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Tuesday, March 13, 2018

The DPRK nuclear test: China may offset the effect of international sanctions

Next — the fifth nuclear test by North Korea on the morning of Friday, September 9, was the occasion for an emergency meeting of the UN security Council. As the initiators of the meeting was, as expected, the United States, Japan and South Korea. Nevertheless, says interviewed by “MK” expert, neither the fact of an emergency meeting, no decisions made on it will not change the North’s course.

photo: Archive MK

The fact of the testing of nuclear weapons was confirmed in Pyongyang. “The current nuclear test is one of the real response in response to the threat, sanctions and pressure from the United States and hostile forces which stubbornly deny the strategic status of our Republic,” – reads the statement of the North Korean research Institute for nuclear weapons sent to the “MK” the Embassy of the DPRK.

Seoul has said that the current test was the largest for North Korea. Statements from the DPRK, in turn, suggests that the scale of tests will only increase: “Through the implementation of standardization and unification of nuclear warheads we have been able to fully master the techniques of production and use of fissile materials and to produce as many nuclear warheads of different types, having a small size with less weight and more powerful forces.”, – say the North Korean nuclear scientists.

Can we expect that the meeting in the UN security Council and the subsequent Declaration and sanctions will have any effect and appeasing Pyongyang?

“We have to see what the package of measures against North Korea adopted by the security Council. Frankly speaking, all countries have been preparing for such developments, to major nuclear test, recalled in an interview with “MK” Korteweg, Director of the Center of Russian strategy in Asia of the Institute of Economics Georgy TOLORAYA. – So the reaction to Pyongyang’s actions is unlikely to be spontaneous. Of course, the Americans and the Japanese will insist on tough sanctions, suspension of relations with North Korea and its complete isolation. But I think the Chinese and Russia in this, most likely, will support, is unlikely to go to such measures. In China do not want the destruction of the North Korean state. In Beijing are offended by Washington and Seoul for South Korea’s missile defense system THAAD, and so China will try to ease sanctions against Pyongyang, by making them symbolic. Any sanctions will, of course, but with exceptions that can nullify their effect.

If China and wants to teach some kind of lesson North Korea is likely to be made in the framework of bilateral contacts.

But neither China nor the United States nor any other country of the world did with the North Korean policy can do about it. North Korea has a clear course for the creation of a powerful nuclear missile potential, which will allow Pyongyang to speak from a position of strength – not only with South Korea but also with the United States, and other partners. In my opinion, this is the main goal of the North Koreans to have a powerful argument to “negotiate” security measures on favorable conditions.”

Read the opinion of another expert: what does the DPRK nuclear tests


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