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Thursday, March 15, 2018

Ilyumzhinov for the court against the United States is ready to take American citizenship

Former President of Kalmykia and current President of the International chess Federation (FIDE) Kirsan Ilyumzhinov is about to sue the U.S. Treasury in the only instances where this can be done in American courts. He intends to seek removal of his name from the sanctions list, which came because of allegations of links with the regime of Bashar al-Assad. In his desire to escape from the effect of us sanctions, Russia has gone so far that even ready to accept American citizenship.

The message that the former head of the Kalmykia Republic is going to take US citizenship, appeared on Sunday. “I asked the President of the United States to grant me American citizenship to make my case about the inclusion in the sanctions list of the US Treasury looked at in a local court. I want to have my case considered on American soil, under American laws,” according to TASS, said Ilyumzhinov at the FIDE Congress in Baku.

“I’m not afraid of American justice, and if not right, is ready to answer”

Former President of Kalmykia did not explain how the wording of Obama should grant him citizenship. Ilyumzhinov, as far as is known, was born in Russia, Elista, and therefore can not qualify for a U.S. passport by right of birth – citizenship on this basis really are awarded with formal approval of the President. Nothing is known about the fact that he has a residence permit in the United States or ever claimed to receive it, or even stayed for any length of time on American soil. Finally, there is also the practice of giving U.S. citizenship for special merits before the United States. But, first, it is unclear what services have Ilyumzhinov is in front of the United States. Second, in this case, he should appeal not to the President but to Congress, who makes such decisions.

Very soon, however, the representative Ilyumzhinov hurried rebuttal. The Director of FIDE representative office in Russia Berik balgabayev called “distortion of facts” about the fact that the President of his organization requested United States citizenship. “He didn’t, he just expressed his willingness to consider the option of adoption, if necessary to protect its interests in the U.S.,” said balgabayev.

Then with the refinements made and he said. “Ready to sue in the Supreme court of the United States under American law. If that’s not enough, and to plead with the government Agency, the US can only be a citizen of America, I pray that Obama is out of the lineup gave me American citizenship to protect their business reputation and honor”, – he said. Ilyumzhinov drew Parallels with the granting of Russian citizenship to the boxer Roy Jones Jr.

“If I win in court it would continue to promote chess in the US, as Jones does it in Russia with Boxing,” said the President of FIDE. – I will develop a program of chess development in schools of America. I’m not afraid of American justice, and if not right, is ready to answer.”

Saying that Ilyumzhinov is not afraid of contacts with the legal system of the United States, it is difficult to argue. Among all the many Russian officials that fall under us sanctions, he is most actively trying to get kicked out of black lists. This is probably due to the fact that its history in a series of similar stories of Russian officials and businessmen stands out. Will hit the American black list (and it involves the arrest of accounts and property in USA, if any are found, and a ban on entry into this country), not because of the position in the Crimea or Donbass, and because of allegations in support of the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. Moreover, sanctions imposed against it not through the state Department, and the Ministry of Finance.

The official wording which is included in ” black list “for financial aid and actions in the interests and on behalf of the government and the Central Bank of Syria.” The Syrian authorities, as you know, are under U.S. sanctions. According to the American Ministry of Finance, financial transactions with the Syrian government carried out through the Bank “Russian financial Alliance”. Its actual co-owners, according to the Americans are the Russians and the Syrian Mudalal Khoury, also included in the black list.

FIDE President the charges in his address denies categorically. He insists that it did not conduct any commercial business with the Syrian government. Ilyumzhinov does not deny that he met with President Bashar al-Assad, but spoke to him only about the development of chess in the country. The inclusion in the us blacklist, he connected with what is “active foreign policy”, in meeting with representatives of regimes that the US has extremely tense relations. In addition to Syria, Russia made a visit to North Korea. Including thanks to his efforts, the DPRK entered into FIDE. By the way, ironically, Ilyumzhinov has been banned in the USA before 2016, which, again, is not without his effort, was declared the United States a year of chess. Moreover, FIDE has decided that the match between the current world champion Norwegian Magnus Carlsen and Challenger for the title with Russian Sergey Karjakin will be held in new York next November.

American Finance Ministry calls the two Syrian citizens, with whom Ilyumzhinov allegedly led the financial Affairs: it is the head of the country’s Central Bank ADIB, Mayaleh and employee of this Bank Betul Ridoy. Familiarity with the latest Ilyumzhinov denies and generally first heard her name when I read about what is included in the American black list. “I even thought that this man,” admitted the President of FIDE. As for Mayaleh, he said, he said, have met several times (the last time was during a visit to Syria and talks with Assad), but the financial Affairs are not discussed. According to FIDE President, head of the Central Bank was asked to help his daughter, who “harassed in school in France.” And will solve this problem.

In February, he sent a letter to the American Ministry of Finance with the requirement to familiarize him with the materials on the basis of which it was included in the black list. Ilyumzhinov expressed even a willingness to be research on the lie detector. However, to answer him, the Ministry of Finance did not, and in may of this year, FIDE President appealed to the court of the city of Washington. In addition to the exclusion from the sanctions list, he demands payment in $ 50 billion.

In August, Russia tried to personally fly to the process. But in the plane of American airline “Delta” did not let him, saying that he is forbidden to enter America. After that, apparently, he decided that it was time to go on the attack on the American Themis.

The task which he undertook to solve, very complicated. American courts are extremely reluctant to even take into consideration the claims of foreign individuals regarding their inclusion in the black list. Of course, if the legal status of Ilyumzhinov somehow changed (say, he will not let a citizen, a permanent resident of the United States) will change and his judicial perspective. Indeed, in this case it would be only financial claim to the Ministry of Finance.

And most importantly, the Russians will have the right to travel to the United States. If he is right he is not granted, the November match for the championship crown, which for the first time since 2008 will pretend to be Russian, will take place without the presence of FIDE.


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