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Monday, March 19, 2018

“Idol” said about the greatness of the circus

In the background light of the stagnation of other arts in the Russian circus as a multi-genre phenomenon, there is a great chance to assert themselves, and to bring back not just the old Soviet position, but to take one of the main niches of spectacular range. “Idol” at the circus on Vernadsky — proof. Many empty festivals and awards, shooting in vain; here is given a charge and put the strap around the circus arts for a year. This time I had to be in the jury of “Idol”, but because the whole situation you see from the inside.

photo: idolfest.ru

You know, when Edgard Zapashny Askold was just beginning “Idol”, and hinting at the circus “Oscar”, and on some festival competition with Monte Carlo — other their plans and schemes was perceived with irony. They say, well, what we have “Oscar”, what Monte Carlo… But the Monte Carlo is that to award prizes to the artists on Sunday, went Vice-President of the world’s major circus forum in Monte-Karlo URS Pils and, in fact, the President of the same forum, Princess Stephanie of Monaco. Trust me, if Planck does not live up to the highest Olympic level, these people here simply would not exist.

And they are. And taken something for granted. I’m not talking about Eugene Chaplin, Jean Marie Etienne, Peter Dubinsky, Elise van der Madden… the Festival has built up such meat, and has developed such a speed that the Golden statuettes “Idol” has never been perceived as some local shiny trifles playing their games Papuans. We really affirm the circus as a powerful modern cutting art; beautiful and attractive surroundings of the festival — is not important: as in Hollywood, the Academy award is the industry, and here for the “Idol” is the will to high level circus.

More recently, of this will as if it were not. “Circus eked out” a little bit went by inertia. Zapashnye — to the best of their ability, decided to raise his head, and besides, it proved the coolness of the domestic product, and put it into international context. What almost turns our art community, our (with rare exceptions) filmmakers, and other…

“Idol” has become an international festival, and confirmation of gold from the professional jury air flight p/R, Choi Myung-su from North Korea, the silver group, Guangsi “the antithesis of the kegs” from China, bronze to the brilliant American Duo on the trapeze, the Daring Jones (profilli had a few winners at the first three places, now called aliens). And each took the statuette absolutely deserved to, without, usual in such cases, flirting in a “well, just arrived, and will receive, the type of visit.” Nothing of the sort.

photo: idolfest.ru

The second significant moment — “the circus is more than a circus.” Gymnast from Korea jumped badly from the grid, suffered a concussion, refused hospitalization, worked the room, the whole program day by day. A small deed. Tall, major partner of the Duo, Staubert” (Perche on a unicycle) falls in the arena, strongly hitting his back; gets up through the power of smiles, repeats the trick. Look hurt, but it’s a circus, people do not spare themselves. And finally, most importantly: our famous trainer Vitaly Smoljanac left after the accident with no legs out on the prostheses to his lionesses and tigers, with one eye movement directs, filigree, polished, top class! The hall applauded standing, Edgard Zapashny stands in front of him on his knees, for the first time in the history of “Idol” — three first prizes from three of the jury — the audience, the jury, the media and professional. That is the first time on “Idol” was awarded the Grand Prix.

And it is very important to show how people are fighting for YOUR CIRCUS. If anything, a circus in itself. He’s out there somewhere, on the side in the pen and in crisis”, but I thing that my circus will build the highest relationships. And the example of these people, of course, elevates the art.

Once again I would like to say about the refinement of the festival”: it really is perceived a character, the first in a series of international forums, seizing the initiative from one and transmitting the other. So, for example, the prize acrobatic Quartet of Rodion Prilepin number “Beatles: Yesterday” as an invitation to foreign forums is a pleasant regularity.

A special phenomenon — the show ballet circus Vernadsky under the direction of Olga Poltorak. Usually the output of “podtantsovke” in between rooms is perceived as something unnecessary and depressing, and here… even the jury members do not immediately understand that this is just a “ballet box” and not the festival room. It’s hip hop, “Cornflower”, the glowing girl at the well, “poured water” (in the dark on the dresses ran from the top down lights) — all this for the first time in the history of the Russian circus were held up “garnish” to your primary dishes. And this is the most important thing, because in the circus there are no trifles — from wardrobe to orchestra.

In short, after this “Idol” wants to live. Ultimately, no matter what place I received. There was virtually no walk-through rooms; there are hula hoops on the first “Julot”, and gorgeous Mongolian rubber (try in this genre to do stylishly), and absolutely dazzling the room “John”, who took two silver medals — from professionals and from the media, is a gymnast in the paintings of Ekaterina Shustova, a girl of incredible energy, a sort of Maya Plisetskaya in the arena… When there is a level itself appears proud of what you see.

Now only need this one wonderful wave, with which we have lived for the past three days, broadcast on regional circuses in the fresh program, the state circus, where we have a wonderful new General Director Dmitry Ivanov, for which the plank — a matter of honor.


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