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Sunday, February 25, 2018

Intrigue in the matter of power: the arrest wainzinher hit the theater Raihelgauz

7 September was taken into custody by Boris Vajnziher – formerly technical Director of RAO UES, now a top Manager of a large energy company – General Director of PJSC T Plus. He is accused of bribing the official. Not everyone knows that Boris Vainziher not only a businessman but also an artist. For many years he played in the theater “School of modern play”, and leading roles. On September 14 he was supposed to play the main role in the play “House” on the play by Yevgeny Grishkovets. But in this situation it is, of course, impossible: the Syktyvkar city court chose as a preventive measure-arrest for two months. On the situation in the theatre told the “MK” artistic Director of the School for modern drama ” Joseph Raihelgauz.

photo: youtube.com

— How came to mind to use a top Manager in the performances? Immediately come to mind Mercantile motives: that the sponsor wanted to try myself on stage.

— No, it is not so. We often practiced the participation of non-professional actors: the dramatic role played ballerina, journalists, members of the administration of the theater. This is a specific artistic technique that allows realistic, “not theatrical” reveal the nature of the character through the individuality of the ordinary man with his experience, character, and personality volume. When I met Boris Vainziher, he already had vast experience in Amateur theatre – as a student in St. Petersburg, where he played from his youth. It seemed to me very interesting character – a true intellectual. We were rehearsing a play by Eugene Grishkovets “House”, and I suggested to Boris the main role of the doctor, who vainly tries to borrow money from their rich friends to buy a house. Boris played in turn, with Alexander Gordon. It was two completely different image and, accordingly, two different play. Despite the popularity of Gordon, Boris was its fans who have recommended my friends to watch the play with Vinifera. Now, when Gordon left the theatre, Vajnziher has no substitute.

– Will you cancel the show?

– No. Igor zolotovitski agreed to help the theater, to help us in this difficult time – he will play this role on 14 September. But I’ll tell you an amazing thing. I constantly communicate with Sveta, wife of Boris, Oleg, his son. And here Svetlana, who, eststvenno, is in contact with Barinem lawyer, told me that he was experiencing fear, which leads to the theatre being unable to go on stage and play a show. Can you imagine? The man just arrested, but he was concerned that he was leading his colleagues! It’s the whole character.

– What are the other performances played Vainziher?

– In addition to “the House”, he played in the play “Overheard, peeped, unwritten” is the actor’s improvisation, where he was a pretty big episode. And, of course, in the PECs end Grishkovets. There’s a fatal coincidence. The fact that the plot of the main character – a businessman who was facing arrest. Boris plays his friend and partner, who actually initiated this arrest, in order to seize their joint business. The play starts with a scene where the hero wainzinher comes to this businessman and warns him: you must leave immediately, there will be a search, seizure of documents, they arrest you. This show we played August 23 – two weeks before the arrest of Boris… In our new improvisational project “Until the beer is poured” he was also involved. It is unlikely we will be able someone to replace. Likely to refuse at all from this episode.

– Still, tell me honestly: is a rich businessman not sponsored by the theatre where he’s playing with?

Boris helps so many people – not noisy, not PR. Now, unfortunately, the situation that the conversation about philanthropy, about helping can result in a lack of understanding of people, cause they have a response like: yeah, sins atone for. You know what the public reaction to the arrest of a businessman! And with a name like that… don’t want that. Many times I went to his house: there is nothing called thoughts about some kind of unimaginable wealth.

– You are going to contact Vinifera now that he is under arrest?

— Of course. I’m going to do everything allowed by law. And I also want to say that the media slips this sentence: “former CEO… etc” And we have Boris “former” artist of our company do not believe. I am absolutely sure that he will play again on our stage.


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