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Saturday, March 17, 2018

Trump and Clinton: what they specifically offer to their constituents

Provocative and controversial statements eccentric Donald trump, the scandals around the figure of former Secretary of state Hillary Clinton – the current election campaign in the United States can not be called boring. However, with the tinsel of mutual accusations exchanged between the opponents, with the media highlighting the unpleasant details of life candidates sometimes lost what, in fact, elections are held. Which way will go the United States after November 2016? How close or far apart the programs offered by the country Donald trump and Hillary Clinton? “MK” has decided to isolate the main relevant aspects of the election platforms of the American candidates.

photo: en.wikipedia.org

The first thing that catches the eye — the brevity trompowsky program. She has a total of seven paragraphs: “the Economic vision”, and “health care Reform”, “Reform of U.S.-China trade relations,” “the Rights granted by the Second amendment”, “the reform of the Ministry of veterans Affairs”, “Immigration reform” and “the icing on the cake” – the section “Fee for a wall.” This refers to the wall that trump promised to build on the border with Mexico – at the expense of Mexicans, though it be in the presidential chair. Many analysts at first regarded this statement as part of the populist rhetoric inherent in the Republican candidate, but he is from this part of the program refuses and their priorities does not hide.

Political experience of Hillary Clinton, which deprived its rival, the businessman, had an effect on the course of its election campaign. In the program former Secretary of state 38 sentences, divided into six categories: the Economy and work”, “Education”, “environment”, “Health”, “Justice and equality” and “national security”. And it’s not how Clinton and her allies “crushed” every plot. According to experts, the program of the democratic candidate is almost 113 thousand words, then as her opponent missed the 9 thousand. Short certainly the sister of talent, but whether the thesis in this case?

Economy: taxes above all else

Taxes, which predictably present in the programs, and trump’s and Clinton.

GDP growth in the US at the moment is the weakest since the great Depression, begins its appeal to voters trump. In this regard, the Republican offers, among other things:

– to conduct the largest since the Reagan tax reform;

– lower taxes for all;

– limit the tax on business 15%;

to get rid of bureaucrats who know how to cut jobs, replacing them with people who know how such places create.

– exit the TRANS-Pacific partnership (TPP);

– declare China a currency manipulator.

To the potential voter was easier to understand what was going on, trump leads in its economic program the main differences with the program of Clinton, in which, in his opinion, expenditure and taxation will only increase, and GDP will grow by no more than 2% per year. “She doesn’t believe in a better future for America – only in a redistribution of the Venezuelan type in the framework of a stagnant economy,” he concludes.

Is it really so?

Indeed, Clinton does not give promises like lowering taxes for everyone. It is expected to simplify and reduce taxation for small businesses (up to five hired workers), as well as tax incentives for those who are faced with the need to pay for expensive treatment, or caring for sick or elderly relatives.

In addition to this Clinton intends:

– to reform “too complicated” according to her, the banking system of the United States;

– to ensure respect for workers ‘ rights by returning to the practice of bargaining between unions and enterprise management;

– to take measures to ensure that countries such as China, do not abuse global trade rules;

to reject such agreements as the TPP – because they did not meet the required United States a very high standard.

Of course, both candidates in the programs there were a lot of words about improving working conditions for American citizens, but the cornerstone of the economy still remains the problem of taxation. Here, the positions of trump and Clinton do differ substantially, but this is not the only example in their programs.

Migrants: walls or integration?

The USA is the only country in the world which puts the interests of immigrants above their own, says trump. From the desire to put an end to this situation and derive the principal elements of his immigration programme.

Of course, we are talking, primarily, about the notorious wall in the South (she is, as has already been said, a whole section devoted to paint, why Mexico will benefit as a lump sum to spend on a “fence” of $5-10 billion).

The next important point — tripling the number of officers monitoring the performance of border and immigration laws of the United States.

Among other plans trump:

– forced to send home all prisoners and released in the United States of migrants;

– detention of those arrested illegally crossing the border people before sending them home (instead of the practice of “caught-released”);

– cuts in Federal grants to cities, not wishing to comply with Federal laws (in the U.S., as you know, a significant portion of local law is governed by the authorities of individual States;

– tougher penalties for stay in the U.S. with an expired visa;

– ending the practice of granting U.S. citizenship by birth in the United States (which, according to trump, is now attracting a lot of migrants);

– priority rights for workers-US citizens when hiring.

In a large-scale immigration reform, declared Clinton, several other priorities. First of all, the democratic candidate intends to abolish the three – and ten-year bans on re-entry into the U.S. for immigrants who were in the country on an expired visa (more than six months and over a year respectively). These bans have repeatedly criticized American society, as it has contributed to migrants with expired documents remained in the shadows: apply for a visa when the previous period expired, you can only in the U.S. Consulate outside the United States. This, according to Clinton, it is extremely painful for families in which the spouses have different citizenship or immigration status.

In addition, we are talking about:

– increased access of migrants, regardless of status, to health care, in particular, about the ability to buy health insurance;

– increasing the number of programmes relating to naturalization, for example, in the English language, reducing their cost for visitors;

– support of integration processes by creating a National office for migrants, grant of $15 million and increase funding for programs of the English language;

– ending the practice of detention of families crossed the border because of “hopeless” situations;

– the concentration of efforts and resources on the detention and deportation only those immigrants who pose a threat to public order;

– providing for those seeking U.S. asylum, the chance to “tell their stories”.

Of course, trump’s and Clinton have something in common: they both spoke about the need for immigration reform, about the need to respect laws in this area. But the differences are obvious: where trump intends to isolate itself and send it, Clinton is scheduled to let to help. The latter, of course, often causes a sharp criticism of the democratic candidate – especially against the background of migration processes in Europe.

Health care: will the legacy of Obama?

Health care reform and the protection of patients, initiated by Barack Obama – a long-standing subject of public and political debate in the United States. The main element of the reform, receiving people in the name of Obamacare became mandatory medical insurance for Americans and subsidies to the poor, for whom buying insurance is not enough funds.

Now Obamacare, the way that Barack Obama barely broke through constant battles with Congress and the Supreme court, became the cornerstone for candidates for the post of President.

“The first day of the administration of the trump, we will ask Congress to immediately and completely revoke Obamacare,” reads the program of the Republican. Thus it is that not one American will be required to buy insurance, if it chooses to do so.

After that, trump will:

– to revise the current law allowing companies to sell insurance only in their States; this is intended to increase choice for citizens and increase competition;

– to allow citizens to use special savings accounts (Health Savings Accounts), free from taxation, where will the money collected on pedobrazovanie person. Such accounts should be part of the property and be inherited.

– require health facilities, doctors complete transparency regarding the pricing policy – again, for the growth of the competition and offer citizens a choice.

Clinton, as it’s easy to assume, the main objective of its policy in the field of health sees the preservation and further development of Obamacare. She also plans:

– to reduce the prices of drugs drugs sold only when prescribed;

– to take measures to protect consumers from a sudden increase in prices of essential drugs. Having few peers. Or not having them at all (obviously, attention to this problem was attracted by the incident with the head of a pharmaceutical company Turing by Martin Shkreli, who is the sole decision raised the price of the drug Daraprim more than 55 times);

to guarantee pregnant women the right to quality and safe service, including the possibility of abortion (on this issue trump has repeatedly made contradictory statements; however, in its programme a separate item on abortion);

– increase in ten years, doubled funding for community health centers.

The choice facing the voter in this case, very simple: if the current state of medicine in the US, his suits, his candidate – Clinton. If I do not want the extension of the existing system, and its total revision – for it to Trump.

Weapons: one concerns the Second amendment

The second amendment to the U.S. Constitution guarantees citizens the right to keep and bear arms is inviolable. In this meet, and trump, and Clinton. And both also agree in the need to strengthen control over the circulation and use of weapons. However, a few different ways.

Trump, in particular, offers:

– increase the punishment for crimes using weapons. As a successful example, he calls the Project Exile program that was started several years ago in Richmond, Virginia. According to her, the person who committed the crime with a weapon, is condemned by a Federal court and sent to prison not less than five years without the right to petition for commutation of sentence and no parole. “I call this program a success,” trump said;

– to expand the rights of law-abiding citizens to use arms in self-defense;

providing the opportunity for law-abiding Americans to buy any firearm of their choice;

to make a permit to carry concealed from the prying eyes of weapons common to all States, not just in the state in which the document is issued.

“I believe that weapons of war have no place on our streets,” says Hillary Clinton. – We may have disagreements on the rules of circulation of weapons, but we should be able to agree in some aspects. If the FBI is watching you, suspecting of having links with terrorists, you should be able to freely buy a gun… If you are too dangerous to be allowed on the plane, you are too dangerous and in order to buy a gun in America.”

In light of the above, the democratic candidate intends to:

– to oblige the greater number of places where they sell weapons, in particular auctions, to check the information about the buyer;

tougher action against sellers who violate the laws;

– prohibit keeping firearms in the house to persons subjected to liability under the allegations of domestic violence, accused of violent crimes, and suffering from a serious mental illness;

– to punish – at the Federal level, for a ride to buy a gun for a person who has no right to wear it and keep a home;

– close the “loopholes” in the legislation that allows mentally ill people to acquire weapons.

However, the specific measures to implement the aforesaid objectives candidates are not given, and this is understandable. The gun lobby is one of the strongest in the US, and apparently whoever was in the White House after the election in November, she (or he) have a long and difficult path to the implementation of the stated steps.

Moscow-Washington: confrontation or cooperation?

As already wrote “MK”, one of the main features of the foreign policy approach of Donald trump – his desire to get away from “globalism.” Instead, the Republican offers a “Americanism”, the network focused on national interests and domestic problems. This discourse fit perfectly and sharp comments regarding trump’s partners in NATO (specifically the fact that the participation of these partners is very modest), and the regular wishes and promises to improve relations with Moscow.

Hillary Clinton, on the contrary, during the election campaign repeatedly critical of Russia, suspecting the Kremlin of meddling in American elections. However, many experts agree that such statements are only campaign rhetoric and getting Clinton in the white house, she will run against Russia very different policy.

“Electoral platform of the Democrats – calm, moderate, in contrast to the public rhetoric of Hillary Clinton, and the spirit is a continuation of Obama’s policies – said the head of the research Center mechanism United States Institute of USA and Canada studies Sergey Samuylov. – If we are talking about foreign policy, where the interests of Washington and Moscow coincide, assumes active cooperation. No land wars in the middle East will not return to Iraq and fight on the ground with the so-called “Islamic state” (IG, banned terrorist group) will not.”.

Republicans continuously criticized Obama for softness in relations with Russia, obviously, will interfere with Trump, if elected President, to carry out the steps towards Russia that he has announced. Therefore, it is possible, despite the Pro-Russian statements billionaires, Moscow is more profitable will continue Obama’s course in the face of Clinton.

The difference in priorities

As already mentioned, the election programs of trump and Clinton differ significantly, even a cursory look at the list of the indicated problems. This is very significant, as it allows to understand the priorities of the candidates.

The program of the trump, for example, does not affect the issue of reforms in the field of education, while Clinton devotes a whole section, offering, in particular, the abolition of tuition fees in College come from families with an annual income of up to $85 million (for families with income of up to $125 thousand by 2021) and other measures to increase access to education.

Trump, in turn, pays special attention to trade relations with China, Recalling what led US to the entry of China into the world trade organization (WTO). “Americans witnessed the closure of more than 50 thousand factories and the loss of tens of millions of jobs. It was not a good deal for America then and is not now. This is a typical example of how politicians in Washington destroy our country.”. Against this background, the trump intends to declare China currency manipulator (which is mentioned in the economic section of the programme), to put an end to violations of intellectual property rights from the PRC to deprive Beijing of export subsidies and other advantages in trade.

The problem of relations with China, however, is not so much concerned about Hillary Clinton (for China it was a place in the economic section, see above), which, unlike trump, focuses on the fight against terrorism, environmental issues etc.

In General, the programs of both candidates, by their nature, are not new: the sleek trump is building his platform on opposition to the results (in his version — failed) activities of the Obama administration. Hillary also announced a detailed package of measures on continuation of the path and the consolidation of the results (in the interpretation of positive policy than Obama.


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