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Sunday, March 18, 2018

Clinton in the presidential race beginning to bring health

The headquarters of the Hillary Clinton acknowledged that the cause of her ailments at a ceremony on September 11 in new York became pneumonia. That the situation is serious, evidenced by the silence of the tramp, this time abstention from sarcastic comments. Will the Democrats change candidate or ailing Clinton “reach” before the election?

The candidate in US presidents from Democratic party, 68-year-old Hillary Clinton diagnosed with pneumonia, told CNN. The portal referred to the data provided by doctor Clinton Lisa Bartek, which assured that the politician is under the supervision of physicians. Reuters noted that the disease Clinton became known last Friday.

“The people who stand behind Hillary, will fight to the end. Think she will make it”

Sunday mass media with reference to eyewitnesses reported that Clinton, speaking at a mourning ceremony in memory of the victims of the terrorist attack of September 11, 2001, fainted. Later, her staff explained that a politician allegedly just “overheated”.

“I don’t know anything about it”

Meanwhile, the candidate in US presidents from Republican Donald trump has banned his aides to make a public statement about the health of the opponent, added CNN.

Representatives of the Republican, according to CNN, going public only “to wish Clinton emergency amendments” and “show respect” in connection with the incident. Violators of these guidelines threaten “consequences up to dismissal,” said the channel.

The trump earlier on Sunday refused to comment on the state of Clinton. “I don’t know anything about it, I know nothing”, – he said. In the same way received and “partner” billionaire in the race – the Republican candidate for Vice-President, Secretary Michael Penny.

The health of presidential candidates has become urgent in light of the aggravation of the struggle of Republican Donald trump and Hillary Clinton, as the season of primary elections.

The reason for the discussion in the American media was inhibited behavior Clinton on stage during campaign speeches and interviews. In addition, published the photo of her assistant, who was holding ready the shot.

Allergic to trump

Note that earlier reviews of the trump on the health of the opponent was not correct.

The candidate of the Republicans stated that Clinton was not sufficiently physically fit to be President. “I believe that both candidates roguish Clinton and I should release detailed medical records. I have no problem with that! Hillary?” noted Republican in August. Trump also added that the former Secretary of state is experiencing “a lack of moral and physical stamina required to defeat the” IG*.

To dispel recent media rumors about health problems, Clinton then decided with jars of pickles, which she opened in the air of night show Jimmy Kimmel.

However, last Tuesday, Clinton hardly started the presentation in Cleveland because of severe coughing attack: “Every time I think about trump, I’m allergic,” he tried to laugh it off Hillary, but because of the cough uttered the phrase with difficulty. The former first lady helped the proposed members of the electoral headquarters a glass of water and cough drops, after which she continued her speech.

Not the time “to overheat”

“Health Hillary Clinton just made a serious issue in her presidential campaign, noted columnist for the Washington Post Chris Celisa. – Wants Clinton or not, but the case of its “overheating” happened in a very unfavourable time for the campaign.” Fainting Hillary translates “question about her health from the sphere of conservative conspiracy theories in the main theme of the presidential race the next few days,” observed the publication.

The newspaper recalled that the headquarters of the Clinton published an explanation of the causes of syncope Clinton only “90 minutes after the politician left the ceremony” – during all this time journalists were in the dark. An acute attack of coughing after a glass of water and candies, which gave her assistants, has passed, but ill health, Clinton still gave out husky voice, noticed The WP.
According to the author of the article, the Republicans believe that Clinton “has long been hiding some serious disease.” He recalled, as stated in previous articles that the rumors about the disease Hillary implausible, but now he considers his past, the words “void”, – said Celisa.

The long-standing problem?

According to the American media, the unconscious state Clinton observed since 2005. Then 57-year-old Clinton as a Senator of the state of new York, spoke in the chamber of Commerce of the city of Buffalo – all of a sudden she felt weak, sat down on a chair and in a few minutes lost consciousness. All spectators asked to leave the room. In 2012, during one of the fainting Hillary got a concussion.

In 2014, the American journalist, former chief editor of The New York Times Magazine Edward Klein book “Blood feud: the Clinton vs. Obama couple” argued that at the end of December 2013, Hillary fainted in his office on the seventh floor of the state Department. Then she was brought to the hospital, where doctors found a blood clot in one of the blood vessels. “As it turned out, Hillary was a congenital predisposition to blood clots and fainting,” said Klein. At discharge from the hospital, her husband bill, Hillary warned that “she will need constant supervision for the rest of life.” Klein added that Clinton also “the problem with the thyroid gland and abnormalities in the heart.”

American journalists, meanwhile, noted that Hillary’s problems with the nervous system, this explains her retarded behaviour during some of the performances and the sharp jerking of the head, and inappropriate facial expressions. Do not cease rumors about dementia and Hillary (acquired, senile dementia which can also be accompanied by fainting and inhibited reaction). In the network appeared the whole collection of videos about the deteriorating health of Clinton. It is noteworthy that “the health of Hillary Clinton” disappeared from the auto search Google, the Corporation explained, so they wanted to avoid publishing “derogatory and offensive content.”

Democrats can change the candidate

“President of the United States may even become severely ill people, such precedents were, – said the newspaper VIEW, political scientist-americanist Dmitry Drobnicki. No one knew that Woodrow Wilson is mortally ill Franklin Roosevelt for a fourth term he was elected virtually on his deathbed,” reminded the expert. If the elected President cannot fulfill their duties, they assume elected Vice-President. He remains President until the next election, which on General grounds can nominate or not to nominate his candidacy, the source said.

He urged to pay attention to the behavior of the main rival Clinton: “trump is significant politically incorrect, but when it comes to really serious things, he behaves quite nobly – said the expert. His orders say that he understands that it’s serious. It is clear that health is not so good, but it’s so bad, few people imagined”.

At the same time for the American voter the fact that the health of the candidate is very important. And if a very long time will continue to be silence from the headquarters of the Clinton or the situation will repeat, as they were silent a half hour, and then said suddenly: “overheating”, it will be not too well to act on its ratings, “Hillary will lose points”, stated the expert. Now “a lot will depend on its staff and the leadership of the Democratic party, which has the full right to replace it with another candidate,” did not rule out Drobnicki.

Hillary threatened the debate

If Hillary is elected, but will not be able to fulfill duties, will fulfill the Vice President. Now, if the fact that she will not be able to perform their duties, will be revealed before the election, is a much more difficult problem,” – said the newspaper VIEW and americanist, co-editor of the website Terra America Boris Mezhuev. He noted that in this case the national democratic Committee may re-select a candidate. “Here there are many difficulties, and those that solve them can, and will fail. The success of the Democratic party is doubtful if they will change the person who passed the primaries,” – said the expert.

While rumors about the disease is not a very strong influence on ratings, the expert added. He also mentioned the failure of trump to play on disease Clinton: “as long as he played it, many perceived the situation as a joke and now he shows that this factor is of a serious nature”.

With this medicine, including support, at a good level – no matter what happens with Hillary, two hours later we see her in relatively good shape, said the analyst. “It is possible that everything will be done to this had no serious consequences on the future election campaign. “The people who stand behind Hillary, will fight to the end. So I think Hillary will make it to the end,” said the source. He recalled that the figure of the Vice-President of the American establishment completely satisfied, “he does not represent any threat trends.”

The question remains, “whether to pass a pre-election debate, where it is very difficult to hide his condition,” said Mezhuev. It is not excluded that Hillary will find a motive to abandon the debate. Perhaps this also explains the failure of trump’s criticism from Hillary that she doesn’t find fault with some of his statement and thereby found reason to abandon them, formally, it does not prohibit to do this. In this case, “trump hopes for them as a very advantageous factor for himself, he thinks it’s his trump card, where he will be able to reverse the trend,” – said the expert. So trump is doing everything possible to Hillary if he refused to debate, for health reasons, he concluded.

* Organization in respect of which the court accepted entered into legal force decision on liquidation or ban the activities on the grounds stipulated by the Federal law “On countering extremist activity”


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