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Tuesday, February 20, 2018

The scientists said that dogs love to watch on TV

Often dog owners notice that their Pets watch with interest the TV screen, as if taking place on it interesting. However, until now it was unknown whether animals get pleasure from watching. Some experts are of the opinion that dog so just trying to make the company the owner or imitate him. However, scientists from the University of Central Lancashire made a statement that to watch TV friends of the people like.

photo: pixabay.com

The researchers found that dogs enjoy watching the transmission, the content of which they are somehow “close”. For example, dogs like to watch the toy-the Squeaker on television, if such a toy had led them excited and “in reality”. Also four-legged friends are watching with interest the other dogs on the screen, I like to listen to them barking and rejoice if they receive a reward for executing the command.

Dogs, unlike people, rarely feel the urge to watch TV for a long time and without stopping — for this animal lacks the ability to long concentration. On the other hand, short and dynamic plot, the duration of which is several seconds or more, it may be of interest to the four-legged viewers. According to the scientists, primarily dogs it is interesting to observe images in blue and yellow colors — the structure of the eye of these animals is that they can only distinguish shades of these two colors.

Experts also note that some countries have already conducted experiments to create “television for dogs”, which takes into account some of the above subtleties. However, as again noted by the researchers, even if the TV for dogs will become commonplace, watch it for a long time the dog will not be due to the fact that by nature they tend to periodically distracted from one activity to another.

Recently, researchers representing the University of Budapest, found that dogs are very good to understand human speech — like tone, and many words. Moreover, a dog’s brain processes human speech-the”source” about the same as another person’s brain.


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