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Thursday, February 22, 2018

The purpose Kuznetsova demonstrates the important HR trend

The figure of the new Commissioner of the presidential on the rights of the child discussed much more than the ongoing parliamentary campaign. The appointment of 34-year-old mother of six children, the head of the charity Foundation and wife of the priest in the position of “chief of children” confirmed the important HR trend.

The departure of Paul Astakhov with the office of the Commissioner for children was a foregone conclusion even in the summer. The presidential Council on human rights even suggested that his three nominations, including famous Doctor Liza – Elizabeth Glinka.

“Ties and values were what they were from the beginning – Russian mother with six children”

And on Friday it became known President’s choice. The new head of children” was the 34-year-old Anna Kuznetsova, which before the General public was not familiar. And narrow the public outside of the Penza region found out its only in the last couple of years – since, as Kuznetsova began working with onf, and soon became head of the Penza branch of the front.

In the front she came because for several years before that engaged in social activities. What is called charity, and it really is just caring for others, helping those who find themselves in a difficult situation and in trouble. Kuznetsova created the Foundation “Pokrov” was engaged in the assistance to large and poor families, she raised money to establish a shelter for mothers with children in difficult life situations” (for example, young single mother with nowhere to go from the hospital).

While the Kuznetsova mother: 33 years she bore six children. The husband is the priest in the Church of the Resurrection in the Penza village Uvarovo, after she received psychological and theological education. This year participated in the preliminary vote for the election of candidates to the state Duma from “United Russia” and won easily by typing in his native Penza region, two-thirds of the votes. Now Kuznetsova will not work in the Duma, and Putin – and the choice of the President was the second in two weeks that met the sincere support in the community.

Generally, over the past five months three women were appointed and elected to positions, which need to be addressed that concerns everyone. In April, the Duma chose Commissioner for human rights Tatyana Moskalkova, the Deputy of the state Duma from “Fair Russia”, doctor of legal Sciences, major-General of reserve and a former employee of the interior Ministry. In late August the Minister of education was Olga Vasilyeva is a member of the presidential administration, a Professor and doctor of historical Sciences, specializing in the history of the Russian Church. And now there was Anna Kuznetsova. All three were Orthodox. Seemingly, what’s so surprising in a country where the majority of the population is Orthodox Christians. But here’s the thing.

And Vasiliev and Kuznetsov is the people, not just believers in God, but seeking to serve the community. Not to his pocket, pride, career, and even just the state – namely, society, people. In the case Vasilyeva is evident that immediately stated that education is not a service, but the service, direction of cultural and spiritual life of the people of the state”, which determines what will be our people, society, country.

And about Kuznetsova speak her case. The mother of six children, the wife of a rural priest, activist, considers the aid to children and mothers of his Ministry, the meaning of his life. She says that “if by 2025, Russia will not be 50 percent of the families with four children, we can not talk about the reproduction of the nation”, about the need to take care of the family that should be based on the strong ethical values.

But she stressed that “non-material incentive measures of the family in Russia is now more than relevant and timely as the moral values of the family we have not so obsolete as in the West.” In General, she believes that “a large family should become the elite – only then can we talk about the support values large families”.

But the purpose of Vasilyeva, and Kuznetsova was pleased with not only the Orthodox – because what they say is clear and close to the absolute majority of our people. Because people see that Kuznetsov is not just believes in what she says – she’s living it. Because I see that the power of the people come ideas, people with ideals and values. For which power is valuable only because it gives more opportunities to implement what they do – nurturing a loving and knowledgeable Home his children a good education for them, taking care of a large and living in the love of family. And to do this not only for myself but for others here’s what does Kuznetsova.

Who made her a mother trying to convince mothers not to abandon their children in maternity hospitals? Who is forced to create a Fund to help orphans and single mothers? Who brought in high offices, to get help and money for a good cause? No one – only her love for people, to God, to the Homeland. To his children and to strangers, “which does not happen.” And what she tried to do on the first level of the native of Penza, and now she tries to do at the level of the whole country.

In fact, so motivated people and should go into power – which in Russian tradition is the cross, in the service of the people. It is clear that this can be considered naive dreams, but only such people are considered to be in the Russian history these ascetics, examples of those in power. Let them now a little at the top – is important because the trend is.

Therefore, the society and welcomed the appointment of Kuznetsova. People see that the Kremlin is increasingly pulls up such people – not accidentally, Kuznetsova was “caught” through a popular front. Which, in fact, it was created to unite, mobilize, vertical and horizontal bundles active, caring, honest people who want are willing and able to serve the public, common cause. Those who have already proved themselves in their native land the concrete work on the interests of a particular social group. And on common interests – because taking care of children, whether through supporting large families, or saving the life of an unborn child through the admonition of his mother, this is something that concerns the whole society.

When Putin dozens of times after returning to the Kremlin was talking about how he wants to concerned and active people “of the land” were recruited to work in the government, it was perceived by some as formal, meaningless words. The “elite” will not give, vertical elevators do not work, all caught, bought, all is lost, poor great Russia is dying before our eyes, although the President himself and the boy, and “here took the Crimea”.

But other people, those are the most passionate and already doing business, listened and responded, and knocked at the door and fought, and did. And heard them – because really looking for.

And here is the result: we see how one of these simple Russian women came to the Kremlin. Ties and values, over which laughed miserable cynics, turned out to be what they were from the beginning – Russian mother with six children, with a solid understanding of what is good and what is evil. And which will now be for the President to protect the family, children. And to defend our values and ideals – which are actually stronger than all material values, because they are more durable, because it is on their basis was created Russian civilization.

And, Yes, Anna Kuznetsova will defend them like my own family – because she does not divide children on and another’s, because saving children’s lives is the meaning of her life. And to save they need both physically and spiritually. One inseparable from the other, and without education in the spirit of higher values (the continuation of which are the family the family “as an institution”, nor Russian civilization or the state. In a senseless, besandote Russian women will not give birth to children.

And Kuznetsova are just kids and just Russia – which we don’t need to argue about the “rethinking of the meaning of such concepts as family, children, love and the homeland.


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