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Saturday, March 17, 2018

“I’m sorry, mom”: detainees in the DNI teenagers saboteurs weeping bitterly

The Ministry of state security of DND published a report on the detention of a group of underage spies, recruited in 2015, the employees of Ukrainian special services. Just seven teenagers. The youngest suspect was born in 2001. Senior — 1998. Minors accused of subversive activities on the territory of the Republic. During interrogations, the children wept bitterly and asked for forgiveness from their mothers and confessed to part of terrorist episodes.

Ukraine did not react to the accusations of involvement in the juvenile group of saboteurs.

photo: mgbdnr.ru

During the interrogation, Bogdan K. from Yasinovataya told that recruited him, the Ukrainian military Igor Rico with a call sign “Diamond”, when the guy was unloading contraband goods: meat and home appliances at the border of the Republic and the Ukraine. Bogdan was moonlighting.

Man, according to the teenager, threatening criminal prosecution for illegal activities, offered to work for him. The question price – 5 thousand UAH (about 12 thousand rubles). For this price, the Bogdan had to blow up the cars of two local businessmen who owed a huge sum of money is very good people.”

To fulfill orders Kovalchuk drew three of their minor friends. Having first undermined the car, young saboteurs gave pictures as evidence of the customer as he requested. Received a “salary” Kovalchuk shared with fellow assistants.

This “Diamond” is not stopped and gave Bogdan the second explosive device. The next act of sabotage was performed according to the same scheme. Thinking that Kovalchuk went into a rage, “Diamond” offered the teenager a permanent job fuse. And heard from Bogdan failure, according to the boys, began to threaten reprisals against family members of Kovalchuk.. constraining tears, the teenager apologized to “all whom I might hurt or anything else”.

“Blew up a car near the city Executive Committee”, – told on interrogation of Denis H., constantly coughing and rubbing his hands over his nose. First, a group of teenagers made sure that no one is around. After Dennis, in his words, pulled two checks from the explosive device and attached it to the wheel of the car “debtor.” The young commando said that the terror he had long been persuaded buddies. After weeks of thought, he agreed to get some easy money. The last 30 seconds of the video (video interviews published MGB DNI) Dennis roared and clutched his hands behind his head..

Vladislav P., once interviewed, said that the undermining of the second car, “the famous bumps in Yasinovataya” occurred at the end of December 2015. According to him, after 1.5-2 hours after saboteurs laid explosives under the wheel, the explosion occurred. On account of adolescents undermining police in Yasinovataya. The money for the attacks was paid by the Ukrainian military in the village Verkhnetoretskoye (formerly Skotovataya). P. concluded his story with the words: “mommy, please forgive me… Dear Jesus, I’m sorry.”

Another suspect – Yaroslav M. – said that they planned to undermine the military part. “Dill offered the money. And then Vlad, moron.. It’s Vlad,” Sariev Mironov said. At the two-minute video the guy is silent and cries the greater part of the questioning.

Each of the interrogated militiamen DNR teenagers talking about their friend Arseny Belavin, which, according to the suspects, dragged them into subversive activities. The contents of the interrogation belavina the Ministry of state security of DND did not disclose.

While MGB DNR compared the actions of the Ukrainian security services who blackmail and threats to involve children in terrorism, with the actions of ISIS (banned in Russia).

Watch the video on “Juvenile saboteurs detained in DNR, testified on video”


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