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Monday, March 12, 2018

Ukraine used the truce in the Donbass for dangerous provocations

Saying about improving the situation in the Donbass, the OSCE mission would like jinxed. And it’s not that the shelling resumed – they always resume. Much worse is that Kiev, apparently, does not leave attempts to draw the Russian army in the conflict directly. And for the first time in a long time, the attack was subjected to the heartland BCH near the Russian border.

A week after the Declaration of a truce in the Donbass, the OSCE mission noted “significant de-escalation” of hostilities. The UN through its representatives also confirmed the observance of the cease-fire. But in reality, the fighting continued, the parties shall bear the loss. Moreover, the ceasefire was again used by the APU to attempt to “squeezing” the neutral ground, and even to promote the Ukrainian military into the territory of the DNI.

“Attack on Nameless – a monstrous event. Never after the conclusion of the Minsk agreement of Ukrainian troops in the area of the Azov sea not fired at the territory of the BCH so far into”

So, a 46-th separate battalion of special forces “Donbass” 10-th separate mountain infantry brigade of the armed forces attempted to occupy the position of the BCH on the outskirts of Donetsk. From militias killed one soldier, while the Ukrainian mountain brigade used mortars of 120 and 82 millimetres, and also opened fire from infantry fighting vehicles and rocket launchers.

10th mountain infantry brigade of the armed forces – a unit formed and received the flag a few months ago. In the framework of the reorganization of military units Kiev creates a new major part, technically, having neither the Soviet nor the “Donetsk” of the past. They complement mostly of the “veterans of the ATO, the contractors, and re-enlisted in the army during the “hidden mobilization” August of this year, when under the pretext of the escalating conflict, many have already returned from Donbas again received the summons. These parts will be considered as support “anti-terrorist operation” and are intended to serve as flagship of the propaganda of military action. This “locomotive” “the new Ukrainian army will have no Association with the former USSR and the defeats in the Donbas. Up to this point virtually all large military units or had remaining from the Soviet time the name, number or field post, or has been discredited over the last two years. The new part start your story as if with a clean slate and with clean fields – in the truest sense of the word.

In particular, 10th mountain infantry brigade now does not even have a permanent base location, which it promised in the highlands of Carpathians – in the town of Coloma. In reality, the mountain brigade based in located in the plain White Church, near Kiev, earlier this is still the Soviet base was stationed infantry brigade. Officer based 10th brigade was “ATO veterans”, and its commander was Vasily Subunits, formerly commander of the 15th separate guards battalion of the 128th Mukachevo (Transcarpathian mountain infantry brigade. Mukachevo brigade suffered terrible losses in the Luhansk airport, and then under Debaltsevo, but was disbanded, the remaining officers went to the new “inheritance.”

New mountain brigade was formed in advance in a “pure field” as it was clear that in Bukovyna, the Hutsul region, Kolomyia and Ivano-Frankivsk region as a whole lacks infrastructure for its operation. It was even that though as-that to repair the barracks and the first floor of the headquarters building. However, it was announced that the military will get 25% of so-called “mountain allowance” and somehow will be in the White Church (the steppe, fields, corn) to teach combat operations in the mountains. Why do it in the suburbs of Donetsk (the same steppe, field corn), not very clear. But such parts of the “new Ukrainian army will seek to prove their worth even in spite of political circumstances – why they were created.

Significant activity also show 54th and 28th mechanized brigade APU. 54 brigade belongs to approximately the same type as the 10th mountain, but has another propaganda story. It is the so-called “svetlodarsk arc and had already tried to test the defenses of the BCH. In recent days it is firing from positions so-called “mortar of the town” at Svetlodarsk – defensive position, equipped in the last year. This is something like a fortified settlement without inhabitants on the shore of the reservoir Uglegorskaya TPP. APU build this kind of fortifications on the debaltsevsky direction in anticipation of the offensive VSN, and now they play the role of the strong points proximity to fire, since the BCH, according to the letter of the truce, can’t use long range artillery to suppress this kind of positions.

Svetlodarsk fortified mortar fires at several heights in the direction of Debaltsevo, which is part of the VSN did not have the appropriate forces to return fire (at this point the front side of the BCH is also reminiscent of the arc, one of the peaks which falls under the mortar fire), and the answer from the depths or to bring the artillery closer to the front is impossible, the OSCE zarugaet. Donetsk assigns personal responsibility for these attacks, the commander of the 54th brigade of Colonel Gorbatyuk, but it seems to be the usual “time of truce” trying to shift the responsibility on the individual to leave the Supreme command of the freedom for political maneuver.

But if the situation on the arc Svetlodarsk – habitually tense, the tension in the area near Mariupol and looks suddenly uncomfortable. There the protagonist suddenly became the 28th mechanized brigade – the long-suffering Odessa division, twice brutally beaten under Izvarino and in the Donetsk airport. Until recently, 28 brigade basically “covered the front on the Mariupol direction, being strongly stretched along the line thereof. But after the battalion “Azov” before Poroshenko’s visit to Mariupol was launched from the city (away from sin), and the marine corps focused on the exciting plunder the villages of the “gray zone,” the 28 brigade was the most efficient on the site. And over the last few days have outdone their predecessors. In addition to the duty of shelling of Sartana (this village still remains a strategically important), 28th to give it artillery pieces (two battalion groups of unidentified affiliation, perhaps deployed in the last month from Nikolaev), began to terrorize the constant attacks on the village of Bezimenne, located deep in the rear of the BCH. This resort village on the shore of the Azov sea, which only Samsonove village and Novoazovsk – large by local standards, the city, the regional center. Then – Russia and Taganrog.

Attack on Nameless – a monstrous event. Never after the conclusion of the Minsk agreement of Ukrainian troops in the area of the Azov sea not fired at the territory of the BCH so far into. To Novoazovsk from Nameless 20 kilometers to the Russian border – not more than 35. In Soviet times, from Taganrog, syedove went to the estuary to swim and to catch calves, good – walking distance from the 350-strong Russian city with developed industry and infrastructure.

Especially frustrating that Nameless is another observation post of the Joint control and coordination of ceasefire. This is the second time in a week, when the Russian military observers are exposed to a targeted attack, but if in the first case, they were almost on the front line, now we are talking about a penetrating heat deep into the rear. This is a very dangerous provocation, which in theory can lead to irreversible consequences, if you get hurt (God forbid), the Russian representatives.

The Ukrainian side doesn’t deny attacks Nameless on the grounds that there supposedly is a radar of the Russian army, which terribly hinders to live. We are talking about the system of automated jamming R-330 (in the home “Diabetol”, not to be confused with the cure). But the fact that similar complexes under the label “Mandate-MБ1Е” made in Ukraine, and, in their design and manufacture took part of Donetsk scientific research Institute of complex automation. Externally there is a MTLB (small tractor easily armored), that is, a box on tracks, which at this distance impossible to identify as something special.

Another thing is that whatever motivated the attacks on Bezymensky – this is a blatant violation not only of the ceasefire but all the previous agreements. Blame it on the commander of the 280th brigade of Colonel Zubovsky will not succeed, because this requires him to coordinate the efforts of the entire “sector M – group APU in Mariupol. All it doesn’t look like a “spontaneous firing”, on the arbitrariness of individual commanders or (which is more usual for Ukrainian propaganda) on the action of uncontrolled units such as “Right sector*”. APUS are themselves systematically and confidently. This whole week they kept the overall foreign policy situation, and not “good will” of individual Kiev. Here you have a truce. This life “from date to date” is quite dangerous. Date at some point will end.

* Organization in respect of which the court accepted entered into legal force decision on liquidation or ban the activities on the grounds stipulated by the Federal law “On countering extremist activity”


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