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Wednesday, July 26, 2017

UFO found on the moon antenna alien

On one of the images of the lunar surface taken from orbit of the satellite, a UFO mark Sawalha saw a “pin” which, in his opinion, is an established alien antenna. Under this antenna, according to UFO, can hide the base of the aliens who landed on the moon for its resources.

In the picture, a fragment of which he increased a UFO, you can see two bars — a small black and more blurred grey — which given the desire, can be taken for long spike and shadow from it. Sawalha speculates that the aliens can extract the moon minerals. The UFO, as usual in such cases, admits that the NASA experts can know about alien activity, but deliberately hide this information. The contact with aliens he is inclined to explain the abandonment of manned flights to the moon.

It is worth noting that today, the Moon his “popularity” among ufologists is considerably inferior to Mars — perhaps because the Rovers off the surface of the red planet, giving more space for imagination than orbital images. For the last time Mars was “discovered” the skull of a dinosaur and Bigfoot, ancient shells, remains of prehistoric fish, crawling stone giant gorilla and camel, man-made pyramids, cave paintings, the hand of the robot, a landing zone for the UFOs and even the man in the suit. At the same time, the Moon for the last time, it was only a couple of alien bases, each of which, however, consists of several dozen buildings (those ufologists believe the rows of dots discovered in some pictures).

The phenomenon behind the “discoveries” of this kind is called “pareidolia”. It is a form of visual illusions that occur when a person sees a certain mysterious shape, subconsciously trying to “finish” them, before he begins to think that he sees something familiar.

It should be noted that these experts, representing space agencies, not always exclude the possibility of the existence of life beyond Earth. However, the news about aliens serious scientists are skeptical, because even in the case of its existence, the aliens are unlikely to choose “a personal visit” to the Solar system to establish contact. The lack of official comments to the news similar to that described above, astrophysicists explain that they simply do not want to attract additional attention to the already unworthy of his subject.


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