents in these elections, can anyone seriously doubt — she’s won or its just “appointed” in Parliament? So we thought it would be better if the elections were transparent.

— You want to say that the opposition candidates are just “allowed” to win, to demonstrate that the European structures?

— That is a possibility. And at the moment we neither confirm nor deny can’t.

Candidates from your party ran for the several districts of Minsk. Why win only gave the woman?

Is just a mystery of uncertainty. Maybe he played the role of the candidate’s curriculum vitae. Many of our candidates who are decades in politics, can not boast of a good biography and real incomes. Anna has it all. Besides, you have to give her credit, she held his campaign from the beginning to the end with vigour, with a good young team. And it may well be that her win is real.

— What can you do two opposition politicians in Parliament?

Belarusian experience suggests that even two people if they retain integrity, it can excite the “frozen swamp”. So I’m advocating that we have the mandate still used — regardless of if it was a real election or appointment.” The situation should be used to its fullest.


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