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Saturday, March 17, 2018

The week before the election: “the skydivers”, odnomandatniki and other problems of the new composition of the state Duma

Before the parliamentary elections just one week. Building on Okhotny Ryad seems frozen in suspense. Who will go, who will stay, who will come? And those who remain will be able to retain their seats in the Duma hierarchy?

In the newest Russian history the state Duma of the sixth is going through a “shift change” — so here it is accepted to name a few nervous months between election day and the final accession svezheizbranny deputies. “Shift change” is organizational-economic and political events, which is required to new Parliament could begin its work.

“MK” has decided to see in what stage is the preparation to receive the new Duma, while focusing on “materiel”. Apartments, offices, cars, phones — this is exactly what the Russians are angry at the deputies, but if they should be mad, not because of this…

photo: Dmitry Katerinov

Elections will be held on September 18. According to the Constitution the President is obliged to convene the first meeting of the Duma of the seventh convocation, which will mean the end of the term of office of deputies of the Duma of the sixth, of the current convocation not later than 30 days from voting day. Not later than October 18.

Before: in December 2011, for example, the first plenary session of the new Duma was held on the 20th day after the election. Several of United Russia told “MK” that, according to them, “the first plenary will be 5-7 October. It makes sense — according to the newspaper’s source in the faction of the Communist party: “With the bat, the deputies will have to deal with the draft budget for the next three-year period, and by the time you make it to the Duma, that is, by 1 November, it would be good to have to sit down, share all the posts and lead committees in working condition”.

Usually the first meeting is called after the Central election Commission will summarize the official results of the elections and the main political forces in the new Duma and outside it to agree on the candidacy of the speaker, his deputies, determine the total number of committees and topics, who will lead them.

Here are the dates to remember, or do not understand the peculiarities of the current shift change associated with the need to fulfil outgoing now in the history of the convocation of the laws. First, the law of return to the mixed election system of deputies of the state Duma (225 persons — under party lists and 225 in single — mandate constituencies). And secondly, the law on the postponement of the elections with regards to December to September 2016. The process adds specificity and mode of the budgetary savings announced by the Ministry of Finance.


First, the traditional activities that are repeated from convocation to convocation.

MPs who are leaving the Council, shall vacate their offices and out of town — service apartments established by law and other normative acts of the time, to receive severance pay. Members who come should be distributed around the fitted line, furniture and office equipment cabinets, and other towns — to obtain housing. Traditionally, this settlement is in accordance with the status of people’s Deputy in the party and parliamentary hierarchy (heads of committees and factions, for example, have the right to a spacious office with reception) and depending on the amount of money (sponsors parties, too, usually use household benefits from at least having the native faction post any Deputy Chairman of the Committee).

As usual, a few months before the end of the last session in the state Duma established a special Commission for the organization of the reception of the deputies of the seventh convocation. It includes representatives of all factions of the Committee on rules and organization of work of the Duma, Administration of the lower house of Parliament and the office of the President (it is responsible for the maintenance of the building of the state Duma and equal Ministerial social package of deputies, in which among other things includes free medical services, sanatorium-resort services, service housing).

As usual, to receive the new Duma in the building and the offices of the deputies is carried out repairs of varying intensity. This year’s large-scale works is not noticeable. Cosmetic repair of the offices, which will change owners, you can do not before summing up the election and not before the offices of the former owner released. “Defectological inventory of all rooms is already done, I hope that meeting, the deputies will not delay the eviction”, — speak in office of the Council. Repair of the resulting study on their own and the equipment it purchased on own means furniture that is often practiced in the late 90’s and zero rich people’s representatives, now is not welcome, leaving, these members take out all the furniture cleaned and have urgently to buy a new one.

Deputy Valery Trapeznikov (“ER”) is running for the regional legislative Assembly and the Duma, but the “no-go position” in the party list, so prepared from Okhotny Ryad to move out. He told “MK” that two weeks before the end of the spring session, all MPs were given the green booklet-Bulletin: how, what, where, when… Offices, according to him, asked to hand over to the first meeting of the Duma of the new convocation.

A colleague of Mr. Trapeznikov fraction, which is generally not running anywhere, about the request to hurry don’t know, but in any case is going to vacate the office “by the end of September.” However, not all of those 100 current MPs who in the Duma is elected, is ready to “get into position”…

From the information posted on the official procurement website, you can see that the Management of buildings of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation Administration of the President in recent months has repeatedly placed orders for the execution of the current refurbishment of the premises (a total of almost 100 million rubles), common areas and technical facilities in the state Duma. Purchased 10 boxes (to 213 thousand), furniture (2.9 million), household equipment 2.8 million. Updated carpet in the corridors on the most popular inhabitants and guests of the building routes (there carpets wear out faster). To replace the names on the plaques at the offices took 600 plastic letters on adhesive color-based glossy gold. And the state Duma, among other things, has purchased 235 laptop computers for 18 million rubles, 550 office sets made of wood for 300 rubles 10 each 550 bags briefcases approximately 1600 rubles each, and 12 thousand plastic covers for identity 6 rubles…

Of the major projects is near completion replacement of equipment electronic systems plenary room. “Upgrading of hardware and software conference room of the state Duma” in the estimate of the lower house of Parliament in 2016 was laid 691 million rubles. Those electronic systems that worked in the previous convocation has developed operational life, obsolete, besides the software was not suitable for the process of personal electronic voting in the Parliament elected under a mixed system. As the furniture in the room does not change, the attentive viewer will be able to see the photo or television only such testimony conducted in the summer of large-scale works, as increase in the amount of tablet computers on workplaces of deputies. A source in the Duma told “MK” that determining the size of the monitors of these computers — we had to consider several things: they were not to obstruct the faces of the deputies for the body and photography, this had to fit in the furniture that is there, and not to interfere with the deputies to work with the papers in the hall.

These computers will be straight from the workplace to go into closed information systems of the state Duma (the so-called intranet), to the interactive agenda with insertion into it during session changes quickly to the results of the vote.

Old dream MPs — wi-fi in the plenary hall — will not come true, as a conference room — object modal, equipped with a special communication. But to use the Internet on their smartphones or aypeda through the 3G connection here is not prohibited. However, during private meetings, this type of communication is suppressed.

And the state Duma purchased for MPs 500 smartphone with a screen diagonal from 4 to 5.5 inches for a total amount of 4,167 million. It turns out about 8 or more thousand thing… Many MPs do not use “budget” phones with unlimited data plans, and even the most Patriotic flaunt personal brand new models of the “enemy” of iPhones, and Treasury assistants give…

By the way, assistants to deputies working on a permanent basis, and the staff of the fractions, that is, those inhabitants of the building on Okhotny Ryad, whose labor contracts are concluded only for the period of office of members already have received a notice resembling that on the day of convocation of the new Duma, they become unemployed. It is also “as usual”. If the member re-elect or the number of fractions will remain the same (and it depends on the size of the device) — the contract will renew for a new one. And if you do not re-elect… “If I had my way — ready to rig the elections to our passed!” — joked the other day one of the assistants of the Deputy.

In every joke, as they say, there is a joke.


“We somehow have to Dodge and slip between 3rd and 272 FZ-m FZ”, a mysterious phrase described the peculiarity of this shift change, one of the interlocutors “MK” in the Commission on the admission of the deputies of the new convocation.

“3rd law” is a Federal law “On the status member of the Federation Council and the status of the Deputy of the State Duma…”. A “272-y FL” — the wonderful law on the postponement of elections in 2016 from December to September, which says that journalists immediately called the offending deputies with the words “Golden parachutes”. It guarantees to deputies, “not the elected deputies of the state Duma of the seventh convocation or in the bodies of state power of subjects of the Russian Federation or bodies of local self-government, 4 December” the preservation of integrity, monthly cash rewards, cash incentives and lump sum cash benefits acting Deputy of the state Duma, as well as compulsory state insurance, compensation for harm caused to life or health, medical, home security and pensions, the right to a service apartment in Moscow and the guarantee of labor rights as existing members.

Thanks to this law within two months, at least we’ll contain a new Deputy corps and “appendage” from the previous convocation. In addition to additional monetary costs (the price of one “parachute” the authors of the initiative was estimated at about 1.5 million rubles), the document raises several practical issues.

photo: Natalia Gubernatorova
Computerized working places of deputies will be redone.

Will receive a solid benefits package and the salary of deputies, even those former members, who have until December 4th to get a government job or return to the business?

It turns out that Yes! So you interpret the law in the Commission, said “MK”. The law on the status of the Deputy of the state Duma specifically stipulates that the newly elected Deputy of the salary is payable only from the date of dismissal from his former job…

The second issue relates to immunity. The law on the status of the Deputy describes what constitutes “integrity” in relation to the applicable MPs: without the consent of the chamber they cannot be brought to criminal or administrative responsibility imposed in a judicial order, cannot detain, search, arrest (except crime scene), to interrogate. Inviolable by law is the home of the MP, the office, transportation, communication, documents and baggage, correspondence. If the case is filed to send him to court, have to ask the consent of the Duma…

But none of the Russian law says nothing about the former deputies of the state Duma of the sixth convocation, received an exclusive gift in the form of immunity for two months after the termination of their powers! If suddenly the UK will decide to initiate a criminal case against this, “parachute”, then what?

The opinions of the respondents “MK” legally competent individuals diverged: some believe that decisions on the deprivation of immunity in this case would be the state Duma at the request of the attorney General, as is the case with current members, and others — that the attorney General will have to wait until December 4 to make a submission he can’t…

At least to leave the country those who feel on their back the hot breath of the law enforcement agencies during this time.

As I understand the law in the SE and SC — is unknown.


The Commission on the admission of the deputies of the new convocation “MK” reported that the right to free communication and the right use of office vehicles and to purchase Avia and railway tickets, will not izbraucieni “paratroopers” lost since the beginning of the work of the state Duma of the 7th convocation. But, according to our information, already, some deliberately “former” being asked to leave them until December 4th or office, or entitled to official vehicles. If at least one exception to the rules, this certainly will know others, and scandals can not be avoided.

Potentially scandalous is always and the process of eviction of former deputies of service housing: the law on the status provides at a month after the expiration of parliamentary powers. The same law prescribes to allocate a new nonresident MP office accommodation with furniture and all necessary for three months. These are the usual rules, and the Administration of the President, holder’s service housing, there is enough time to tidy the vacated apartment.

But at that time part of the former will stay in service apartments to 4 December, with no word on how long they would have to release then it is housing, not the law!

“Given the need to provide housing for non-resident members of the 7th convocation, we will refer to the former deputies with a request to release for housing in the shortest possible time. Some of them, maybe it will make before December 4,” — said “MK” in the Commission.

You may do it. And maybe you don’t.

Press Secretary, adviser to the Executive Secretary of the President Elena Krylova assured “MK”, that “the deputies will be provided with office premises in the period specified by Federal laws and other normative acts”. That’s all while I can here to inform — before the election is finally not known and the number in need of homes, and the number of those who will stay in the official accommodation until 4 December.

In this convocation in the apartments of the Manager all the time lived about 250 people. It is assumed that in connection with the return to single-member elections the number of non-resident members will increase, which will lead to increased demand for office accommodation, but is it really if increase, by how much?

A source close to the leadership of the Commission, said “MK”, Manager of the President suggested deputies to settle mainly in a new building on the Warsaw highway, not already filled in the old so-called Deputy’s house on Olof Palme, and “the model apartment there, measuring smaller than those on Olof Palme, and we can not exclude conflicts.

As one of the options for the prevention of potential conflicts between members was discussed and to highlight fractions of housing quota, and there really let the party leadership understands how the wants and divides the apartment among their members. But what about with single-seat districts, which are in the faction will not be included?

If you look at sites selling real estate, you can find out what the same house at the address the Warsaw highway, 120, building 1, located within a 10-15 minute walk from the metro station “Chertanovskaya” or “southern” road to the center by car will take about an hour if the traffic’s less. In the house 17 floors, the area of apartments — from 42,6 to 67.94 sq. m, ceiling height 2.7 m. In the Duma say that to get a bus to Okhotny Ryad will have about 2 hours…

Deputy house of Olof Palme, although is not very close from the city center, but in the Western, more environmentally friendly and convenient district of the capital, and there is an apartment of 85 to 300 sq. m area and the ceilings in them — 3.1 meters tall.

For utilities in service flats deputies, by the way, pay out of pocket — the budget is only charged for the housing itself.


And the law on status of Deputy of the state Duma allow it to provide new non-resident members of the hotel at public expense — at the time as they wait to check into apartment… this year staying in hotels for the foregoing reasons, there is likely to be longer than usual.

A few months ago, the Committee on rules and organization of work of the Duma approved a new procedure for providing accommodation while waiting for service housing. This document establishes such requirements to the hotel room that the budget is ready to pay for the MP: “one room corresponding to the first category according to the appropriate classification of a hotel”. Thus in contrast to earlier times, the rich organization of accommodation and payment of accommodation in hotel is provided only for the Deputy of the State Duma, but not for members of his family. As for the disabled of the first group, they are guaranteed a specially equipped room — with the possibility of living together with an accompanying person, alternatively, the maintainer can be allocated a separate room.

A necessary condition for a compact accommodation for MPs in the Central part of the city, because otherwise they will be expensive and long to carry by buses or cars to and from work.

The budgeted cost of the room must not exceed 9.5 thousand rubles a day, “but in the heart there are no prices,” said the “MK” a source in the Commission. At the beginning of last convocation deputies were waiting for apartments in Holiday Inn Moscow Lesnaya and “Mariott Grand Hotel” on Tver (in this more expensive and close to the building of the Duma the hotel lived women, the disabled of the first group and the heroes of the USSR, Russia and socialist labor). Now located within walking distance from the building of the state Duma and the most convenient from this point of view luxury hotels (other major is not here) asking from 28 to more than 50 thousand rubles per night minimum, and there are no single rooms in the desired quantity, continues the source. That people can see on hotel websites.

The number of required rooms according to some estimations, can make from 200 to 300. In addition, the autumn and new year period is attractive to tourists and hotels in the center are filled. Yes, and much zeal in the fight for budget money, the hotels do not show, and it is clear why,” said one of the people familiar with the situation: “following the budget money comes from the chamber, and no one wants the extra inspections.”

Alexander Tarnavsky (“CP”) has told “MK” that when the Commission which he is a member, last met in late July, there were negotiations with several hotels. “The problems were several: one, for example, knows exactly the right number of rooms, and many hotels require the payment of penalties in case of cancellation at the last moment”. According to the Deputy, “conceptually it was about the two hotels Manager of the President — “Golden ring” and “President-hotel”.

“The final decision is still no, we are waiting for answers from different hotels, how many rooms they can give us. We hope in particular to stay in hotels the Manager of the President, but there in the right number of rooms for this time, because the hotels cater to conferences, forums, Supreme and constitutional courts, the government, and not room to give the state Duma,” — said familiar with the situation another source in the Commission.

The hotel “Golden ring”, as can be found on the website of the hotel, located on the Smolenskaya embankment, a single “budget” room (19 sq m) is there from 4500 rubles per day, but these numbers only 21 and a Junior Suite with one bed (45 sq m) — from 8 thousand roubles per day, including 75 rooms. “President hotel” on Yakimanka is more expensive: standard single room (there are 70) will cost from 9500 rubles per day”, the base price is 14.5 thousand rubles a day. But the room has a mini bar with a large assortment of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks”…

How much will cost the budget of “shift change” — taking into account the above features?

The total number now no one will call, because the final range of costs is still unclear. It is only known that the estimates of the state Duma in 2016 was laid on the increase in expenses compared to the previous year by 19 percent, the largest share of this increase — the cost of “shift change” increased because of the need to pay wages will not have fallen “ex” until 4 December.

Expenditures of the office of the President are not yet available. According to “MK”, activities will be funded through the redistribution of funds allocated to the Administration for other needs, and at the end of the year, when changes in the 2016 budget, the money if necessary, isolated.

“Most of the issues were resolved one way or another,” — said “MK” in the Commission on the admission of new members…


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