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Thursday, March 15, 2018

Scientists recorded the movement of the Earth’s core

The core of the Earth is constantly moving during the year from the North to the South poles within 200 meters. To such conclusion specialists of the Tomsk Institute of monitoring of climatic and ecological systems SB RAS created here thanks to the geophysical data logger.

photo: pixabay.com

Why there are periodic acceleration and deceleration of rotation of the Earth, until recently, to answer, no one could. Despite the fact that they are estimated in fractions of a second, humanity has to constantly adapt to the speed of the planet, periodically, depending on the accumulated of leading or lagging, to translate the clock. The answer to the question, it seems, found in Encase: Earth’s rotation speed depending on the displacement of its core.

As reported by “MK” in the Institute here have developed a device called the geophysical logger MGR-01 to measure the electromagnetic fields that come from the bowels of the planet and enter the earth’s crust. Their configuration depends on the deformations that come from the lower mantle of the Earth, but because of them, you can easily track the movement of the earth’s core, located just under cover of the mantle. Scientists have developed algorithms and programs that can help you to decrypt coming from under the Earth of the electromagnetic signals. At first glance, the amplitude of the displacement of the nucleus is not so large: from one meter to two hundred. However, when it comes to large masses, these 200 meters of the displacement of the nucleus may be sufficient for the planet was accelerated or slowed its course. While fully monitor the moving core is impossible – it lacks additional monitoring stations for an EM signal in the southern hemisphere. In the Northern hemisphere (from the North Caucasus to Kamchatka), the Institute has been conducting monitoring of the processes taking place in the center of the Earth with their instruments.

Device for surveillance of the Earth’s core” looks like an ordinary suitcase, which weighs about 3 pounds. By its characteristics the device is superior to all foreign analogues and has a wide range of applications — from exploration to monitoring of dangerous geological processes. Among such processes include earthquakes that can be successfully predicted by using the registration of underground electromagnetic waves, because it is known that the earthquake is a kind of reset of accumulated energy. Violations of the rhythmic movements of the earth’s crust, occurring in the region for several days before the earthquake, a sign of the preparation hazardous events. Comparing the testimony of the recorders installed in various spots of the region: the tool allows to predict the time, energy and coordinates of the epicenter of an imminent earthquake.


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