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Monday, February 19, 2018

Trump’s words about Putin and Obama caused panic in Washington

Thursday, September 8, Republican candidate for US President, Donald trump reiterated that Russian President Vladimir Putin, as the leader of your country is superior to President Barack Obama. “This statement provoked a cascade of criticism from Democrats and some discomfort among Republicans,” writes the newspaper “new York times”. However, this does not apply to the Governor of Indiana Mike Pence, the current candidate for Vice-President from the Republican party. Speaking on TV channel si-EN-EN, Pence said supporting trump: “I think it is indisputable that Putin is a stronger leader in his country than Obama is in his.

photo: youtube.com

Donald Trump

Hillary Clinton, how to write a Washington newspaper tried to “flaying” with trump for what he put Putin above Obama, saying that the former are more capable leader. She accused trump of being not only Patriotic, but also offends the people of his country and Supreme commander. And it’s very scary.” According to Clinton, trump, if he is elected President of the United States, will be only “weapon” in the hands of Putin.

“This means that he will allow the Russian President to do whatever he wants, and he will be confined to an apology for his actions,” said Clinton on Thursday to reporters. The ferocity of Clinton suggests that the presidential race becomes more intense.

In addition, the trump twice humiliated the American generals, and said that he will expel all the current military leadership. He also hinted that the intelligence officials who gave him a secret briefing about the threats facing the United States allegedly hinted that the current President did not pay attention to their warnings.

Mrs. Clinton, apparently, is glad, saying that her Republican opponent distract media and public from its almost illegal action in using their own servers while working at the state Department.

On Thursday, trump said over and over that President Putin is more tightly govern Russia than “our President”. Such statements are very far from the traditional bounds of American political discourse. Resorting to these statements, the Republican candidate again creates difficulties for his party, which scratches his head, trying to protect their leader.

The speaker of the house of representatives Paul Ryan said Thursday in Washington that the Kremlin puts cyber attacks our political system”. Ryan was referring to an attack by unknown hackers on the national Committee of the democratic party. On the forum of TV channel EN-Bi-si trump challenged the “blame Russia”, saying that the perpetrators of this cyber attack is still unknown.

On Thursday, trump went even further, stating that it is unlikely that the cyber attack was made by Russia. He also questioned Russia’s intervention in U.S. elections, accusing the Democrats that they put forward such arguments.

In the form that would hardly be permissible for the Republican candidate during the cold war and after it, trump said that improving relations with the Kremlin will be the Central task of his presidency.

According to the newspaper “new York times” even Tom Clancy and Johnle Carre, taken together, would not be able to come up with such a change in policy one of the American major parties. Speaking against Asian, Latin American and middle Eastern countries trump consistently gave credit policy of the Putin government. He talked about the fact that Putin owns interests of Russian society and hinted that he, the tramp, will defend the Baltic States which are NATO members. Thus, trump would say that he believes the Baltic States sphere of influence of Moscow. We must not forget that during one of his press conferences trump has urged Russia to engage in hacking in order to detect e-mail, Hillary Clinton, which overlooked the FBI.”

Some Newspapers write that such statements trump can be determined by its business interests after the presidential election.

Even Senator Marco Rubio of Florida, who is now fighting for re-election to the Senate, moved to support trump. He refused to criticize trump, saying he doesn’t want to be a “news commentator”.

Senator Jeff sessions from Alabama, quite possibly the closest ally of trump on Capitol hill, had difficulty finding words when his back was against the wall, demanding comments about trompowsky statements.

When the press asked Senator: is there some kind of watershed for the rhetoric of the candidates, the sessions stopped for a full 10 seconds, and then said: “I tried to adhere to the trump very diligently, but now more and more I understand that it is the policy of the modern world”.

The reaction of the Democrats to trump statements is twofold. On the one hand they are happy that they can use verbal excesses of his opponent and to paint his image as epresidency. On the other hand they are pleased that the attention of the public and social media is not concentrating on the mistakes and blunders of Hillary Clinton.

Democrats and even some Republicans were talking about what kind of turmoil would cause the application of the candidate of the Democrats for President, if he with the same reverent attitude to the Kremlin leader and would have insulted the Republican President.

Experts in this area I remember from American history only one episode. This is when Henry Wallace, leader of the progressive party, tried in 1948 to associate itself with the Soviet Union.

On Thursday, Ms. Clinton gave a press conference. She referred to the most popular President among Republicans — Reagan. By the way, the Republican candidate for Vice-President Pens played from the library of Ronald Reagan. Ms. Clinton said that neither Republican candidate to trump, has never attacked American generals and praised the Russian President. After the press conference, Clinton flew to North Carolina in order to increase participation in elections African-American voters. She again remembered the words of trump and said, “trump prefers the Russian President to our President”.

But the Donald trump expressed no regret for what he had said. His aides did not respond to the email that asked trump to “clarify” their comments about the Russian leader. The trump explained the attack, Mrs. Clinton, that this is a desperate attack on him in the background of falling interest Clinton in the polls.

Trump expressed his thought as follows: “Clinton is floundering in a morass of campaign and drowning in the falling percentages of opinion polls”.



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